2020 Michigan Grade 8 Testing

Thank you for attending the 2020 Grade 8 Test Administration Training​ This PowerPoint presentation is targeted to District and Building Test Coordinators who are responsible for the administration of the Spring 2020 Grade 8 Testing.  Along with this introduction to Grade 8 Testing, you will find a PowerPoint presentations from the College Board for the administration
of the PSAT 8/9 for Grade 8 students, a presentation on the M-STEP Science and Social Studies assessment, a Supports & Accommodations presentation, and a presentation on the OEAA Secure to help with test administration tasks.​ These PowerPoint Presentations are posted to the PSAT website at www. michigan.gov/psat.  This slide displays the Spring 2020 Testing Schedule for both parts of the Grade 8 assessment. This schedule will also be helpful to those also testing English Learner students with WIDA Access or WIDA Alternate ACCESS,  and/or students taking one of the MI-Access assessments. ​ The College Board PSAT 8/9 for grade 8 students will administered on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 for assessing student performance in
English Language Arts and Mathematics.   Testing times for the PSAT 8/9 are 2 hours and 40 minutes, which does not include pre-administration information, which could take additional 20 minutes or so.  ​The College Board recommends that students test in the morning. All students in the same grade must be tested at the same time, and the entire test needs to be completed in one setting, not interrupted by lunch or other events.  ​Students testing with accommodations may have a different testing schedule.  The estimated testing time for the Grade 8 M-STEP assessments includes 90 minutes for Science and 60 minutes for Social Studies, but students are allowed as much time as  needed for those assessments.  ​The total testing time for both Grade 8 M-STEP and the PSAT 8/9 all together will be approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes.  There are many MDE Resources available to help you as a Test Coordinator –  the Assessment Coordinator Training Guide will
be updated by mid-January for the Spring 2020 test administrations. This resource is available on all MDE Web pages by clicking on the Round “Assessment Coordinator Training Guide” icon. The Assessment Guide does not replace the individual Test Administration Manuals, but it is a good resource for specific testing information. It contains a Quick Reference Guide to help you find needed information.  The Guide to State Assessments provides an overview of all assessments that MDE will provide for the 2019-2020 school year.​ The Assessment Integrity Guide is a required resource for all staff involved in testing.  It provides information that will help to ensure that all students have a fair and equitable environment for demonstrating what they know and can do in relation to Michigan’s content standards.​ These resources can be found on the MME webpage at www.michigan.gov/mme. The Best Practices Guide is a resource produced by the MDE’s Accountability Unit and describes the links between the Michigan Student Data System (or MSDS) and assessment and accountability data.  The PSAT webpage houses a number of documents related to accommodations,
designated supports, and EL students.  The Supports and Accommodations Guidance Document and Frequently Asked Questions are two examples. New for the 2019-2020 academic year is a List of Important Dates Excel Spreadsheet.  Test coordinators will be able to filter the spreadsheet for individual assessments, for groups of assessments, or by task and activity. The List of Important Dates for Grade 8 Testing PDF is still available. The Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability is MDE’s weekly newsletter related to assessment and accountability. The College Board Corner is a section devoted to test administration information related to the SAT Suite of Assessments including the PSAT 8/9. You can use Quick Links on the left to jump to articles that apply to your test administrations.​ You can sign up for The Spotlight at the link listed on the top of the screen, or you can go to the MME webpage at www.michigan.gov/mme and click the Spotlight icon under General Information. In addition to the documents just discussed, you can link directly to the M-STEP, College Board,  and Secure Site Training Websites from the MDE PSAT webpage.  ​ Be sure to check out all of the resources on this page. We are here to help if you need assistance. Contact the OEAA if you have questions about policy, the M-STEP,
or if you require assistance with the OEAA Secure Site. And, please be sure to contact the College Board with test administration questions related to the PSAT 8/9.   Thank you for attending this introduction to Grade 8 Test Administration Testing. If you need additional help, see the MDE Call Center phone number or the MDE-OEAA email address.  ​Be sure to view the other presentations in this series for a successful Spring 2020 test administration.  

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