A student tour around the University of Bath campus

Hi everyone, my name is CJ Egerton, I’m
currently at the University of Bath going into my final year studying
education with psychology, and over the next couple days I’m going to be giving
you a tour of campus and also in town so let’s go, hope you enjoy it. The reason
I’ve always loved Bath uni so much just because there’s so much green everywhere
obviously you have to have buildings at universities, but the green and the trees
and sky, it’s absolutely amazing which is just like the lake which I’ll show you
soon. So one thing I wish I got told as a fresher is that you’ve got west, east,
north and south, and the library is the centre of that, so if you’re looking for
anything just go north, east, west or south from there. So we are on the parade now,
now the parade is basically the centre of where everything is located. Here we
have the library which is to the left, and here we had Fountain Cafe and the
Claverton Rooms. The Claverton Rooms as mainly for postgrads and also the staff here,
but it’s still amazing if you want to grab a cup of coffee.
So one amazing thing we do at uni is one of these Leave No Trace cards, so, all of
the places listed behind you can go to and you can use containers that you
have from home and also reusable cups and by using that you get all the stamps
just like at a normal place and then by the end you get two pound off anywhere at
the University absolutely amazing grab yourself one of these, they’re located
everywhere. I’ve got mine from Costa. Freshers fancying a pint, an orange juice, or the best burger you’re gonna get on campus, head to the
Parade Bar it’s basically located on the parade by
the lake, looking over it which is lovely. Down to the lake as I mentioned before we’ve got something called the Fountain Cafe, and it’s understandable why it’s
just behind those windows there. Heading down to the lake now to show you that it’s absolutely beautiful especially in the summer everyone comes down here to relax or revise or just to have a drink with your friends.
Little amphitheatre, so the grass can kind of have little seats, and also at
nighttime it’s lit up which is absolutely amazing and a secret spot,
which not many people know about, is the library the fifth floor at the top which
is just up there it basically looks over the whole of the University,
absolutely amazing. In front of me we have The Edge. The Edge
is the hub for all art, research adventure, theatre, performing arts. This
place is absolutely gorgeous you can come here literally for a coffee, just
sit with your friends, and occasionally to have a lecture or to watch a
performance. Behind the bus stop here we have Lime Tree which is a brilliant
place to go for a drink, a non alcoholic or alcoholic, and also for food. You get
loads of people coming here after they’ve done sport and after they’ve had lectures. Also cute
little area outside when it’s sunny as it is now. Here you can see they’re
setting up for freshers week but also throughout the year they have really
really great events, so there was a blow-up obstacle course and we had a day
where loads of pets came in. So we got to feed and stroke loads of goats, a little Shetland pony, some dogs and some really really adorable little piggies. So
absolutely great. It’s in front of the Chancellors’ Building and just by Lime Tree,
which is just off the bus stop behind me. So actually an integral part of uni that
I think it’s really important is actually the bus stop. The bus stop helps
you get to and from town, and also for those people who don’t live on campus it
obviously helps us get here. It comes every 5-10 minutes which is amazing when
I’m running late for my lectures! So now as you follow me here we are entering the
University of Bath STV, the sports training village, can’t wait to show you
guys what’s inside. I think the STV is great is because you
don’t have to be a British athlete you can literally just walk over to
people, want to try some stuff out and there’s no judgement, absolutely brilliant. And now we’re gonna enter into the SU and I’m gonna show you around. We have the
Plug and the Tub which are upstairs which have a Starbucks, a social space, and a couple
offices and it’s basically where all the cub nights are. We also have a Costa and
the Pit Stop which little cafes. This is where everyone stays around studying and
also usually waits before exams. One of my favorite places ever is Fresh Express
which basically is located here and it’s a little shop to get
everything from. I’m in the Fresh Express now and they don’t just do meal deals and food.They
also do absolutely loads of stationery if you can’t get into town and grab some.
Fabulous little shop also if you can’t see some merchandise from Bath you can
come and grab it here as well. A really really big thing about the Uni which I
absolutely love is it’s Student Services which is just behind me. It’s absolutely
amazing you can talk about your health, you can talk about money, personal life,
studying, honestly it’s absolutely brilliant anyone can go, it’s all
confidential, big thumbs up from me. A place I really wanted to mention was the
Chaplaincy Centre. This is a little hidden gem during freshers week because
they stay here up until about 3:00 a.m. and serve tea and toast. Anyone is
welcome whether your are religious or not, and it’s absolute amazing, even if you don’t
want tea or toast and just want a chat, even when freshers week is over. It’s just off the
parade. So now I’ve shown you around campus, and around the town, I hope you enjoyed it, maybe see you freshers week. Bye!

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