A Teacher's Passion For The Constitution Changes Her Students' Lives

We the People is a national competition through the Center for civic education out in California that teaches about the historical and philosophical foundations of our government all the way to the modern applications and how the rights and responsibilities of citizens affect them on their everyday life we the people at Trumbull high school has been around since its beginning in 1987 for me I've been teaching it for the last six years and I've been fortunate and lucky to have won the last six years as well going into this year we had won States five years in a row and we wanted to make this one six to really carry on the dynasty and the legacy of Bowland bond is definitely the best teacher I've had no other teacher has the dedication and the passion that she has for what she does the best thing about being at We the People is the people were separate into unit six units but we're all just a huge family with Bolin as the head of it back with the presidential election of 2016 I think my students absolutely have a more vested interest in it some of them were voting for the first time ever some of them got their parents to vote for the first time in a while during the debates they were kind of live tweeting it throughout the debates and commenting on things that were said and the reactions that they had about the election that's going on and how the Constitution plays into that most of us are coming to voting aids are already there if we want to be voters one be educated citizens so that's first and foremost one of the most important things about this class second is just having a general understanding of what's going on in our country I've always been really interested in politics I've always loved following the elections and listening to the news and so I always have been really interested in my social C's classes and so when I heard about such a class that would combine sort of all those interests like political history and current politics and current world events I knew that I really wanted to be a part of it I think they loved my class because it's real-world examples it's debates its discussions I get them excited about 1787 today and also it's it becomes a family they know that I care about them they know that I'm there for them at Nationals it's the same type of competition it's the same format of it but it's it's even harder it's tougher questions it's tougher judges you have state Supreme Court justices law school professors people working in the government that are judging the students and then you also have all the state champions from the entire country that are there the actual day to day competition might be the same but the reality of it it's it's completely different I think the preparation for Nationals is going to be tenfold we have to do everything we did but even more we're going up against everyone in the nation instead of just teams from Connecticut so it definitely has to be much much more prep we the people is basically one of the best classes at Trumbull High School we debate the Constitution but it's more than that we learn about politics we learn about the world around us and it's just becoming a better citizen what drives me to teach my students every day and to bring my passion to them is to help them develop a greater understanding and appreciation for our heritage and that's something special that you don't get at a regular class miss Boland is one of my favorite people her passion again is just one of the most inspiring things ever because I haven't really encountered a teacher that has been so motivational and passionate about a topic and I'm glad that I found her and we the people

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