Alastair McEwin Scholarship – The University of Adelaide

my name is Alistair McEwan and I'm the Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner my role is to protect and promote the human rights of all people with disability in Australia I'm also an alumni of the University of Adelaide when I come to Adelaide University I found that an incredibly rewarding experience I got involved in student politics and I just wanted to make sure that I got not sure I'd agree I also got life experience IRA's fortunate to receive a scholarship called the sir child black scholarship and I was very humbled and it made me realise I was given an opportunity and I did not want to waste it having had such a rewarding time as a student I won't be able to give back in whatever way I can I've set up the alistair McEwen scholarship because I think it's important that everyone irrespective of their background have opportunity and support a thermal require do this scholarship I'm hoping that it will provide support financially of course but also through motivating them I hope it will give them the confidence to just keep buying so some of the things that we'll be looking for in the scholarship applicants are leadership quality I want to be able to support future leaders with disability so it's really important that they will demonstrate his commitment to give him back to their community the 50-year time I hope to have seen many students have received the scholarship and go on to do amazing thing in the community whether it be a new invention whether it be providing leadership whether it be perhaps becoming the Prime Minister of Australia and the list goes on I'm really grateful to be able to have the opportunity to provide that impact in a small way

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