Alumni TIES: The Opioid Crisis

TIES are the Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars They are programs that bring together Alumni from a variety of backgrounds and fields… …together on a theme or on a topic that’s of importance to the State Department. Obviously, the opioid crisis and substance abuse is an important topic in the United States right now. So we wanted to bring alumni together… …to exchange knowledge, network, think through plans that they can implement to address this issue. My research really focuses on using big data to ask questions about community health… …and how can I impove community health. We are really the only pharmacy school in Rochester. Treatment versus– I mean I would consider harm reduction in some ways prevention. Progress is made. Innovation is made when you have folks from different sectors… …cross pollinating ideas as opposed to staying in silos. How are we going to have a holistic comprehensive solution to a problem that needs one. My mission in 2020 is to have my own drug rehab center with evidence based practices. This conference is really helping me with having more and more ideas. Are exchange alumni work across a lot of different fields. There’s doctors, and researchers, counselors… …and all kinds of proffesionals that are working on this issue. We need every aspect of society. All hands on deck. That’s men. That’s women. It’s governement. It’s private. It’s student. I’ve got probably the smartest people in the room with me today. We wanted to head to a place that’s really been affected by the opioid crisis. And to a place that’s done a lot of good work in this area. There’s a huge gap in providor network right now… …and I came to this organization with a desire to remove those with technology. Measurement of success of this meeting is really going to be based on what this group does next. How can we now help drive incremental measured change in your city… In your country. I joined Premera Blue Cross, which is a health insurance company… …to work on that problem from the other side. Relapse is a part of substance use disorder. I want to create an awareness of rehabilitation for addiction… …through a genuine human connection instead of just seeing it as a statistic. Well I think you’re taking like-minded individuals that have a track record of action. And I think it’s the action component that’s missing from a lot of different programs. The thing about a program like this is that it’s asking for sustainability. Wer’e going to be able to address the narcotics problem in these communities. You can’t do it just through education. You can’t do it just through health. It has to be collaborative. The status quo has to change. We can no longer do it the way we’re doing it. Say, “look this is something that affects your communities.” Directly. We all have same problems. Substance and alcohol abuse is a global phenomena.

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