Behavior disorder lecture continued

Ok, so I just had a technology error where
my call just dropped off, so I’m coming back in. Resharing my screen so we can finish up. I think you had enough time to look at this
slide here so, I’m going to move to the last slide. Ok, these are stereotypes that we generated
about people who identify as white and then stereotypes that we identified about people
who identify as having a depression or anxiety. I will leave that up for a couple of seconds
for you to review. Ok, so. Outcomes of students who are diagnosed with
and receive special education services for emotional disturbance are really really poor. Having this disorder, even though it is supposed
to get you access to services, so that you are more successful in school. When you look at the data, it actually seems
to be negative life sentence in some ways. So it is not necessarily a benefit to have
this label because students who have this label have the poorest graduation rate, than
any other disability category. They’re more likely to be arrested before
leaving school. They’re more likely to live in a correctional
facility or some kind of situation or being homeless and they’re most likely to be involved
with the criminal justice system. So think about that. Having concerns around behavior and having
ideas about your behavior as being viewed as outside of cultural norms, unacceptable,
disruptive, to the point where you end up getting this label, and think about the long-term
impact. So, the lack of benefit of having this label
in terms of life outcomes. So, just have a thought about that. So, what we’re going to do now as a final
activity, is you are going to be assigned to a group, a small group discussion in the
discussion board on Canvas and each group is going to be discussing a specific discipline
scenario and reacting to the discipline scenario. Then also providing feedback to some of your
peers. So you are going to go under the Discussion. It will be on the page in Canvas and you’ll
post a reaction to the scenario and respond to a minimum of two peers by Friday, April
3rd, 11:59pm. I want to really encourage you to not wait
until the last minute to post your response. This module is open from Monday the 30th all
the way through to Friday the 3rd. So, I want to make sure that you post your
readings by Monday the 30th and just get right on and watch the video for the lecture that
you just wrapping up right now and then just go straight on to the discussion. That”ll mean that there will be enough of
your peers that have posted so that you can have people to respond to because that’s a
frustration that some people experience, is that they’re waiting, waiting, waiting for
their peers to post that they can respond and either they forget to go back and respond
or they just respond to whomever, not necessarily who they compelled to respond to. Alright guys, this is our first week! Hopefully, it goes well. Take care.

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