BSc Mathematics at the University of Kent

Hello, I’m Tom and I study Maths at the University of Kent. I chose to study Maths at the University of Kent because it’s a really great university and I felt that the environment, as well as some of the lecturers that I had already met really fitted in with how I wanted to be taught and the environment that I wanted to be in. The best thing about studying Maths at the University of Kent would probably be that the lecturers are quite serious they’re straightforward, everything gets done, and then outside of lectures, it’s also a lot of fun you do get a lot of down time, a lot of relaxation. The lifestyle outside of the lectures is so much fun including all of the societies and during the lectures, I get so much work done and I really make sure that I can understand everything that’s been going on. My favourite topic’s probably got to be Linear Algebra, so it’s taking lots of systems of equations things that look ridiculously complicated when you first look at them, and then by the end of the course you start to understand that these equations are so useful and you can manipulate them in so many ways. So the most interesting thing on the course so far, I think has to be, the diversity of teaching. I have one lecturer that will give me handouts and I won’t have to make any notes for myself and I’ll write everything down on these handouts and just annotate it as the lecturer goes. And then I’ve got another lecturer that will write everything on the whiteboard, everything that I can possibly need to know for the exam. There’s a lot of talking between the lecturer and the students and making sure that everyone understands everything as we’re going on. The lecturers have really supported me in everything that I’ve done so far. They’ve got set office hours so that if I’m stuck on some assignment or I’m stuck on some personal work then I can go to them during those office hours and they will really help me. They’re really motivated in wanting to help me, and it really helps keep the momentum of my studying going so there is no point where I feel like I want to give up because I know that I’ve always got that support network behind me. The Sibson Building is really fantastic it’s really helping to bring PhD students, undergrad students, postgrad students, and lecturers altogether in a really collaborative way so that I’m seeing so much more of the lecturers and they’re seeing so much more of me. It’s really improving the relations inside the maths department. My time at the University of Kent so far has just been incredible.

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    Mathematics is my favorite subject


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