Bucks New University – Welcome to our Aylesbury Campus

I’m Ian Harper
I am the Commercial and Business Director for Bucks New University with
responsibility for the Aylesbury Campus, I’d like to tell you a little bit more
about what goes on in this building. We have three floors, the ground floor
incorporates the atrium but it also hosts new business incubation
facilities where businesses in the digital sector, can come and work out of
these premises, network with one another but also interact with the student body
particularly in our business, law and computing subject areas. Up on the first
floor we have the business, law, computing and engineering facilities. We have six
classrooms, three of which are equipped with cyber augmented reality and
computing equipment. The other three are more general classrooms with a generous
breakout and networking space for students’ comfort. Up on the second floor
that’s seen the largest change in recent months – we’ve just created a
completely new nursing and health care facility. One half of the building is
dedicated to a simulation suite and assisted living lab. We have what is,
in effect, a simulation of a hospital ward with some very realistic
mannequins and training mannequins, for students to learn the practical skills
they’ll need in that sector, with some very modern equipped seminar rooms
for the teaching and as with the first floors some really comfortable
professional space where students can work outside of their scheduled teaching
or practical hours. Lots to see at the campus, I would recommend anyone
interested in any of the activities that I’ve explained to go to the Bucks New
University website and we look forward to welcoming you to the Aylesbury Campus.

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