Building the Best Student Experience

Congratulations! You made the smart choice to go to college. It’s the best route to an outstanding education
and career. But you have to juggle work and family. Not to mention getting to campus, handling
finances and studying for exams. Talk about stress. With all that, it can be hard to see a clear
path to your degree. At Portland State University, we hear you. We are working to help you get the most out
of your experience. Here’s how. First, you need to get the right advice. We’re changing the way our academic advisors
work with students like you. They help you stay on track, from your first
class at PSU until the day you graduate. That means one-on-one attention, regular check-ins,
expert advice on your courses as well as help with internships and career preparation. Second, you have a strong network of support
working behind the scenes to help ensure your success. Whether you’re registering for classes or
visiting a financial aid counselor, they will help you cut through the red tape and make
sure you are getting the courses and services you need. The personal touch is great, but let’s be
real. You rely on your phone and your computer to
navigate your world. That’s why we are updating MyPSU into a
one-stop destination for important information. Class schedules. Alerts. Deadlines. Finances. All the details you need in one easy-to-use
place, personalized just for you, on your desktop or mobile device. And we are developing another important tool
tailored to your needs – we call them interactive degree maps. They are designed to show you exactly what
you need to finish your degree successfully – even if you change majors. Advising. Support network. MyPSU. Degree maps. At Portland State University we are turning
college stress into college success.

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  • March 13, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Stress free.


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