City of Ontario Student Government Day

I think it's always a great thing to be able to interact with students about local government there at that right place in age to where they can understand the things that you're trying to inform them about when it comes to government and how local government is far more involved in your personal life than state or federal government just like to say welcome to the city of Ontario's student government day it's great to see all of you here this morning a lot of one-on-one interaction with the kids they're going to be able to pair with like the city attorney maybe they want to be a lawyer so there's going to be lots of great roles for the kids depending on what they'd like to do for a living the city offers many careers such as a fireman a policeman you can work in the Recreation Department you can become a planner you can work in our finance department so those two are the opportunities that we'd like to expose the students here today to to let them know the different facets that make city government work today what we're going to do is have the students come in and actually be council members we're back in business the gavel and they're gonna be able to have a city council meeting and understand how those roles work and how we do the business of the city and it's going to be fun I thought today was pretty exciting it was really interesting to learn about the local government I think I want to work on on the City Council so I want to take part in the policies are gonna be implemented and know how they're gonna affect the citizens there's actually a lot more components to it than I thought there would be I thought there's just like one big group like the council members and all that but I didn't really think too much about the people like doing the other subtasks I want to learn how the current plans that the council members have implemented will change over time we still have a great resource of our high school students I think that we need to do more with them because they're very impressed by what we're doing but they're also impressionable so whatever we do with them that's it positive then it's the best thing for us for the future of our city their participation is crucial and maintaining the quality of life that we have in the city of Ontario

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