Darin Lander – A Platform for Connection – Part 5

I think so many – and I’ll use myself I
guess as an example not for any other reason but you know I feel there have
been people throughout life who invested in me you know who saw either saw
something or they saw something that I didn’t see or you know maybe I was just
trying to get to a certain place and they could help out with them so I feel
like we all have people like that who invest in us and so we have a
responsibility to do the same thing for other people you know sometimes it is
time and talent and of course sometimes it could be a financial contribution but
sometimes just sharing your knowledge and so being open to then so if you’ve
made it to a certain place don’t feel like well I made it on my own and nobody
helped me know figure out how you can help someone else along and for those
people who do need that kind of help or need that that type of support you have
to ask for it you know I think that sometimes we’re afraid to ask certain
people for advice because we think they’re gonna say no I mean we look at
their we look at their position look at their status and we say well why would
that person help me out because I’m just a little old me but if you don’t ask
it’s always a no me i I’ve tried to I had to learn it the hard way but yeah if
you don’t at least ask for it you’ve automatically said no for that other
person when maybe they’re willing to help you and then once you get that
knowledge you know once you know better you do better but then you figure out a
way that you can pass it on to somebody else so hopefully all of that is
something that happens not only just through this campaign but people can
pick up on that and do more of that in general

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