December 04 – 2019 PWCS School Board Meeting

(gavel banging)
– I would like to call the Prince William County
School Board to order. A motion is ordered for the approval of closed session agenda. – Mr. Chairman
– Mr. Wilk? – I will move that to Prince William County School Board approved the closed session
agenda as recommended. – Have a second?
– I’ll second. – Mr. Deutsch seconds. Please vote, already had
discussion, please vote. – The vote is five yes,
three not present at vote. Trenum, Satterwhite, and
Williams motion passed. – Thank you. Moving on to the motion
to enter closed session A motion’s in order. – Mr. Chairman.
– Mr. Wilk? I move that pursuant to Virginia code sections 2.2-3711 that our school board enter closed session for
the following reasons one to discuss and
consider the assignment, appointment, performance,
disciplining, and resignation of specific employees,
appointees, officers of our school board under Virginia code sections 2.2-3711 A1 and A2 to discuss consult legal counsel regarding the requests
for religious exemptions pertaining to specific students under Virginia code
sections 2.2-3711 A2 and 8N3 to consult with legal counsel regarding specific legal matters and actual probable litigation under Virginia code sections
2.2-3711 A7 and eight. – Second.
– Miss Raulston seconds. – Any discussion? Please vote. – The vote is five Yes,
three not present at vote. Trenum, Satterwhite, and
Williams, motion passed. – Prince William County School Board will now enter closed
session return open session in approximately one hour, thank you. (gavel banging) – Well, nope. We’re reconvening. Prince William County School
Board is now returning from open session. Dr. Lateef had a personal matters. So it’s an honor as my last
meeting as the vice chair to run this meeting tonight. So we are going to move to the adoption of the closed session consent agenda. A motion is an order. – Mr. chairman I move the adoption of the closed session consent agenda. – Mr. Chair?
– I have a second? – You can’t second. – No I said, “Do I have a second?” – Thank you. – Okay, Mr. Deutsch, thank
you, Miss Raulston thank you. Please vote. – The vote is five yes
two not present at vote, Jessie, Williams, and one
absent Lateef, motion passed. Thank you Miss Simpson. Moving on to close session certification, a motion is an order. – Mr. Chairman, I move
that person to Virginia code 2.2-3712 close session of the Prince William School board meeting December 4th, 2019 be certified by adopting the following resolution now therefore be it resolved that the Prince William
County School Board hereby certifies that to the
best of each members knowledge one, only public business
matters lawfully exempted from open meeting
requirements were discussed in the closed meeting to which certification resolution applies and two only such public business matters, as were identified in the
motion convening close meeting were heard and discussed or
considered by the school board. – Thank you, Mr. Deutsch,
Coles, do I have a second. – I second. – Thank you, Miss Raulston, Nebasco. Any discussion? Okay, let’s vote please. – Okay, you ready? The vote is five yes, two not present at vote Jessie, Williams one absent Lateef, motion passed. – Thank you, Miss Simpson, in response to our community requests to hear more about the many good things happening in our school
division and our schools. We have continued to kick off
our meetings this school year with positively PWCS presentations, tonight’s positively PWCS highlights some unique programs offered
at one of our high schools. Dr. Walts will introduce our presentation. – Thank you vice chairman Wilk. I am excited to welcome Matt Mathison, the new principal of Gar-Field High School who is here tonight to share information on what Gar-Field is
doing to ensure students are prepared for college,
the military, a career or a trade through the
many unique programs offered at the school. Mr. Mathison.
– Good evening. Thank you and thank you to the board and Dr. Walts for allowing
me to share tonight. Since being named the principal of Gar-Field High School
this summer I’ve had I’ve been extremely impressed
by the outstanding staff and students I’ve had
the opportunity to meet and to work with. This evening, I’d like to share just some of those many
amazing opportunities available to students at
Gar-Field High School. Our vision is to educate
globally minded thinkers who are future ready. In this video, you’ll
get to hear from students about how the plumbing, Marine Corps JROTC and other programs are preparing them to meet their future
life and career goals. Roll video please. – My name is Corey Wilson and I’m involved in the plumbing program at Gar-Field High School
in Prince William County. I have been getting I’ve
had many opportunities to work in the plumbing field. And last summer I actually went
and worked for Crop-Metcalf in residential. And then I moved on and
moved on from that business and I went to a different company. And my company now is Crouch Plumbing, make sure that’s Crouch
Plumbing, any plumbing call them. And everything we do is
roughing and commercial, which I personally like better. So in the plumbing program, they will give you multiple opportunities to see what you like because they don’t just make you do one specific type of job. We have our plumbing
lab has roughening areas and it has areas for house calls so you can learn how to do plumbing, under sinks, in showers
and all that stuff. – Hey, my name is Alex Rivas and I’m a junior in Gar-Field High School. This is my second year in plumbing and all I can say is that this course actually helps me a lot and it’s helping me
preparing for my future. Because my dad works in electricity and I’m planning to expand
the you know that company not just electricity but plumbing as well. My name is Gina Votero, I am senior at Gar-Field High School and in the program JROTC. I am a Hispanic girl
which usually I thought that I couldn’t JROTC ’cause it would be
something really hard for me and my family also thought that. But it actually helped me
develop more leadership. And it helped me maintain my
goal into learning English and staying in the right
path within the school. My plan is to join the military I plan to enlist by July,
at the end of this year after I graduate and this program is not only for me to go to the military, but there’s also my friends who are gonna go to a four year college. – The program helps me
deal with self discipline and organization. It also allows me to deal with
people in a different way. I’ve learned to use
tact, which is, you know, dealing with people
without creating offense. My overall demeanor
has completely changed, if you were to judge me four years ago. After high school, I plan to
go to a four year university and major in computer science. This just goes to show that ROTC is not just
for the military route. There are people who are
taking military route, who are taking a college route. The ROTC is there to just show you all of your options after high school. I’m Aubrey Claire Schulman, I’m in LE2 I this is my
second year at Gar-Field. And I don’t know I started ROTC just because I wanted to
build my self confidence. And it’s definitely done that for me. I have a lot more confidence in myself and a lot more self discipline. And I think that’s been really
helpful in my education. My time management has
gotten so much better which is really helpful because I can stay on
track with my assignments and I’m able to, like have the confidence when I’m giving my
presentation, stuff like that. So I think it’s really helpful. – Hi, my name is Lauren McFerry. I’m a senior here at
Gar-Field High School. I’m a second year leadership student and student leadership has helped me and will help me in my future as I’ve gained better
communication skills, better organizational skills, and I’ve become more open
minded when taking in advice of other people. – This class helps me because I plan on owning my
own record label in the future, and puts me in positions will
have to make tough decisions that will affect the bigger vision. – My name is Gavin Vasily. I’m IBCP student I’ll
be taking seven IB exams and I plan on majoring
in computer science. Personal professional skills has really helped me develop
soft skills for the workplace. – Hello, my name is Jennifer Womaunee. I’m a senior in Gar-Field High School currently an IBCP student. I am in the pathway
for the business field. And the course has taught me and has given me a much more confidence in what the workforce has to offer to me. And it has helped me
prepare for the future. In the business field. (audience applauding) Thank you. So through the International
Baccalaureate diploma program and career program and our
many other opportunities and programs, Gar-Field High School is committed to making sure all of our students
graduate college, career, and trade ready. We’re also very excited to announce plans to offer new programs in criminal justice and environmental engineering next year, and to continue to increase
our career focused offerings in the future. Thank you for your continued support and for the opportunity tonight to share about just some of the
amazing exceptional programs at Gar-Field High School. Thank you.
(audience applauding) – Miss Raulston, would you like to? – I just want to thank
you for coming in today and having wonderful things
to say ’cause you’re new. And I kind of get a little worried and hope that we haven’t
overdone it for you. So I appreciate you being here. And thank you very much. – Thank you, my pleasure.
– Miss Williams. I just want to echo Ms.
Raulston’s comments. I don’t know that you’re necessarily new, maybe just new to Gar-Field, because I know you were at
another school before then. But I hear constantly, you know, nothing but high praise from you, from your student body from the parents. Your love of students and love of education clearly comes first because that’s the feedback
that I hear constantly from the community. People are very proud to attend Gar-Field, and your leadership. I know that, you know, this
is your first year there but it’s been outstanding. And you know, just another shining example of a proud Prince William
County high school. So thank you for all the things that you’ve done in Gar-Field, and that you I know you
will continue to do. – [Matthew] Thank you very much. All I can say is I have a very
strong team, a great staff and great students. Miss Jessie, – Jennifer Jessie, and Jessica
Jessie attended Gar-Field. And I think they are
going to be employable. And they won’t have to
stay at home forever. And I appreciate it I have to tell you that Jennifer went to Virginia Tech and walked in with so
far ahead of everyone. She was in your IB program there. And I’ve watched you at
Woodbridge High School. I also saw you join a
summer school program that you orchestrated and
your hall of fame breakfast that you had, it was done in
such a professional fashion. I didn’t see everything this evening. But I just want to thank you for all that you do for
Gar-Field High School, and to the students, congratulations. Thank you.
– Thank you very much. – I just want to add,
thank you Miss Jessie and I just published an op ed with the help of Miss Culada about the benefits of career
tech workforce readiness apprenticeships and programs like that. It was outstanding to see
the highlight of the program with the welding and the other areas and I like your slogan,
college career trade ready, I think, or I call life
ready in many cases. You know, with your background
coming from Michigan not to be biased,
understanding the workforce and understanding the reality that not every student needs
a four year college degree. I think it’s awesome and amazing that you’re expanding these opportunities. I know you’ve talked about
possibly expanding culinary arts and providing other
programs in your building. And I think, you know,
working with Miss Raulston, I think the upcoming board can definitely continue
supporting those expansions and programs that you’re
gonna offer your students with these pathway
alignments in your programs so very impressed with
what you guys are doing. – [Matthew] Thank you very
much, look forward to it. – Thank you. (gavel banging) After a pause, I would
like to call this meeting of the Prince William County
School Board to order. We are going to move to invocation and Pledge of Allegiance before that there will
be a moment of silence at the request of Miss Lori Williams of the Woodbridge district. Okay, thank you, we’re now gonna move to the Pledge of Allegiance. Do we have any students in the audience who would like to lead us in the pledge? Oh, there we go, okay, young man. Come on up, if you will. Yeah, come on, it can
be a team effort please. All about collaboration
here right Dr. Walts? And after the pledge if you
guys would say your name and the school you go
to we’d appreciate that. – [Student] Ready, oh
here I’ll do it with you. We can do it together – [All] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. – [Justin] Thank you. Young man, where do you go to school? And young lady? – Patriot High School. – [Justin] Patriot High School, thank you. Oh, Dr. Walts to the rescue. – I got to Fitzgerald. – We’re gonna let him stand up so we can get on the camera. We need you to get on the camera. Okay, man, you did a good job. – [Justin] Nice. – There you go. Tell them who you are.
– What’s your name again? And where do you go? – I go to W Fitzgerald. – Nice job.
(audience applauding) Okay, all the good purity of
the world now let’s move on. (Justin laughing) Moving on to the approval of
the public meeting agenda. A motion is an order. – Mr. Chairman.
– Miss Williams. I move that the Prince
William County School Board approve the public meeting
agenda is recommended. – Do I have a second?
– You have a second. – Thank you, Miss
Raulston, any discussion? Okay, let’s move forward, please vote. – The vote is seven yes, one
absent Lateef, motion passed. – Thank you, Miss Simpson. Now we’re on to the adoption
of the consent agenda. Moving on a motion is an order. – Mr. Vice Chairman.
– Miss Williams. – I move the Prince
William County School Board approve the public meeting
consent agenda as recommended. – Thank you.
– Mr. Chairman. – Miss Jessie.
– I second. Thank you, any discussion? Mr. Deutsch? – Chairman, I’ve got a
question for Mr. Maness 13.02. – [Justin] Mr. Maness. – [Gary] Hi, good afternoon. – How you doing, sir?
– Good, thanks. Awesome, so can you walk us through what the audit plan is for this year and what we’re gonna be addressing? – Okay, so we’re gonna be
looking at 29 site visits, it’ll be 29 school sites
actually going on site looking at cash receipts
purchase cars, time of leave, typical financial high risk areas. In addition to that, there’s a fraud, waste, and abuse hotline, which we never know what may happen that through the course of the year, but that is something that we
look at on an annual basis. As far as the other
audits that are concerned that are listed here,
the first is a review of our debt service process. We’re introducing some new processes. And so Department of Finance, and assets, I’ll take a look
at that later in the year after those new processes
have been put into place to see that they’re working effectively, and that the controls are there that they wanted to make sure
that they’re working right. So we will be looking at them. The next area was involving
with student learning, and that was at the request of Dr. Walts. There’s been many changes in our policies over the past several years that is relating to compliance
with teacher grading homework technology. So we’re wanting to get teacher
feedback, parent feedback to see how well those policies are working and what kind of information
that we get back from them that may be beneficial to
you know, administration. In addition to that,
there’s some initiatives that are underway. There’s new guidelines being recommended for PTA/PTO boosters. Also credit card programs and our continued Kronos implementation. So I’ll be assisting in those areas just providing guidance with finance and other departments as they go through those implementations for any feedback that
may be helpful to them. – Excellent.
– And that’s it. – Awesome, I definitely appreciate it. I think there’s a lot to keep digging into in terms of what we’re
auditing and what we’re doing. I don’t expect the auditor is gonna be the most popular person and
most popular position out there. And it probably shouldn’t be. But I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from different schools
at different levels. Particularly in terms of
bookkeepers that they don’t feel I’ve gotten reports of bookkeepers basically
being left in tears after audits happen and having a hard time in terms of bookkeeper retention, hiring bookkeepers through this process. So please keep that in mind. You know, audits aren’t gonna be popular, but we should be able to do them with tact and all work together. – Absolutely that is one of our concerns. As we go into each review. We have a very extensive
communication process for what the process looks like. How the bookkeeper goes through it, any recommendations that are that are made we get feedback from them, the principal from their
associate superintendent, from a deputy superintendent. There’s always more than
one way to reach a goal. So we’re always open
to that to that input, and give them that flexibility. And in the end internal audit
just makes recommendations. And at the end, it’s
actually up to the school and to administration for any action that they do or do not take. – While I have you, I have
a question for you, sir. Have there been any roadblocks over the last year of anything that you would deem as a roadblock for doing your internal audits
at the site base places? – No, nothing that has
been out of the ordinary. There’s always scheduled
changes or things that happen and we try to be really
flexible with those things. Things happen that are outside
of everyone’s controls. My experience has been that most people are very cooperative and I hear what you’re
saying, Mr. Deutsch, but I get emails from principals and bookkeepers on a regular basis, thanking me for coming out that it’s been very
helpful for them many times it’s things that they don’t know or things that were miscommunicated or
things that we’re not clear on, and that they’re seeking information that they’re seeking guidance on. So we’re always going with
a goal of trying to help, and that’s the approach that I take. Am I successful 100% of the time being the chief internal auditor? I would think probably not. But I do think we have
a very good success rate of that happening, so probably for the one that’s unhappy, there’s
probably 10 that are very happy. That’s been my experience. And of course, I may not get
all the feedback obviously that maybe you may be receiving, but I’m but I’m always open
to if anyone has an issue or would like to discuss
further, I’m very open to that. But no, I’ve not received any negative roadblocks or hindrances
from administration down, my experience has been very open, and a lot of cooperation. – Thank you Mr. Maness. Okay, any other consent? Let me move to the vote. Okay, thank you, sir. – You’re welcome.
– Thank you. – The vote is seven yes, one
absent Lateef motion passed. – Thank you Miss Simpson, item number 14 our student representative
during this time on the agenda the student representative and alternates will speak and have an opportunity
to introduce themselves and share their interest. Tonight we have Miss Eliana Black our alternate who will
be here and joining us. – Thank you, as he said,
my name is Eliana Black. I am a senior at Hylton High School. And I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be up here working
with not only the students of Prince William County,
but also the parents, the teachers and everyone involved to make Prince William
County the best it can be. Thank you. – Outstanding, okay, good. Okay 15 citizen comments. Moving on to our citizen
comments on the agenda and non agenda items. It looks like we have 11 people that have signed up in advance and four people that
signed up at the door, everyone that signed up in advance will have a chance to speak. We have plenty of time, okay, so we’ll be fine with that, okay, everyone will speak. You will have three minutes to speak and the clerk will keep time. The lights on the monitor
will indicate your progress the yellow light will signify that you should sum up your position. Red indicates your time
is up and you should stop. Please use proper decorum and
manners while at the podium. If you do not do so you
will be asked to step aside. Please give your name and address for the record when you
approach the podium. I’m gonna call up the first we’ll do the first seven speakers in order so Miss Christie
Wyatt, Jalen Wyatt, Giana Jerrick, Elizabeth
Johnson, Erin Merrill, Charles Ronco, and Tiziano Bettino. And those are our first seven and we will start with
you Miss Wyatt your time go ahead is starting. – Good evening board members,
Prince William County citizens and students that are watching
teachers and other parents. I’m actually here today on a good note. It’s December and it’s
time of giving season and I just want to give
some positive accolades to some of your employees. Now January I will continue the saga of the high school superintendent, but this month I just
really want to thank some of the employees that
have been doing their jobs and doing other people’s
job, and doing their job, and other people’s job is a lot of work and I just think they
need to be recognized. So from student support services, the director Rebekah Schlatter is she here, Rebekah, this lady, she runs a first class operation. All of her people are professional. They talk to parents professionally. They do thorough investigations. And they don’t try to cover up anything. They don’t sweep anything under the rug. And it’s not like they’re trying to protect the Prince
William County School. They’re actually here to
protect the students first and they also protect the school and ensure that all come
together all are safe in a safe place, and
basically, everyone’s happy. And I just like the way that
this lady runs her operation. She has a person under her
also named Richmond Hill. This man is first class. I’ve dealt with him on many occasions. He’s always very professional. Because sometimes parents, you know, we can be, you know, hard
to deal with at times. But I just really wanna
thank Mr. Richmond Hill because he’s a first class act. OSMAP, that team there. They are very good as well. They don’t cover up anything. When things happen, they also
do thorough investigations. They don’t just take the principal side, they just don’t take the
teachers side of things, they do really good investigations. And lastly, I want to thank the information technology people, because when I had the transcript issue, they were the first
ones that came on board and recognized when I did my
own thorough investigation, because I got an IT background as well. They didn’t cover anything up. They told me exactly what the issues was and the problems were and then the support services group also, you know, recognized
that that was the problem. And they provided a resolution. So I just want to thank those departments. Thank you.
– Thank you, Miss Wyatt. Mr. Wyatt. – Hello, everyone since it
is the Thanksgiving season, or just was the Thanksgiving season and now the Christmas season, I would like to show thanks
and a gift of gratitude towards five wonderful teachers. First I would like to
thank Mr. Joseph Potente and Mr. Joel Shapiro. Thanks for always pushing
me to believe in myself, no matter the circumstances and despite what anyone else says. It is this attitude and
something that you guys along with my mom have taught me and something that I try to
implement in my everyday life. It is you three that have encouraged me to seek an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. Miss Krall thank you for
being one of the most kind and understanding people
that I’ve ever met. And your positive energy is
both infectious and encouraging. I’ve seen Miss Krall
spark my peers interest in furthering their education, and these are kids that
didn’t want to go to college and didn’t believe in themselves to succeed in that environment. Also, I would like to thank you because you were one of the only people that encouraged me to pursue my dreams of becoming an F-22 Raptor pilot. Mr. Karnbach, I would
like to say thank you for your sunny disposition, for which it has gotten
me through tough times. Mr. Karnbach is the
one that got me through my traumatic experiences
from my freshman year, because at the time I
wasn’t really enthusiastic about school. Miss Lamb, I would like to say thank you for not giving up on me in precalculus and always pushing me
to strive to do my best and for always being
there if I need anything. I’d like to also say
thanks because all five of your tremendous encouragement and recommendations have
gotten me to be able to receive a congressional nomination to the United States Air Force Academy. Go Air Force, beat Navy. (audience applauding)
(audience laughing) – Thank you, Jalen, nice holiday tie. Giana, Giana Jerrick? No, Giana tonight, Elizabeth Johnson. Hello, and good evening, my
name is Elizabeth Johnson and I’m a senior at Patriot High School. My address is on file. Thank you members of the school board and Superintendent Walts for
allowing me to speak today. I appreciate your time. I’ve come to you today to speak about Fossil
Free and netzero schools in alliance with Mothers Out Front. The climate crisis is the
biggest challenge we face today. Catastrophic hurricanes, floods and sea level rise threatens civilization and humanity as we know it. According to a UN report on
climate released in 2018, we only have 11 years to
prevent irreversible damage from climate change, we must drastically cut our
greenhouse gas emissions. As a young person, it is an
understatement when I say that I am worried about my future. My peers and I often find it impossible to not agonize about
the state of our planet while trying to complete homework or concentrate during school hours. I’ve spent dozens of hours
this year making petitions calling and emailing representatives attending climate strikes and
campaigning on social media. I should not have to balance
completing college applications with trying to save humanity. If the school board were to
commit to carbon neutrality, it would give us hope to the future. Fairfax County has listened
to their student activists and has committed to
installing solar panels on their schools and county facilities. Arlington has committed to
100% clean energy by 2035. I asked that you commit to invest in new school
plans for net zero buildings by 2020, have a school
blueprint completed by 2021 and retrofit existing
schools to be net zero. As the people who have the political power to make decisions, you have a moral and ethical responsibility
to do something, change must happen. What choice Are you going to make? Thank you.
(audience applauding) – Thank you, Elizabeth, Miss Erin Merrill. Mr. Ronco you guys doing this together? – [Charles] Yes, we are. – It’ll work with three minutes combined? – We’re gonna try.
– Okay. – [Erin] We’re teachers, we can do it. – Good, go ahead guys. – Just wanted to say my
name is Charles Ronco. My address is on file on the record. And this is Miss Erin Merrill,
and she will take the podium. – Good evening, everyone. Tonight I’m here with Mr. Ronco to represent the Prince
William Education Association as we thank three dedicated
members of the school board, and we want to take a few minutes and honor their service to the board, the PWCS staff and most
of all the students. I’ll start with Mr. Deutsch. I’ll admit I was a bit
nervous first meeting him as he joined the school board with little experience in public schools. However, he quickly
showed that he was driven to learn about the issues in the system, the policies and budget process and how he could be involved
in as many schools as possible. Most importantly, he
showed that he was willing to reach out and ask for community and staff input every time a
major decision came his way. When I began advocating the board on behalf of Pennington
school to be integrated into someone’s official
magisterial district as the only Prince William County School not in Prince William County. Mr. Deutsch was the first one to volunteer to bring us into Coles. While we ultimately
ended up in Brentsville, I will always appreciate your
willingness to volunteer. PWEA has appreciated the proactive and enthusiastic conversations
with Mr. Deutsch. He has always listened
and is often the one to initiate the conversation
looking for suggestions. Thank you for your service. Miss Satterwhite, I’ll just add briefly because I know Mr. Ronco has a lot to say, but it has been an honor and a joy working with you. You have been an active
participant in school and community activities
not just in your district, but across the county. Thank you for giving the county
your time and your heart. – Mr. Deutsch, I would be remiss to not throw in my two cents. Throughout the time that I’ve known you, you have been nothing but
honorable, respectable and accessible. I can’t say enough in the
one minute and three seconds that I have left. But I have to say that you’ve
been a friend, thank you. Miss Satterwhite, your
voice has been heard through math investigations
in the very beginning, through your work through the
special education department, and your advocacy for mental health from the very beginning and up until now, I will say you’ve been an inspiration, and I’m very thankful. Mr. Trenum you have
accepted me into your house. You have listened to me. You have sought out my
guidance from time to time and I have been very thankful for the fact that you have been nothing but a friend not only to me, but the Prince
William Education Association to the families and the parents of Prince William County. We’ve done a lot of work together. You’ve through school
social workers, ombudsman all the way to school security, I have to say thank you. And I would like to present on behalf of the Board of Directors, of the Prince William
Education Association, a plaque for each of you. That says (speaking in foreign language) which means even in the best
of luck, you will be missed. Thank you so much, thank you. (audience applauding) – Thank you Miss Merrill,
Mr. Ronco, Tiziana? – Good evening board members. First of all, I want to thank
the wonderful Elizabeth, students from patriot High School for speaking up in favor of
fossil free net zero schools. And I want to stress the
importance of listening to our students and let them know that us adults are here to
protect their well being and their future. I also wanted to say congratulations to those of you will
be returning next year and to those who won’t be back thank you for your service and efforts
to improve our schools and educational system. I wanted to also say that
PWCS has wonderful staff in particular, I like to
command associate superintendent for support services Al Ciarochi and his energy team for hearing us out and for their dedication to
increase energy efficiency in our school buildings. Also, many thanks to
associate superintendent for finance and risk
management Mr. Wallingford for doing his best to
make every penny count when budgeting for the
school system’s many needs. Although that your staff
does everything they can within their roles, they can only do so much
if they don’t hear directly from you. How much progress is made
to make our school net zero and Fossil Free will depend exclusively on your guidance and direction and how you prioritize it. For example, in PWCS
budget manual is written: that the budget process
objectives are dynamic they’re reviewed annually to make sure they correspond
with the strategic plan. As you work on your current
review of the strategic plan, which as of right now does not include sustainability efforts, I ask you to include and
prioritize a dedicated effort to make our school buildings net zero. So the budget process objectives would have to be modified
to reflect a change. We’re also asking for you
to formally introduce an RFP by 2020 to invest in net
zero building designs for every new school building and utilize the many readily
available financial mechanism. such as power purchase agreements to incorporate solar
panels and geothermal wells in every new school building. Other counties as previously
stated by Elizabeth are ahead of us in these efforts, and it only makes sense for
us to finally join them. I will love to meet with
each every one of you to discuss further in depth our schools and children can benefit
from being Fossil Free. We hope to see some
concrete action being taken in the coming year especially in light of recent new findings from the United Nations, which concluded that the world
has squandered so much time mustering the action necessary to combat climate changed
that rapid, unprecedented cuts in greenhouse gas emission offered the only hope of averting an ever intensifying
cascade of consequences. For any hope of success, emissions must begin falling
by almost 8% each year beginning net 2020 rate which
currently nowhere in sight. Schools in the US emit as many
greenhouse gases each year as 18 coal fired power plants, I’m asking you to help our school to
end their contributions to such emissions which harm
our planet, our children and their prospect for a
livable future, thank you. (audience applauding) Thank you Tiziana. Our next set of speakers, Jennifer Jilly, Cozy Bailey,
Swana Wiggins, Nicole Eickhoff, Shannon think it’s handwriting
Louisa, Jasmine Showpack, Mr. Jessie, Aurora
Hurtado, Jennifer Jilly? Not here Reverend Cozy Bailey. – Thank you before you turn on a timer. I just want to say young man, you know the Navy beat
Air Force this year right. (audience laughing)
– I wasn’t sure. – Okay, all right, go Navy, beat everybody.
(audience applauding) Okay with that out of the way. Good evening. Vice Chairman welcome
members of the board, Dr. Walts, and all the
associate superintendents. As Justin said, my name is Cozy Bailey. I’m the current president of the Prince William branch of NAACP. I live in the Potomac district
and my address is on file. I stand before you this
evening to talk about mandates. So let me just get into it. As I understand it, Mr. Jason Eldredge, the current activities director at Woodbridge Senior
High School was stated on more than one occasion
that he had a mandate to clean up the actions and/or the practices
of the football program at Woodbridge Senior High School, or at least words to that effect. Now the parents of the students of that football team ever reported to me that in the execution of
this so called mandate that Mr. Eldredge has
alienated their children and alienated them through a variety of insulting statements, aggressively demeaning behavior, and even claiming falsely that he is the arbiter of
transfer requests to the school. The reason for my appearance
this evening is this, Mr. Eldredge went
further in his aggressive and abrasive behavior. By using a universally
recognized racial invective. “You can all go back to
where you came from.” And I’m told that the school officials have defended Mr. Elegies by stating that he didn’t
mean to use that phrase as a racial epithet. You know, I ask you a rhetorical question, Dr. Walts, how can you take the position that the use of a universally recognized and well understood racial
insult shouldn’t be taken as just that, a racial insult? How can you excuse this
man telling teenagers, most of them who are people of color, that the same term that
people of color heard in this county in 2007
when Prince William County became a national symbol of intolerance is okay to use today? How can you try the
allows the sensitivities of their parents, who
even more keenly are aware the subtle delivery of
racially insensitive words, words always matter. I and the parents know that this board does not have the authority to
deal with personnel matters, I understand that but Dr. Walts,
you do have that authority. You with the support of this
board have a real mandate. You have the mandate delineated in your own mission statement to provide a world class education, which in part means providing
for the emotional needs of all students, allowing this man to remain in this position contributes to the shattering
of these students emotionally. You have the mandate to live
up to your vision statement, which promises an education that is individualized, what that means Dr. Walts, and all you associate superintendents sitting around this
room is that you promise to be responsive to the
needs of the students. The response they need to know is that they’re respected individually and collectively, no matter
the color of their skin, no matter if they decide
to exercise their right to transfer to a school
outside of the district in which they live. And no matter what this
activities directors thinks about his self determined mandate. Woodbridge High School deserves
better, he must be removed. And all of you need to be
responsive to your true mandate. Thank you very much.
– Thank you, Reverend Bailey. (audience applauding) Miss Wiggins. – Good afternoon, good evening. My name is Juanel Wiggins and my address is on file. As children, whenever
someone said something mean and degrading, we would respond with, “sticks and stones may break my bones “but words will never hurt me.” As adults, we know that words do hurt. But when hurtful words that
come from a school official are directed at children,
it is unacceptable. I have stood before you now for the past two school board meetings asking for the removal of the of the Director
of Student Activities at Woodbridge Senior High School, as he is the school official that use the racially undertoned language towards students. I have called the deputy
superintendent’s office and did not receive a return call. I have sent emails to Principal Abney that have been acknowledged
by her as a formal complaint and I am still awaiting an update. Even though the regulations 738-1 states that the complainant
is to be contacted within 10 days. The perception is now is
that the superintendent and Prince William County
Schools condones school officials speaking to students
with racial undertones. It also seems that the actions are not only taken when
certain people complain. Are you hoping that the situation
will magically disappear? Please know that it will not. Since there has been
no action on your part, the NAACP, Virginia
Department of Education, US Department of Education
Civil Rights Division and the Prince William
County Human Rights Office have been contacted and
have been made aware of this of this injustice. Dr. Walts, since the board does not deal with personnel issues. I charge you to stand on
the side of righteousness for our children. In the Bible, Psalms, the 82nd chapter The first and second
verses says, reminds us: that God stands in the
congregation of the mighty. He judgeth among gods. How long will ye judge unjustly and accept the persons of wicked? We will not accept your silence any longer for your silence is a sign
that you accept this injustice. Thank you.
(audience applauding) – Thank you Miss Wiggins,
Nicole, Eickhoff. Nicole, oh there you are. – All right, I have someone with me. I’m Nicole Eickhoff,
my address is on file. My daughter is Amalia Pagon Eickhoff. I’m also here with Mothers Out Front and we’re here to talk a little bit about what schools are. Schools are monuments of the future. We are literally sending
our children there every single day into those buildings, to educate them about how
to be leaders in the future. And it is very confusing
to me that we have language in the Prince William
County School website that talks about the
importance of offsetting carbon and becoming carbon neutral. Those words were actually in
the actual sorry, website. And then when I was
speaking several weeks ago, I mentioned that particular phrase and it was removed from the website. It has since been replaced
and thank you for that. But it’s scary to me that our language is not even more specific,
that it is not stronger and that it does not reflect
any actual goals at all. We are here to help you, to educate you to help you organize, to do anything that you’d like to let us help you to make the schools of
Prince William County to be, we would like them to be carbon free, which means that we
don’t use fossil fuels. Fossil Free schools means that
we actually take the steps towards having more efficient buildings and using non carbon sources of energy. This can happen in the future,
there is a possibility. And our children would very
much like to go to schools like this, I think that it
would send a message to them of hope and resilience. We heard from Elizabeth
tonight who was so brave to come up here and talk to you. And unfortunately, more and more students are taking it upon themselves
to be the advocates for their own future. And that’s why we mothers are here to help them to help you to help them Thank you very much, I
hope I saw your voice. I saw your faces earlier when we were talking about how soon we want these things to happen and how much we want them to happen. And I know that it can be overwhelming to say, “Oh, well we
can’t solve climate change “here in Prince William County,” but we can build monuments here to show that we care about their future. And the schools are a great
place to start, thank you. (audience applauding) Thank you, Miss Louisa. I apologize. Okay. – Good evening. My name is Shannon Louisa,
my address is on file. Thank you for allowing me the
time to speak this evening. I am beyond words at what has conspired and frankly appalled at the disregard by administration of
our concerns as parents. I was notified in the one
on one with Miss Abney that she is hoping with time, this will more or less blow over. It’s not blown over and
needs to be addressed. There has been no concern for
the mental health of our boys at such a radical change
in their daily routine and to bear witness to their coaching staff being forced out. My son in 11 years has never told me he does not like school. He’s a good student and does
well and for him to inform me last week he feels uncomfortable in the Woodbridge environment, and doesn’t want to be there
is a huge red flag for me. It is not just about the Twitter comments. This began from the moment
Mr. Eldredge was hired. At each home game he was on the field arguing ready to throw
fist with the coaches. For one what great sportsmanship to show the students, second
they’re coaching the game. I would like to know what was so important that it couldn’t wait until the end. This shows the blatant disregard
for the coaches students and the community to
exhibit such hostility towards the staff at the
beginning of his career at Woodbridge also showed his intentions. Miss Abney witnessed these arguments at the games and again, just
as in the Twitter incident did nothing. There have been no repercussions
or attempts to apologize or even bring the parents
and players together. This shows a lack of leadership
of the administration. Regarding the Twitter rants, these are teenage boys
learning about social media and the impact it can have on their lives with the wrong words. Shame on Mr. Eldredge, a
person that is in his position should know better than
to engage in the rantings of teenage boys that are confused, angry and ultimately scared and sad. Where was the compassion
or empathy an educator that works with our
children should possess? The comments on Twitter
was another example of his intentions to push the coach coaching stuff out. Who cares about the family and community that has been built? Who cares about our boys that work hard to maintain their grades, and Coach Wortham works to
help maintain those grades with ensuring students get
the necessary assistance. Who cares that when the season ends to keep our children off the streets, the coaching staff dedicate
their time to any students at Woodbridge football player or not to work out in the off-season. Who cares these boys on Friday nights put their blood sweat and tears into playing for a coach they believe in. We the parents and community
care and for administration and Mr. Eldredge not to care is negligent. At this point, the only outcome that would suffice is
the removal Mr. Eldredge. Thank you for letting me speak. (audience applauding) – Thank you, Miss Louisa, Miss Chopak? – Good evening board members. My name is Jasmine Shea
Park, my address is on file. I come before you again
for the second time. With the request not to go to the obvious and ask for the removal of Jason Eldredge. I’m asking you to please
put a 547 signatory petition 274 handwritten old
school petition signatures from community members, many of them middle aged white men, from Wegmans from Safeway, who we handed the huddle message that Jason Eldredge sent
out on a public forum. I watched them adjust their
glasses, “Who did this? “Is this a teacher? “Why is it talking, hand me
that paper” so they care, like I think that you care. 273 signatures online on in a matter of four days. We are asking you to place
the petition on the agenda at the January school board meeting. We already requesting that you speak. I don’t like one sided communication. I myself stood out in the
cold after working two jobs on November 5. And I elected some of you. Those of you who I
didn’t elect, I couldn’t, ’cause you weren’t an option. I’m part of the Occoquan district. But I believe that you care. And your silence is sending a message to approximately 500 voters
that you support the way that this faculty member
spoke to my son to their sons, and my son is right there. And I don’t think you want
to send that message to him. So Dr. Walts, I think that
you have done great things. I would hate if somebody who
was on my team made a mistake, and as a reflection, that
Jasmine doesn’t do her job, and that she doesn’t care. But I’m trying to tell you,
that that’s the message that we are getting and you’re the person that affects personnel matters. I don’t want to see a man lose his job and lose his livelihood. But 42 players are worried
about their welfare. I happen to have a few degrees. I owe a lot of student loans. My son breaks his bones, his body, he meets my requirements. He’s an honor roll student. And his recruitment is compromised, because Jason Eldredge does not know tact. He does not know how to
treat others with respect whether they’re transfer students or not. So I’m asking maybe he can
be employed, no malice, but he cannot and should
not hold that position. But if he’s allowed to stay, what will happen is for the people who are not Jasmine Shae
Parks, and Swanell Wiggins and Tasha Gillespie’s and Kim
Campbell’s who are gonna go to the polls and vote. They’re going to vote
for school board members who hold your accountable. And they’re not going
to renew your contract. – Thank you Miss Shae Pak.
(audience applauding) Mr. Jessie and following him will be our last speaker Miss Hurtado. – Good evening, my name is Richard Jessie, my address is on file. Yes, I can walk without a cane but my wife won’t let me get this point. You know, I think this
is a fifth or sixth time I’ve been up here and I’ve been talking about
Woodbridge High School. We have been asking for investigation. And we’ve been asking for
someone to look into it. The parents are not getting
feedback from the staff. And you know, I don’t know what to say. It’s just like eh, it’s no big thing. Let’s forget about it. Or let’s do something behind the scenes, but the parents deserve investigation. I just recently I talked
about the ombuds person. I just recently found out that they are is another
office called the ethics and compliance office here. And, you know, as a part of the NAACP, we are going to encourage
people to file their complaints. Understand that’s the office
where they can file complaints and we’re gonna encourage
them to file complaints there. But it’s time for the school
board to do something, This is the last meeting for three of you, I understand that and there’s a new board coming up and I hope something is done
in the future, thank you. – Thank you, Mr. Jessie.
(audience applauding) Maria Hurtado. – Good evening, I’m Maria Hurtado, my address is on file with the clerk and here we are at our
last meeting of the year. Before I moved to my prepared remarks, I do share the excitement for Gar-Field getting two
new programs next year. But I can help wonder, when
is Woodbridge getting one? The last time we had a
change to our programs was in 2016 when we lost
our performing arts program, and we haven’t had an academic
program added to our school, so I would really appreciate
you all looking into it for us to get a new academic program. And like I said, my what I had prepared. It was just to take this opportunity to recognize your work and dedication for our schools in the past year. I can’t believe it was
less than a year ago that some of you were driving
through our neighborhoods, looking for solutions for the elementary school boundary process that was going on. There has been so much
work done since then, that it feels like it was years ago but our appreciation for
those of you who listened and who seek to understand,
it’s still here, thank you. It was also not long ago that we were getting the exciting news about the new field for Woodbridge and Gar-Field High Schools. And I hope it’s not too long before we get to celebrate
their much needed renovations, including classrooms with
natural light, but I digress. I just want to sincerely thank
each and every one of you. I recognize that throughout this year, we were not always in agreement. But even those disagreements helped me try to see issues
from different perspectives. So we can be better
prepared to present issues looking from a different lens and we can be better
advocates for our schools. So thank you, to those of
you who are not returning, thank you for your help hard work, we wish you the best on
your future endeavors. And to those of you who are
returning, we will be here, you know, looking for ways to ensure that all our
students have access to world class education
in an equitable way. Safe and free from hostility. Thank you, happy New Year.
(audience applauding) – Thank you Miss Hurtado. That concludes citizen comment time. Thank you, we are now moving on to our superintendent’s time, Dr. Walts it is now your moment to shine. – Thank you vice chairman Wilk and the rest of the board. Happy to announce that 71
schools in Prince William County have earned the 2019-2020
School of excellence distinction based upon academic performance during the 2018-19 school year. The School of Excellence Award is the highest award bestowed by Prince William
County Public Schools. Last year 56 schools earned the award. Congratulations to our students,
teachers, staff members, leadership team, and community
for this improvement. We remain committed to
continuous improvement for all of our students. A comprehensive list of school
of Excellence Award winners can be found on our
website at One of the highlights in
my job as superintendent is having the opportunity to witness the amazing
talents of our students. I recently had the pleasure of attending three outstanding
student productions. The Colgan High School center for the Fine and Performing Arts sold out all of their “Clue on Stage” productions. The lighting and sets were incredible. They had a student director
Jay Carter Williams who did a fantastic job,
kudos to the cast and crew. I also went to “The Misanthrope”
at Patriot high school by the Patriot High School players. The period costumes
were absolutely elegant. The actors command of
their lines was amazing. Congratulations to director
Catherine Faith Meyer, and everyone involved in this production. Potomac High School tackled Shakespeare with an updated version of “Macbeth” under the direction of Terran
Lane and Atnali Figaroa. This tragedy was very well done and even included a very thrilling and suspenseful sword fight. I was continually amazed
by the talent demonstrated by our students across the division. I also want to commend
the students and staff at both Tyler elementary
and Bull Run Middle School for their cooperation and
collaboration this past Monday. We were informed early Monday morning that Tyler Elementary did not have power and was not expected to have
power for most of the day. Bull Run Middle School
generously opened up space to accommodate the students from Tyler. Despite the inconvenience, the students and staff from both schools cooperated to ensure the elementary students were fed and well taken care of
during the school day. I sincerely appreciate the collaboration on behalf of our students. Tonight’s meeting marks the last of three of our school board members, Mrs. Satterwhite, Mr.
Trenum, and Mr. Deutsch. I want to personally
thank each one of them for their countless hours
of service to our students, our staff, and our community. I appreciate your dedication to improving the educational
experiences for our students, and for your commitment to our community. I wish each and every
one of you the very best in your future endeavors. This meeting is also the last meeting before our holiday break, in closing as the winter break nears, I wish everyone a wonderful
and safe holiday season. I hope our staff members
enjoy their time off spending quality time with their families and getting some rest. I also wish our staff, students, and their families best wishes
for the new year, thank you. – Thank you Dr. Walts we move on to item
number 17 board matters. First item is for information only. It is report to the school
board on the school board county joint CIP committee led by Miss Williams. – Thank you, Mr. Vice Chair. We haven’t had meetings since then. So there’s nothing to report.
– Outstanding. Great, those are the best meetings. Okay, 17-2 this item is on for action. The approval of a guideline
to the office of ombudsman. – Mr. Chairman?
– Yes, sir. Prince William County School Board review and approve the recommended guidelines, the office the Ombudsman. As provided by policy, 180
office of the Ombudsman. Okay, do I have a second?
– Mr. Chair, I second. Miss Williams seconds. Do we have any discussion? Miss Jessie?
– Is there someone here? Yes, miss.
– Hi, how you doing? She’s good seeing you again. I noticed that their quarterly reports and that their quarterly
reports to the superintendent and his staff, and that
there are quarterly reports to the board, what will
those reports look like? Just in general? – Certainly. So the quarterly reports
will include information about the types of issues that are coming into the ombud’s office protecting the anonymity of the visitors. They will also include the numbers of visitors who are coming to the office, they will include trends
that have been recognized by the office. And then it will also
include outreach activities that the ombud’s office has engaged in during that quarter. – Could you just walk me
through not for my sake, but for those persons watching and those persons in the audience, what happens when a person comes to you and the type of complaints or the lack of a better word that you receive in your office? – Certainly, so a variety of people have contacted the Office of the Ombudsman since August when we began and what happens when
someone contacts the office is that I go over with
them that the school board has created this office to be a place where any community member
parent, employee student can come and discuss any kind of
division related concern. I operate in accordance with the international
ombudsman associations code of ethics. So everything that happens in
the office is confidential. And I don’t tell anyone
who comes to see me and unless I have explicit
permission to do so the only exception to that
is if there’s a risk of harm, and I am a mandated reporter. Second, I’m impartial, I don’t take sides, I help people identify their options for resolving those concerns. And I help them analyze those options so they can make the best
decision for themselves about how to proceed. Additionally, I’m informal, so in identifying those options, some of the options that we identify our
formal complaint processes that the people may avail themselves that the visitors may avail themselves up. I don’t get involved in
taking formal complaints or conducting formal investigations, but I provide people with information so they’re able to access those processes. And finally, I think tell
them that I’m independent that I report to the superintendent
and the school board, and that I collect data so that I can share that information protecting their anonymity. So that the organization has information about the types of issues and conflicts that are going on within the organization and then can make decisions about whether or not preventions or improvements can be put into place. – So what type of report it
is returned to the individual who comes to office? Do they get a follow up from you to say, I’ve presented this and this is a reaction what happens at that level? – So if someone gives me
permission to reach out and contact someone
within the administration in order to attempt to resolve or make aware, make the
administration aware of a particular concern, I let the individual know
that I’m not gonna be able to repeat back to them
what the conversations that I have with anyone else, but that where I have permission, I will get back to them and let them know what if
anything, I have to report back. – I want to reference page two item four, roman numeral IV data collection. I just need some clarification. You said the Office of ombudsman does not maintain records
identifying visitors on behalf to division. Could you explained a little bit of that and also the action A-AMB
talks about demographics. Could you in layman’s terms
kind of run over that for me? Thank you.
– Certainly, thank you. So I don’t keep records on behalf of the division that would identify my visitors and I don’t do that very purposely and in accordance with best practice. So that my visitors remain anonymous, and their confidentiality isn’t violated. So I have a numeric code that I use. – Oh I, okay thank you that makes me feel a little
bit more comfortable. The demographic aspect – So here this provision
really is to clarify that the ombud’s office will have access to the divisions data in terms of demographics. So that when I’m compiling my reports, I’m able to identify if specific groups or types of visitors
are coming to the office that there might be a trend there might be a particular concern amongst particular groups
coming to the office. – [Lilie] So you’re looking at whether or not African American versus Caucasian that type of? – Yeah, race, ethnicity
generation, gender. – All right. Can I ask how many, if
it’s not confidential, how many complaints or
persons individually have come to us since
you’ve been here in August? – [Sarah] More than 50. – Wow, well Mr. Trenum, it’s working. Thank you very much. Those are those are all the questions that I have, thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you, Miss Jessie, Mr. Trenum? – Thank you, Mr. Wilk. More than 50, great,
like I said I’m excited. It took several years but we got there. So just for clarification. So on these guidelines,
you put them together. You’re the primary
author of these, correct? – Yes.
– So then I assume it’s safe to say that you
feel like you can work and do your job effectively
within the constraints of the guidelines and with the constructs that we have right here. – I do and I think that
they’re in accordance with best practice and the International
Ombudsman Association. Code of Ethics.
– Perfect. That’s all I want to hear, thank you. – Thank you Mr. Trenum. Okay, let’s go ahead and vote please. – The vote is seven yes, one
absent, Lateef motion passed. – Thank you Miss Simpson,
we’re moving on to 1703. Board matters I ask the board if there’s any objection to letting any of the
outgoing three members extend from three to five minutes in their farewell potential
board matters tonight. No objection? Okay, we will start over at the end of the dais there, Mr. Deutsch. For last time least, for
a while, potentially. – Thank you, Mr. Vice Chairman, and thank you, for all of your work. Four years is a lot of fun. And there’s been a lot
of incredible memories and a lot of things we’ve gotten to do. I think at the end of the
day, we’re all here to be able to help students and to see them succeed. And we may go about
that in different ways. But there have been incredible
opportunities to do that. Incredible times, where we’ve
gotten to see that happen. And there’s been so many just great times, spending time in the schools hanging out with students I’d have, whether it’s the suicide awareness walk at Forest Park, all the incredible things that Kyle Wilson working
to make that school happen all of the festivals and times where we’ve seen the
firefighters back there. Rosa Parks I was just reminiscing earlier about a back to school night where a young dad brought his
student back to Rosa Parks. And the principal there, Sue Danielson was his
teacher when he was young. And just that sense of
community there was incredible and I remember one of
my first introduction to Rosa Parks, was when we were going through a boundary meeting and people were adamant their
kids stay in that school. They loved what was happening there and they want to continue
to be part of that. I remember going to
Coles Elementary School Coles we just celebrated a big
anniversary party last year I believe, and then also just
some of the young students in elementary school
that are being leaders and stepping up and I got
when I was over there. We got tour one time, visiting
by a couple of students, they’re showing me their
indoor floral stuff. They’ve got an incredible even butterfly and vegetable garden out back. So many so many wonderful things there. Osbourn Park, boy, I love that school and I love Neil Beach. I love all my principals, but they’ve got our robotics team does an incredible tournament. They’re one of the largest
robotics tournaments every year there. And that’s been fun to see. Also, the robotics team have
gotten to play three years now for their Christmas party
and we play laser tag and do a white elephant gift exchange. It’s a whole lot of fun
with the kids there. Wow, that’s just a few of
there have been so many just fun times with students, Hylton boy, Hylton, we just had their huge both between their hall of fame and their auto mechanics guy is a hoot. His end of the year awards
thing is incredible. But anyway, there have been we just had the the pregame show for their football game. There’s just been so
many incredible moments with students and of course
all of the graduations we absolutely love, whether
it’s our large high schools or whether it’s the
summer school graduations or whether it’s Independence
non traditional school. Just seeing all of our
students graduate is incredible and their stories that they
tell over the last four years. So at the end of the day,
that’s what it’s all about. That’s what we’re here for. And we’ve gotten to work
with so many people, whether it’s in the community. I’ve worked hard to listen
to community members on how we can make their ideas happen. We’ve had meetings in coffee shops, and IHOP and all kinds of
places have led to policy and regulation changes and boundary plans and all kinds of things. And that kind of community
collaboration is incredible. And to everybody here on
staff, we’ve butted heads and had our fun, but we’ve also
gotten a lot done together. And in many ways, our job
as school board members, I’ve said it a number of times is to be kind of that switchboard operator and connect students with
the right staff people. And we’ve seen incredible
results as we’ve done that for students. So there’s gonna be a lot of memories. And thank you all for the honor of serving for the last four years. Thank you, my fellow board members. We’ve had a lot of fun together. Thank you, Superintendent. And most of all, thank
you to the community, for the honor and for the collaboration. And let’s all continue to
make the world a better place wherever we can. (audience applauding) – Thank you Mr. Deutsch, Miss Williams. – Thank you, Vice Chair. First sorry for my
coughing outbursts earlier. I was coughing and then our
lovely Media Production people rescue me with the cough drop and my talented self
managed to choke on that. So excuse me for that. But I just want to say to
our outgoing board members, it’s been a pleasure and
an interesting experience. We’ve served on some boards
together Miss Satterwhite, the Governor’s School it’s
always had some really fantastic ideas and the opposite side of this coin perspective
for my which has been great because it’s, it’s what
we need to continue to work effectively. And Mr. Trenum as I have
said many, many times I’m going to miss you
dearly during budget time. Is my absolute favorite time
of the year to work with you. It’s like you light up
like a Christmas tree. Seems to be your specialty. And I will definitely miss that so much. Mr. Deutsch, we’ve managed
to bond a little bit over baseball and Star Wars and policy. It’s just something that
doesn’t get mentioned often. But your love of policy and your knowledge of putting together policy has been a value add for our board. Change is always hard. I look forward to working
with the new elected officials on the board. And as always, it’s a
sad time of reflection when we have outgoing members. Yes. In the meantime, though, I hope that everyone has
a good holiday season that we’re all reminded
of the many blessings that we each have and
maybe take some time out to share those with others. Often we have student who are without over the holiday season. So this will be my first year doing Santa’s cup this weekend. But, you know, it’s
always nice to give back. Speaking of which, I know that there’s an ongoing
campaign for our lunch debt, which seems to be the topic, not only in Prince William
County, but nationwide. And there’s some great
organizations out there that are giving back to not only Prince
William County students, but students across the country. It’s a wonderful thing to be
discussing this time of year. And I hope that we continue
to do that all year round. In other news, I just want to congratulate
Freedom football team for making as far as they did, I know they work their hearts out and lost that last game
and I neglected to mention their achievements at
the last board meeting. So want to make sure that
I gave them shout out. I also want to give Marumsco Hills a shout out I’ll be having an upcoming board brief. And I know they’re having a literacy night tomorrow night unfortunately
will not be able to attend, but they are doing
fantastic things over there. And again, thank you to Kilby I went on another
field trip with them with students to the
Natural History Museum. And they are doing great things over there with the 21st century grant. So I hope everyone has a
wonderful holiday, and thank you. – Thank you, Miss Williams, Miss Jessie. – Good evening. First of all, I will make an announcement. K pack is a theatrical
group and has a partnership with Colgan High School
and there was a play there, of course, “The Courageous Four.” But on Friday night at 7:30, there will be their production
of the black Nativity will take place at 7:30. And this for the first time they’re going to be at the main hall. So I would like for people to attend that. At my last meeting I talked
about I had a special tribute to Woodbridge High School. And it was to all the wonderful things that I’ve seen at that high
school during my tenure here and it really did change when Miss Abney came to that school. But I also met some other people there including coach Wortham,
and also Mr. Washington and the Mr. Washington, Coach Wortham introduced me to football and I was going to these football games and missing my instant replay,
trying to be a good sport. But Mr. Washington, talked
about his girls basketball team and he has retired. And so the last meeting, I did not have a picture of that team. And I wanted to put that on display. I think we have a photo of that. These girls were state champions and the coach is Tameka Dudley. Unfortunately we lost her also she was offered a coaching position at the infamous Sidwell Friends. The school the United State
president’s children attend. Her daughter will be a
student at the school also and phenomenal basketball player I’m told. The next photo I want to
show is the Under Armour. Do we have that? Okay, the Under Armour high
school all American games as a high school football All Star game and will be held on January
2nd in Orlando, Florida. This game is created to spotlight the nation’s top high school seniors. The school the game is
sponsored by Under Armour and enjoys a national audience. Thanks to the broadcast partners
partnership with EAS ESPN. We are very fortunate and blessed to learn that our previous coach Mr. Gary Wortham was selected to be one of the coaches (audience applauding) In addition, two Woodbridge
High School players Antwon Samer and RJ Adams
have been invited to play. In addition, we just learned
that the Under Armour Committee has selected Woodbridge
High School in a contest that was for all was
nationally recognized. And this was a sorry,
a social media contest. With this Woodbridge High
School received the following, a bundle of tickets for their school to attend the 2020 Under
Armour all American game at Camping World Stadium
in Orlando, Florida and a customized social media graphic that will be shared on
the on the Under Armor All American game Twitter
Instagram handles. I would like to just pay a
tribute to my time is up. Give me one minute, one
second, not one second, just a little bit more time. I just wanted to honor the coaches and the athletic program
at Woodbridge High School, we’ve been hearing so many things. And I want to honor Mr. Wortham and to say that he is always interested in academic wellbeing of the students. And I have personal knowledge of that. Because in my home, we have
six or eight football players, where my daughter tutors them on SAT because Mr. Wortham is very adamant about his kids not only playing well, but receiving scholarships. So to Mr. Wortham, and to Mr. Washington, and to Miss Dudley, and
also to Miss Heather Abney. Thank you for all that you’ve done for Woodbridge High School and I will say what I said the last time we want our school back.
(audience applauding) – Thank you Miss Jessie, Miss Raulston. – Oh I’m sorry, thank you. Just quickly, I want to say to the three most interesting people that I have talked to in a long time, are sitting up here with me. And I learned so much now
if I could keep up with you, and riding, ’cause it comes out (speaking
in foreign language) or something to that effect. I really appreciate everything that you did when I first arrived. And I thank you very, very much. You didn’t let me get in on that trip that you had to Africa. So I worked hard to make sure
that you could take that trip. Don’t pay attention to the military. I want to speak to my real good friend. You know, we started out kinda bumpy and only to know that
you really get tickled about every little thing. And so I appreciate that very much. But let me say to you, a board, a school board, or a city council or any other groups. Keep in mind that sometimes
you might start out with, you know, three feet and instead, you find
yourself on the right side. And whether you’re democrat or republican or any other thing you want to be, that’s what you get to do, not me. So, I am going to do something
I really wouldn’t do for you. And that is, I apologize. That was a bad time, but it was
also a time that was needed. Remember the name of that
school before it became Hampton. So I thank you. And I thank these
gentlemen sitting out here who worked real hard with
everything that they do. And I appreciate you guys very much, Al. Yeah, thank you, that’s it. I wish you well. – Thank you Miss Raulston, I
always look forward to yours. Mr. Trenum. – Thank you, Mr. Wilk, Miss Diana, I don’t think the Navy rarely
would have been interested in my opinion on who could go with me. But I’ve got to update
the number first here. – It’s a zero.
– Yes. Made it 12 years after 12 years. I don’t have any great insights to offer. I think people and I mean probably know, I don’t take myself very seriously but I take what I do extremely seriously. So after 12 years, I think the best thing I
can do is just say thank you to a number of people first off, and I start with the most
important to my wife, Michelle, my boys, Cody and Walker. Thank you for all the
encouragement and the support over the last 12 years, people don’t realize that
the this job is demanding and it’s not just demanding
on those of us here it’s a demanding on the entire family. For all those times when
I put this board business above family business
to my wife, Michelle, I apologize for that. But thank you so much for your patience, thank you for unspinning me from the ceiling I would get worked up or for listening to my ideas and telling me when
they were really stupid and don’t go forward with that. Because sometimes you
don’t get that kind of that honest feedback
that we need to up here. So I appreciate it, and
thank you all so much. To my fellow board members, actually I wrote it down
over the last 12 years, I have served up here with
18 different board members, and one superintendent. So, thank you all for your feedback and for your professionalism. And I’ve always thought that one of the strengths of our board was we have a very diverse set of backgrounds. We all come from different areas, we bring different
strengths, different skills, different areas of interest. And I’ve always thought
that was a strength of the board. And I’m the most of all, thank you for your friendship
through through all this. To our administrative and support staff, from the superintendent
and our senior staff, to the folks that work in this building to our bus drivers and our
and the cafeteria workers and the facilities folks
and custodial staff. Nobody gives you credit
when things go right. But if something goes
wrong, you sometimes wind up on the wrong end of that. But you’re part of the success
of this school division. And I want to thank you
for all that you’ve done for our staff here. Thank you for you for your patience with my questions and ideas and for not pushing back too hard when I push kind of hard, because we are going
to get that greenhouse. But thank you all for everything you do. For the teachers and our
aides and our principals, you’re the front lines in this, in our activity here you are the ones that are dealing with, you are the reason why we’re here working with these students. Every day and everything the
magic happens in the classroom, the magic happens in the school. So everything that we do, it needs to be focused on that goal. Thank you for all you do for our students, for our kids for the
love that you give them for the time that you spend
not just in the classroom, but after the classroom on the evenings and on the weekends. And when I see you in
Panera’s grading papers on a Sunday morning or in the summertime, we all know that you spend way more time than what you do once you’re just at that in the classroom. And as far as the principals
I’ve always thought that the principal’s is the hardest job in the school division. You have to deal with the parent issues and work with the teachers
and deal with the kids and work with administrative staff and sometimes the principals are trying to protect those
teachers from our staff and sometimes it’s vice versa. But I think it’s the hardest
job in the school division and they just don’t get the credit that they deserve for that. And finally for the parents, the students and the residents of
the Brentsville district We’ve been together for 12 years. You supported me through
school opening boundaries, and more boundaries. And issues supported me through a one year deployment supported me through the loss of a child. I can’t thank you enough. Just thank you for giving me the honor of representing you these last 12 years. I really appreciate it. This the most frustrating, irritating, and wonderful job that
all that I’ll ever have. I will miss it terribly, thank you. (audience applauding) – Miss Satterwhite. – Thank you, Mr. Vice Chairman. And before I get to my
comments, Mr. Vice Chairman, thank you for your service in this role for this past year,
you’ve done a great job supporting the board as vice chairman. So thank you very much. So, eight years, I have counted all joy to serve the students, families and staff members in
the Gainesville district and beyond over the last eight years. For me this all started years ago when I spoke as a parent
like some of you did tonight, right on the other side of the podium, except when I got started, it was at the old administration building, and many times the front
room would be so full that we’d end up in a back room
watching a small TV monitor. So it’s been a long time since I got started with doing this but it was coming before the board advocating for my children
and for our students that led to the like Mr. Trenum said one of the most amazing and difficult and fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve enjoyed watching your students learn and grow the seniors in the class of 2012 from the year started are now 25. And contributing a lot
of them are living here working for PWCS. This year’s seniors
were in the fifth grade when I joined the school board so when I say I’ve
watched her students grow literally it has been a joy
to watch our students grow up. I estimate that I personally
watched well over 30,000 of our students walk across the stage at graduations over the past eight years. That’s I’ve always said that’s the goal. That’s the finishing point
and watching our families celebrate at graduation is so much fun because we’ve gotten we’ve
worked with their kids and with them to get their
kids across that finish line. From chorus concerts, as I went to last night with Handel’s
Messiah by OP High School, Patriot High School and Brentsville fabulous performance from concerts to the county art show
robotics maker spaces programs such as welding culinary Cassatt JROTC track and vobota competitions. It has meant the world to
me to support our students and to be there for the programs that have given them the
opportunity to shine. I’ve had the honor of working with and getting to know amazing members of our administration, principals, teachers, and support staff
members in the division. I have learned so incredibly
much from all of you. Thank you for what you do for
our kids day in and day out. You all are a blessing to our
families and our students. So thank you, there have been challenges during the eight years, there have been times of
absolutely incredible sorrow. And there have been times of celebration. As a community we’ve joined
together through all of it. I will miss working with all of you more than I can possibly say. But I promise to stay
active in the community ’cause after all, this is home for me. I’m so thankful for the many friendships that I’ve made over the last eight years including some that started
right here in the board room. One of those memorable was a mom who spoke during citizen comment time and shared. She’s watching right now I
know she’s home sick today. And she shared about her son
who was one of our students who had died from suicide. She spoke so incredibly bravely
and passionately that night, and she stayed to the
end of the board meeting and I was able to meet her and give her a hug right over there. We’ve been friends ever since that evening and she is an amazing
advocate and resource in the mental health community. And it all really got
started when she came here and spoke and shared her heart. Another one of those lifelong
friendships was started at a Safe Schools Advisory
Council Committee meeting, when a lady spoke during
citizen comment time and asked lots of great questions. This mom is now a force
to be reckoned with in Prince William County bringing together subject matter experts to educate our community on mental health, suicide awareness, addiction,
and human trafficking. And these are just two of the examples of the many amazing
individuals in our community who work hard advocating for
our kids and our families. My last day as a Gainsville
District School Board member is December 31st. And until then, I’m looking
forward to attending events and concerts at several of our schools. Last night’s Messiah
concert was one of those it was absolutely beautiful. Gainesville district is
going to be in great hands with Jen Wall board member elect and Jen and I are going
to be meeting next week and probably several
times as she gets ready to step into the position
on January 1st, 2020. Jen, I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for
allowing me to partner with all of you over the last eight years to provide opportunities for our students, and to always work toward improving our great Prince William County Schools. This has been an amazing experience. And of course, I also
want to mention my husband and my family, as Mr. Trenum said, doing this job involves the entire family and my family has just
been up to their ears in school board business for years. And it also helps that my
desk is right in the middle of the family of the house in the kitchen. And so they’ve seen my piles and my piles are slowly
going down right now. But I couldn’t have done
it without their support and without the time they have
given me to serve all of you. So I think Doug, and Rebecca
and Matt, Rachel, Mark, and for all of their support, and Debbie, I want to thank you for your
support of the school board all these years, thank you so much for being there for us, keeping us organized, reminding us what we’re
supposed to be doing, and responses that are needed back. I really appreciate it. Miss McGowan, thank you for
stepping in and coming to us as our board attorney at a
time we really needed somebody to help us out. And, you know, between you
and the parliamentarian and circumstances, I think I learned more about parliamentary procedure than I ever thought I would learn and ever probably wanted to learn. But that’s been one of the joys of the job was was the challenging parts of it and you learning how to do the job better. Dr. Walts, thank you for your leadership. You’ve been here, how many years now? – Finishing 15.
– Finishing 15. Thank you for your leadership. And there there have been times that we definitely haven’t agreed. But there have been times
that we’ve worked together to make good things happen
and one of those is Cassatt. I came to you with a problem. And you addressed it immediately and worked with staff to make it happen so that we could keep the IT program and not only keep it but also get better
opportunities for students. So thank you for continuously working to improve Prince William County Schools and working with their students. Thank you everyone for your
support and God bless you. (audience applauding) – Thank you Miss Satterwhite. In closing, I always
highlight some of the events that I went to or it was a short two weeks so I did have the pleasure
of visiting both Henderson and Pattie Elementary Schools
during the school day. Couple nighttime events. Last night I went to Henderson
Elementary Stem Night with my youngest. We were supposed to build
like a well that holds pennies and my son made a sword
out of straws and tape. Yes, always ready for battle. We attended Mary Williams had
a great multicultural night a couple weeks ago, right
before Thanksgiving. And then I love speaking to our Cub Scouts and I spoke at Montclair
Elementary for Pack 289, right before the night
before Thanksgiving, so a lot of good community events still in a short time frame. It’s an honor to serve this night and preside over this meeting. I’m wishing our colleagues
farewell, Mr. Trenum. I honor your steadfast
dedication to our country and your service on this board
for 12 years, it’s not easy. I think it was about a year ago. I think I told you and Miss
Satterwhite down at the SBA that I wasn’t running again,
and crazy how things change. But it’s, but you mentioned that key thing about family supports, and at that time, I didn’t think I’d have
the buy in for this. And so down the road when I
make that dedication statement for my wife and my kids supporting this, I definitely understand how it is. And Mr. Trenum you will be
missed during budget season. You’re like a budget hawk. And so that will be
something we definitely miss. Miss Satterwhite, your utmost
dedication to our schools, it’s truly commendable. Over and over again, you know, people say you know you two, to mean you are at our schools all the time. And so I know you’re out there, you’ve been out there
visiting your schools. It’s an honor to serve with another fellow special
needs parents and advocate. And I always appreciate your ability to listen to all
perspectives and all sides. So thank you. Willie, we came in playing laser tag. I missed your birthday party. I apologize. I was out of town when you guys
were throwing axes at walls. I’m happy that was probably
very therapeutic for you. I thank you for our friendship. And I do have to say now that you’re gone. I am the youngest member
on this new school board. So thank you for making me
feel a little younger there Willie and again, what he I don’t know it was just his haircut, your sporting is pretty hot so. Anyways, so Mr. Deutsch. Thank you again for your
friendship and service. There being nothing further
to come before this board, this meeting is adjourned. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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