Decorating My Graduation Cap

okay guys so these are all the things and we can ITV now these are all the things that I will be using to decorate my head I wanted to be really really simple so I'm just going to be putting a little quote on my hat this is my actual graduation hat right here and then I got a little black bow which I picked up from Michael's all these things I got from Michaels so I got a black bow which I'll be putting on the back of the hats this is the front of the Hat right here and I'll be putting the bow in the back of the Hat like hanging sort of like this you guys could see probably can't see cuz my bit bobby pin the bow in the back of the Hat and then I got some little sparkles Mike I'm going all gold and stuff so I got some old sparkles to throw on there as well this these sparkles have like gold silver and black and I got this because you guys know how much I love drinks I love wine I love drinking this one that's actually your New Year's type of one but um let me zoom in action it's actually a New Year's when I just to see but I'm just going to like break off the words there's no Happy New Year's I'm just going to break off vs. Happy New Year's and just use like I'm also going to use like a little wine glass ones and things like that just really cute and then these are my letters I have some big ones which are from Michaels as well and then I have some little small ones so I will be I'll be using these small ones to write my message and then the big ones to write the word done and then I have this little black sparkly paper which I'll be using to cover my whole hat with and every first time I do is actually cut the the first I'm going to do is cut the actual board to fit around your hat so I'm going to align the board with my hat and then just mark and start to cut it and um yeah come back and show you guys you started to use good I'm watching botched right now okay sorry I was busy I have cut the square and all I did was just take the scissors and cut it so I didn't really shot everything very self-explanatory so I just cut a square to fit the size of the Hat and then what I'm going to do right now is fill in the middle for the little bowl hole top whatever because I'm going to need to cut a circle around that so that my Tesla will be able to go around it because if you just leave it like this your Tesla won't be able to fit so you basically need to align it find out where your tassel needs to be marked I'll try to recommend doing it on the flip side better so you won't mess up your paper but just try to create like a little indention and then just cut that little circle out for the test oh okay so I already cut the hole out and I just use my scissors and now cuz you can see it has like this white from the other side so what I'm doing just poking it and basically putting it underneath the little hot hat nugget I'm just going to call it a nugget just to tuck it and make it not have those white things so I cut the circle out and then this is the top so this is the top of the Hat and then now what I'm going to do is actually glue it down I'm going to glue the hand down or the glue that cardstock down onto the Hat and to do that you're supposed to use a hot glue gun but I didn't want to buy one because I just didn't want to do some sort of crazy glue and I think Oh alas I just need to glue this on so I was going to write down the crazy glue I'm going to crazy glue the cardstock onto the Hat okay so I have glued on using the crazy glue I had food on the corners of the Hat and so it's pretty sturdy it's on there's not moving I'll probably do this corner over so I'm gonna I glued the corners on there and now I do is place the bow on the back part of the Hat so this is where I saw the person is very important for you to remember to know where the back and the fore of the hat is so this little hook if you can see this little hook portion is the front and it actually tells you inside of the Hat that that's just front so this is a front part of your head and then this little scrunchie part is the back so you want to make sure you put the bow on the back side with the scrunchie part is so that's what I'm going to do pistol bolt right here so this is a bow and they'll basically hang like that okay so I have glued on the bow I'm gonna be really careful with it because it's on air but I just wanted to drive slowly so I want to go the bow and now I'll do is I'm going to use my little letters and spell out my little phrase or slogan more so and let's say it always seems impossible until it's done so needs a little letters first and arrange them and then use the big letters for the word done all I'm doing is like trying to figure out how I want to adjust the letters on there I'm not going to glue them down yet and so I actually have like a cute little or a good layout so I'm just okay so I got the general layout down of the letters and I'm just going to actually stick them and glue them down it was a little bit difficult to fit them all in especially the word impossible but I got it and I'm pretty happy and I was looking these little flowers so I think I put the flower there or I don't know one be able to put the wineglasses I'll probably put it right there or something okay so this is the end product I didn't have room to use the little wine glasses that I wanted to but I'm really happy with it you don't want to overdo it or it just looks too like complicated so this is the end how it looks something really simple and it says it's always think it always seemed and it always seems impossible until it is done and I'll just put a little flour on the little Baldy thing part in my bow and that's it

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