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MICHEL VAN EETEN: Hi. My name is Michel van Eeten. I’m a professor at Delft
University of Technology, working on the Economics of Information
Security, an exciting new field combining computer science,
economics, and policy. Everyone understands that cybersecurity
is becoming increasingly important, as more and more of our economic and
social activities are conducted online. Far fewer people understand
why some systems and services are more secure than others. The common view is that cybersecurity
depends on technical solutions. Better access control,
cryptography, or detection of malicious code, that would
solve all security problems. But this is really
just half of the story. Security problems cannot be understood
without understanding the economic incentives of the organizations
and people involved, both on the side of the defenders,
as well as the attackers. For example, why do some
internet service providers have 10 or even 100 times more
effective machines in their network than other providers? Why do business is not switch
to more secure technologies, not even when they’re cheaper? How can businesses actually
assess the cost and benefits of security investments? And more bizarrely, why do
anonymous criminals, who spam you with their counterfeit, Viagra, actually
provide excellent customer service? In this course, we will answer all
of these questions, and many more. The course is delivered by four of the
leading research teams in the field. TU Delft, University of
Cambridge, Muenster University, and Southern Methodist University. The lecturers will provide you with a
set of economic concepts, measurement techniques, and data analytics, to not
only better understand cybersecurity, but actually improve it. We hope you will join us.

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