Getting Started at the University of Waikato

Welcome to the University of Waikato
you’ll be spending a bit of time with us so come with me and get to know the
place the Student Center is a vital part of
life on the Hamilton campus if you’ve got any questions come on down and meet
the team they’ll help you out we’re open Monday through Friday from 8:30 until
5:00 p.m. find more information online sometimes
you don’t always pick the right papers but for A and B semester you’ve got up
until 5:00 p.m. on the second Friday of semester to change your papers without
penalty. Come on down and meet the team at the Student Center for help. If you
need a student ID this is where you get them if you’re on the Tauranga
campus and you need services like this head to the information center. At the
Hamilton and Tauranga campus we have after our access to our computer
labs if you need one pick up a form from the admin team. Classes start on the hour
in the morning and after lunch time they start at 10 past the hour labs tutorials
and workshops all start on the second week of semester so jump on Moodle a
moment to find out more and sign up. If the cold is getting to you or you just
need to talk to a counselor go to the Student Health Center in Hamilton or
tower on there if you need disability support it’s available right next to the
Student Health Center there’s a prayer room and chaplaincy services at the lady
Goodfellow Chapel right across the road from the Uni rec gym the best way to get
to campus is the walk bike bus or carpool but if you do need a park you
can pay two dollars a day six dollars a week or $60 a semester to park on the
Hamilton campus and you can pay right here we want you to be safe at Waikato
so if you see anything suspicious or just need some help
hit to one of these blue security phones and call this number for the Hamilton
campus or this number for the Tauranga campus if you need a bite to eat
or you just need to run some errands come
to the village green and we’ve got plenty of option with your studying and
Hamilton or toad on there enjoy your time at the University of Waikato and
remember we’re always here to help you out along the way

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