Griffith animation students go behind the scenes at Bluey

Hello I’m Daley Pearson, I’m a co-founder
at Ludo. I went to Griffith Film School and now I’m executive producing Bluey and Robbie Hood and a bunch of really beautiful shows here at Ludo. And we’d
love to meet you so reach out to us at Ludo. We love having coffee with cool new people. So if you’re not cool… Bluey’s super, super popular in our family so being able to work on this is a big deal
for my kids, and me for me too, but it’s a really special thing, being able to say to them when these episodes come out, ‘oh I did this little bit on that episode,’ or ‘I
did this little piece here and there.’ I think they’ll be really excited about it. Before there was not a lot of opportunities in Brisbane especially but Ludo’s really opened that up. Bluey’s such a big influence to so many
young kids in Australia so having that opportunity to work with a studio like
this, it’s amazing. People only really want to help people who are helping themselves and I think that’s such a really valuable lesson for me to learn
and that you can’t go in like Oliver Twist with your hands out. You need to
help yourself and people do want to help people who are helping themselves. It is very challenging juggling family life and work life and university. It’s not
impossible but it does require a lot of sacrifices and give-and-take from so
many people but Griffith does make that a bit easier. There’s a lot of
support for that and I think I’ve been able to pull it off because I’m still
here and I’m alive. Recently the opportunities just opened up a lot and it’s just yeah animation’s an amazing place right now to be in.

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