How to Enter A Request for Quote for an ACES Product or Service.mp4

If you were not able to find an item in the APC Catalog and you would like to submit a request for quote Go to Order Services Then click the ACES Product Catalog (APC) Then look for the menu item APC Request For Quote and click Request Now. You must enter Comments or Business Justification. Enter if this is a request for Hardware or Software. Then enter the information for the Manufacturer name the part number Enter the Quote Request details If this is an expedited delivery then provide any additional details about the request. Be sure to
include a link to the website with the product information. Then click Submit. Your request will be submitted to the APC research team. You will be notified
if HP can secure the item and what the discounted price will be. Once you have been notified, to place your order go
back to the ESD website and click Order Services. Click ACES Product Catalog (APC) Click Request Now next to APC General Purchases Then click the link to the ACES Product Catalog Then select the Non-APC items Requested for RFQ icon to purchase your new item. Please be sure to include installation for your new item
by going to Services in the APC Catalog. Once you have selected your item in the shopping cart,
enter your zip code then click update cart. and click Checkout You will be returned to the ESD side of the catalog. Select Yes or No to indicate if you will be paying with a P-card. Enter a business justification. Type in a description of the item you just ordered. Click Yes or No if installation is required. Then click Submit. Your order will go through the NASA approval process.

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