How to teach English: A student’s perspective – #4

So, this is the first time that I’m using a selfie stick and it’s terribly embarrassing! I am on my way to the train station I have a surprise for you today Things are gonna be a little bit different because I’m going to Wrocław (Polish) Yey we’re making a sandwich! Hello guys! (laughter) Hi guys! So I’m finally with Kasia Chudziak! Hello! And she is going to be telling us what it’s like to be taught English So first of all Kasia, who are you? I’m Kasia Chudziak, I’m in class 5 I’m 10 and I like to dance and to do interviews and I like my dog, Julek! So Kasia, how many languages do you know? Three. Three? Ok, so what languages? Polish, English and Spanish Spanish? What can you say in Spanish? (talking in Spanish) Is that real? (laughter) Why are you learning other languages? I wanted to learn English because I had a super teacher. You! Surprise! And why did you wanna learn Spanish? I wanted to learn Spanish because it sounds nice. When did you start learning English When I was four years old. First I had individual lessons with you. But when you left I had group lessons. And how many people in a group? Eight people. And what do you like about individual lessons? The teacher is just for you. You can do the things that you like. You can concentrate and more learn. You also spend more time talking. Ok, so it’s kinda like what we’re doing now? Yes! What do you like about group lessons? When you don’t know the answer, someone else can answer for you. Ok, so it’s not so stressful? Yes. You can talk with your class mates. And it’s fun to learn together And what activities do you like doing the most? Watching movies. Playing hang-man. Ok And reading comics and making projects. Do you remember your favourite lesson? I liked when we played games with you, when we created games “Down by the bumble-bushes” “down by the sea, boom, boom, boom” One time, we made a family of chestnuts. We did! Didn’t we! Yes. And it was a mommy chestnut, and a daddy chestnut sister, brother – and we even had a tiny little baby chestnut!
– yes! And we made hats out of plasticine and the baby had cell phones Yes! We made cellphones! – and we made
– plates. So what kinds of lessons don’t you like? When we do text book stuff And when we do the same over and over Yeah, that can be kind of boring And I think it’s also a bit boring for the teacher as well. So what are some fun games that you do during English Hang-man And “Owijaj w Bawełnę” (Beat about the Bush) What is that? It’s similar to Taboo. Ok, so one person has a word, and the other person has to guess what the word is. Ok. That’s kind of a cool game. Yeah. We’re almost home Kasia! We’re almost home! And the most important question is What advice would you give other people who want to teach English Hmm. Teach by playing games. Find out what your students are interested in. Don’t make us do the same thing for one hour. And the most important Like your students! Yes! Ok! Kasia! Thank you so much -Thank you Suzi
– For doing this interview with us I know it’s never easy doing an interview that isn’t in your own language yes. So I hope you enjoyed these tips and that this gave you a little bit of insight to what it’s like from a students perspective And, that’s all for today! So if you liked this video give us a thumbs up! And subscribe to the channel and if you have any questions for me or even to Kasia, you’re welcome to leave a comment in the comment section below. So have a great day guys! Bye! Kasia you’re the best in the world! So everything is totally fine as long as there aren’t people I’m like, ah! this is so easy! This is totally cool. Piece of cake! Arh! So now I wait. And I hope that I get better at this. Because right now I feel terrible. Awkward silence.

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