Joan Cusack, colleges/universities, jail party and an affirmation

good morning listeners and welcome to the morning 4 podcast it's Thursday so we're getting a little closer to the weekend and I'm your host Katie Parsons and I want you to have a great day today and you might be thinking well you know there's no way to know if I'm gonna have a great day today there's just so many things that could happen and that is true but what I try to remind myself every morning when I get up is that I can't control what's gonna happen there could be bumps in the road there will probably be bumps in the road my schedule is not gonna go exactly as it's written out I am NOT gonna get things done in the order that I'm planning to get them done but I am gonna go into every situation with the right mindset which is that it things will go positively things will go my way and I will look for opportunities to help others so that they also have great days and you know you're still gonna have rough ones along the way but if you go into it with the right mindset my thought is that you can overcome any obstacle in your path today and any day so a good start to that is joining me here on the morning for each weekday morning so thanks for being here and thanks for making this part of your morning routine so let's get today started with number one ok it's time once again for today's secret theme or this week's secret theme and today's clue do you think you know the answer yet email me or comment on the morning for socials those links are always in the show notes wherever you listen or watch so let's see so far this week in this segment we've talked about Eddie Murphy Sarah Silverman and Robert Downey jr. so how are they all connected or alike besides being you know hilarious and that is not the secret theme by the way so today I want to add another name to the list and that's Joan Cusack the affable actress can be spotted in films as a child star in her teens and she was in that classic movie say anything that also starred another famous Cusack her brother John from that film to her quirky and more dramatic turn on Showtime's r-rated hit shameless Joan has been making audiences laugh for more than 30 years and because she's so good at doing impressive in Russians she's also voice-acted in a lot of animated films and she's definitely one of my favorite performers but just how does she fit into this week's theme now bug Jill well the United States is home to a lot of colleges and universities but do you know which one is the largest based on student population well I do and it's actually a university in my own backyard it's the University of Central Florida with an undergraduate population of 57,000 students UCF also has the highest number of graduates who have gone on to work for aerospace and defense companies now my husband is a UCF grad in political science not aerospace and we are huge night fans around here and I would not complain if we add five more students to that population at some point especially because they'd be so close to home but I digress the next four largest schools by student population are Texas A&M Florida International University the Ohio State University and Liberty University number flee today's feel-good news story a source from Global News Canada a police officer recently showed some birthday kindness to a young man who was in trouble with the law on his 15th birthday sergeant Paul vadik noticed that the boy would be celebrating a birthday at midnight upon him being arrested earlier in the evening so the sergeant went out and bought the teen a birthday cake and a card with his own money and took it to his cell at midnight the sergeant stuck around and talked with the young man who seemed genuinely touched and surprised at the gesture another officer in the precinct said the staff sergeant is hoping that they would have a connection because no matter if you've had trouble with the police all of us would actually like to see you succeed and in this case the staff sergeant is sincerely hoping that this young guy can turn his life around well that is a surprising story and very kind and we hope that for the young man too now my fellow liar so let's get today started with our affirmation I hope that you have a wonderful day so repeat after me there is still so much to learn about others and my world today I will learn and grow so get out there and start learning and growing and have a wonderful Thursday I'll see you back here again tomorrow

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