Journalism at the University of Leicester

My name is Lena and I’m studying Journalism. The reason why I chose University of Leicester is due to the fact that when I compared all my universities of my choice, Leicester just seems to have the best modules and I really like the way the course looks. So the best part of my course is I get to experience real life journalism. I get to go out take my own interviews and then after I get to experience writing my own articles from it as well. My lecturers are absolutely amazing they offer so much support. We all get assigned a personal tutor at the start of the year as well so you can go to them about any issue whatsoever. So one of the brilliant facilities that we have, is that we have a fantastic library. You can book out little rooms if you have group projects where you can look at the big screen. I’d recommend this course if you’re an aspiring journalist as I feel like in a short amount of time I’ve been prepared for my future. I’ve been taught how to write articles, how to take proper interviews and I just feel if that I’ve managed to do that in such a short amount of time, by the time I graduate I’m going to have a variety of skills that I’ll be able to use my work life.

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