Lakehead Live: Adding Value to Your Degree

honey add value to your degree yeah so beyond your undergraduate program opportunities we also offer certificate programs certificates in entrepreneurship French proficiency Aboriginal language specialist certificate geomatics public history palliative care and dementia studies to name a few nuts yeah the top of the list and then I mean the list goes on and on and on certificates are those pieces that you can add basically to supplement your degree to add that value to degree so if you're thinking okay maybe I'm not taking French as a major but I can speak French and I want something that says I'm proficient in French well you take your French proficiency certificate program and when you graduate you'll have your proficiency with that as well tons of other programs you can take a look at our website to see all the specializations and certificates that are available it's really eye-opening to see how many are available there because you want to add value to degree you want to separate yourself when you graduate from other people that are graduating in your year yep definitely great to see on your resume as well as read to employers I showcase additional skills that you have that may be highlighted in your undergrad we also offer student clubs and groups so le camp we have over 50 student clubs and group and they range from being associations which are specific to being groups about different hobbies whether it's photography music I think there's a chess club as well tabletop gaming drone club there's so many clubs like you have an interest there's probably a club here for you and if there's not one right you get money from the Student Union to actually start a club up and yeah you can put your stamp on make it University as the founder of the cookie baking club or whichever club you want to found here at Lakehead so Brooklyn you are in a club yes I was the co-president of the Social Work Student Association so it's an association which means it's geared towards students who are in Social Work and basically as the co-president we give opportunities for Social Work students to add value to their degree so we've offered different certificates training we've done volunteering lots of networking so if you join these associations that are geared towards your degree and it's not just Social Work lots of other programs have these associations then you've not only do get to meet other people who are in your program and in your field but you also get to network so there's opportunities for you to meet potential employers and to get this extra training and this extra edge to just new graduate you have that extra value in that experience and then so those are the associations that's within your program you're networking with people who you know if you're in second year you're gonna be mingling with people in 3rd or 4th year maybe even graduate students or some alumni then we said they're all are us also those interest based clubs – so finding some some people who are also interested in a similar thing that you are that's going to help you meet new people that's gonna help you kind of expand your network of people that you're you know hanging out with and talking to hey if there's a skill that you want to learn like maybe join the rock climbing club if you've never done it before but that's something that interests you right meet people who are passionate enthusiastic about the sport or the activity and learn from them work with them and make some new friends along the way concretely record yeah so the co-curricular record is something that Lakehead University offers to all of our students it pretty much is document that will track all of your volunteer work that you do around campus for any of our events that we host the great thing about your co-curricular record it will document everything that you do outside of your academics and it's awarded to you at your graduation certainly so it's a great little piece to have in terms of keeping track of all of the extracurricular stuff that you do and then it also will supplement your resume once you graduate to showcase your leadership skills or any other skills that you have gained and develop throughout your extracurricular activities mm-hmm and then I mean we do also offer a lot of post degree opportunities as well so we look at stuff away grad school we look at things like if you wanted to add education to your degree or maybe you've graduated with your education degree you want to add those additional qualifications or the basic qualifications that you need to teach other teaching levels you can do that as well there are some other post degree opportunities we are home to the northern Ontario School of Medicine so Nozick if you want to go into the Medfield you definitely have that opportunity to apply into medicine post undergrad as well as we are home to the law school here at Thunder Bay so if you're looking at being a lawyer you can apply into law school post post undergrad as well yeah so those are some different ways that you can add value to your degree so you're not just getting that one degree with no other experience available there's always ways for you to supplement and add to that degree

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