Landmarks Specialist College:

The Archer is a working pub for people with additional needs. They show them bar skills, kitchen skills and life skills. Jay is in this video preparing the bar for opening times at 12 o’clock. Setting the bar up involves, putting the money in the till, checking the pumps, hoovering up and cleaning the table so the customers can eat their meal. So Sat what skills have you learnt at The Archer? Money training, pulling pints and cleaning fridges out. What’s the best thing you’ve learnt? How to take orders, for dinners and drinks. How will you use these skills in the future? To get a job. Help you get a job? Yes! I’m Lewis and I was chopping some potatoes and leek for the leek and potato soup for the soup of the day. This is me you washing my hands
getting rid of all the bacteria. This is me getting out tomato and basil soup. It has to have a day dot on it, that day dot will last three days. What skills have you learnt at The Archer, Lewis? The skills I’ve learnt at The Archer are; hygiene, cross
contamination, knife skills, what temperature to probe food at and plating food up professionally. What’s the best thing you’ve learnt, whilst you’ve been here? Probably plating food up professionally. How will these skills help you in the future? These skills in the future will help me with paid employment, basic cooking skills and domestic skills as well. This is Jay pulling a pint of Fosters correctly. This is Jay taking an order from customers, that order will go to the kitchen and the kitchen will then cook it. Hey my names Chantelle, I work at The Archer, I’m Bar Supervisor and I work with the learners. Can you tell me what skills the leaners have gained at The Archer? They have gained skills such as being professional in the work place, food preparation and using the correct equipment either in the kitchen or front of house. And how will what they have learnt, support them in the future? It will help them with the transition into paid employment.

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