Last minute tips for students appearing in 10th and 12th Board exams

Hello everyone, My name is Dheeraj Sharma
and I am a career coach and a career counselor ..
Welcome to Quantica Education Services Pvt Ltd.. This session is specifically for students
who are going to appear in their 10th or 12th class board examination scheduled in due course
of time … Now its very important for each one of you
who are targeting board examination of 10th and 12th to have a control on your nerves
, your ability to control on your nerves will help you to perform better not only at the
time of your exams but during the course of preparation for your examination. So you need to have relaxed state of mind
that is number one. No 2- You need to make and figure out a study
plan for your self and this study plan and time table that I am talking about , you need
to be consistent on that. It has to be not very stringent , not very
Herculean, but it has to be very realistic and you need to stick on that. That means lets say you should be studying
for close to 12 to 14 hours per day , now these 12 to 14 hours has to be allocated into
different compartments. Like for example close to 1 to 2 hours every
day needs to be allocated on working upon your weaknesses , that means working your
chinks in your armor . That means all those weak areas which you
would have identified during your preparation , you should be focusing on that , so that
with preparation you would be able to overcome all these weakness. Next important thing is that you should be
investing 1 to 2 hours every day on studying those subjects which you think are important
from board exams perspective.. So you should be allocating time into it. Third important thing , you should be writing
a practice test or a mock test every day and this mock test or a practice test that you
are supposed to write has to be written in simulated environment , that means its not
that you are lying on your bed and relaxing and then writing this mock test. But this has to be taken at a very serious
environment , so writing it on your study table , with all cell phone switched off,
no distractions and with 100% concentration. So this is some thing that you have to do. And it has to be time bound, that means if
this exams is of 3 hours , you are supposed to write it within 3 hours only and most importantly
it has to be taken during the time in which your actual exam is scheduled . That means
if your actual time of exam is from 10 am to 1 pm , then you should be writing this
test during the same time frams , so that your body get acclimatized in writing that
exam during that time frame only. No. 4- Most important, once you have written
this mock test or practice test during this time from from 10 to 1 pm, relax, have a break
and then come to the analysis part of it. Its important for you to do a proper analysis
and work upon your weaknesses , what ever is the shortcomings that you would heve identified
in this mock its important for you to invest time in working your weakness and making a
part of your DNA so that if next time you enconter a similar kind of a question or a
concept you will be able to Ace it through without any problem thats very important. No. 5- When ever you are studying please ensure
that you study not for the heck of studying but fro the sake of understanding the concept
to the core … to the hilt….in case that concept that you have studied is superficial
then probably you will not be able to implement that subsequently in writing an actual examination. So it has to be done conceptually …
In case you are not able to understand a concept in one it twice, thrice …still
if you are not able to figure it out…take help of your teacher so that that concept
is built for ever. And there is no flaws subsequently in understanding
that concept. Most importantly take care of your mental
and physical health …So eat healthy ..sleep for atleast for 6 to 7 hour per day. Don’t make a very stringent work plan for
yourself and abstain yourself from company of people who gives you negative vibes or
who pulls you down. Don’t compare your score with someone else
scores …thats not the right thing that you should be doing. And keep yourself motivated enough and don’t
think that you cannot do it …You need to ensure that this is something that you would
be easily able to do in case you able are able to keep a control on your nerves …You
have the capacity and tenacity to do it , in case you are able to keep your mind cool and
at a relaxed state … All the Best ..
In case you have any queries , feel free to call me on my whatapp number – 09313068580
Thank you…All the Best

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    Nice sir jii

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    Thank you so much sir
    Today you came to our school and I loved the session
    You are a great counsellor and teacher
    I was the one who asked how to do good in interviews ☺️
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