NCEA results: Tauira finds out whether university is a go

Tens of thousands of students’ can now log in
to the NZQA website to get their NCEA results. Our reporter Te Rauhiringa Brown
caught up with one Maori student whose hard work in her last year of secondary school
has paid off. Te Rauhiringa, tell us more. Afternoon, Scotty. I met an 18-year-old who was
educated at Western Springs College. Today was a big day for her
in finding out whether or not she
had achieved enough to be able to get into university, something she scoped out
on the NZQA website today. This is the moment that Atakura Hunia looked
at her school results on the New Zealand Qualifications
Authority (NZQA) website. I passed, kind of passed. It’s good. However, last night’s sleep
wasn’t as good, but this morning
it’s a different story. I need to be honest, when I woke up this morning I didn’t even think about the marks
that came out today. However, my mum sent me a text
asking ‘how’d you go?’ I said ‘what for’, she said
‘your NCEA results’. Maaaaann, I started yelling. I got nervous and then I lied and told her the results
hadn’t come out yet. But she got an email
saying they had. Tiaki and I were very happy
with her passing. She followed the path to gain
those results alongside Nga Puna o Waiorea. It’s only right, we acknowledge the teachers
who helped, cared and fostered her potential. When they both saw my marks, they were content because
I got University Entrance. That was the main objective
for them. Furthermore, it was Atakura
and her mother who designed a New Zealand
qualifications strategy for Ngati Whatua Orakei to encourage students
to strive for excellence. When we were having dinner one night
my mum asked me ‘what will really encourage you
to do well in school?’ My response to her was honest,
it was money. She said ‘aiiiii, what about
a homework centre, where you get books and pens?’ I said ‘nope I wouldn’t go
to those wananga. Pay me.’ As a result, we designed with mum
a strategy called NCEA Rewards. The Hunia whanau say there have been great results
for the descendants of Ngati Whatua Orakei. Before we set up the strategy you could see how unmotivated
my relations were to finish school and to go to university, that sort of behaviour. It was hard. However, when we opened
the initiative to everyone you could see the results. My cousins all came to the wananga and you saw them working hard
at school and excited to do so. By the way, Atakura has confirmed
that she will be attending Auckland University. Kristine Kilkelly,
Deputy Chief Executive, from NZQA said that these results
are the culmination of students’ work in 2019 and they anticipate
tens of thousands of students will log into NZQA’s website to check their results today. If students have difficulty
accessing their results, NZQA’s call centre (0800 697 296)
has extended opening hours until 8pm tonight. Thank you for the update, Te Rauhiringa Brown. That was Te Rauhiringa Brown live
from our Auckland newsroom.

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