Ontario Universities Welcome International Students | Universités accueillent des étudiants

I'm pursuing my internship at University of Toronto under my Tech's global internship program my project basically focuses on the development of the face of a human life socially as a studio bot and to enhance the interaction between robot and person it's the best place to interact with all sorts of background and get to know all sorts of culture hopefully gives an international internship program and what it does is it gives students kind of the exposure to innovation and research in both industry and in academia settings this year we have 47 students from India and they're pretty much spread out across different institutions in Ontario it provides them with an opportunity to maybe potentially come back here and bring that kind of knowledge base to Ontario the Global Link program focuses on area where Ontario needs people we need more engineers we need more mathematicians we need more people in physics and chemistry who can complement our current potential here Ontario has been very committed to forging strong relations and when you talk about the my tax program that's a really good example of creating a link between India and Ontario and it's institutions that will be sustainable as a part of globalink program I have to play a role like as a connecting bridge between two countries now I have the responsibility of carrying my Canadian experience back to India it's pretty awesome that's great

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