Pauline’s PhD in Computational Chemistry: Life as a UEA Postgraduate Research Student

I'm Pauline Walton and I'm a
computational chemist. Well I'm looking at biological membranes and I'm looking
at drugs and I'm looking at them in great resolution. When you're developing
drugs you need to do experiments to find out what's happening and you can't
necessarily see all of what's going on
in the membrane and by being able to simulate membranes and drugs I can get
better resolution to predict what is probably going on. There's just so much to know, you never
come to the end of knowing it's brilliant. Yeah I love the freedom that you
have to work when you want to and how you want to and when you've come across
something that's really interesting you can very often pursue that and when you
do and it comes out – that's just so good. My favourite moment was when I had a
stack of molecules and one was trying to join the stack and it suddenly converted
into a butterfly and then joined the top, it was great.

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