Premiers’ Reading Challenge – Lightning Round

That’s bright. No hard questions, please! He’s put me on the spot with
all these questions, I’m starting to sweat, Adele. Thought this was going to be fun! Both! That’s a tough one! Italian, Australian…Aah! AFL. AFL. Hmm, I don’t really understand
the rules of either, but in AFL, they jump higher. Soccer. Soccer. Ooh, AFL. Soccer! I know. Football! I know. Football! Look, I like both, but the
man here, he said you have to answer one answer. Probably Shakespeare, but the person
I’d most like to meet is Jane Austen. Can I be boring and say
both, again? Yes! Leonardo from the Turtles. I was thinking the same thing,
but Raphael! Well, he’s the party dude! Ah, Shakespeare. Um, probably…Leonardo. Yeah. Leonardo, of course. Ah, again, Italiano. Da Vinci. Sorry Shakespeare! Now I’m ready to go.
Have lunch. Alright, I’ll see you later.

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