#proudMIeducator: Mark Churchill of Negaunee Middle School

Mark Churchill-geography teacher, Negaunee
Middle School “I’ve got this little mission statement at the beginning of the school year. That I would like to make at least one personal
connection with a student every day.” Sounds of music playing Churchill says, “The kids have to make an
emotional hook toward you and the subject. Otherwise, they’re going to turn the lights
off. One time one student every day I try to make
a little emotional connection. Because I think it’s those emotional hooks
that help those kids learn.” Michael McCollum- principal, Negaunee Middle
School “Mr. Churchill is one of the most energetic, outgoing and real tight people that you would
want your kids to be around.” Tessa Standerford- 7th grade student, Negaunee
Middle School “He always tells stories about how he has been places. Then, he relates that to if we’re learning
about a certain place he relates it to that.” Lori Boase- 8th grade teacher, Negaunee Middle
School “He’ll give them cute names that they just respond to. When they go down the hall he’ll just yell
out their name like this nickname he has for them and just instant smiles.” Churchill says, “I wasn’t always this way. You know, I was following the book. It’s not something that they teach you at
teacher school. I think that teaching is personality. And, once you become comfortable with yourself
as a teacher then your students become comfortable.” He adds, “Not every student in your classroom
is going to find the cure for cancer or the cure for AIDS. But, they do have value. They do have expectations they can meet. They do have goals that they can find. It’s my goal to help them find those. My name is Mark Churchill and I’m a proud,
Michigan educator.” Sounds of music playing

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    He was. My teacher in 7th grade and now I'm a freshman

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    1:10 big boy Seth

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    Bummer dude! I always remember that. He is retired now


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