Question: Is Regis University Online Degree Worth ?

versus means emailing so the question is that is the Regis University online degree worth edge let's find out by jumping to the screen so here we are at Google which is University first learning that a Wikipedia page their homepage and then their tuition so Regis University is okay is a public or private let me see private nonprofit co-educational what were you okay mixed sex I mean nearly two there were universities like a co-educational I was a little bit surprised okay they have offered like BS I don't know what's this okay art communication Elementary when you find something letter to IT in 8th religion peace was this computer sighs no I wanna jump in a computer information system which a lot of people interested in boomers I gender studies I mean I could not believe there's so many crappy degrees out there cadiz oh my god gender studies ok tuition fees with the financial aid ok online surround similar tuition cost around like with them units little Maryland okay let's see the tuition fees of read this one estimate total course okay it depends oh I got off of course you've gone through the 128 credit $60,000 I will be singing will be like really very stupid by wasting money in this kind of university anywhere let me show you the requirement counting system unless design DC one up this is subject I did back in McVeigh attack is let's super scooper I need to design some kind of like some kind of cellular some time for company and acquirement I'm you could not understand what the hell I was writing I can show you I can show you my Simon and and then I just write that crap I don't even know what I write I said I am going to be like a stupid stupid server by using Raspberry Pi and then going to do that boo bit and then I pass I did no understand again listen on a week I could not understand what this means this way so that enterprise system architect most puppy mcse related programming friend demise so I bus going special here money for a crappy degree which even do not teach you anything like physical or something like that definitely is not going to physically a control but now what is I have seen they are even like a DBS on that whoever oh my god oh my god way we are hiding where we are hiding I really don't know where we are heading please do not waste your money if you want to do something in your life swass relax relax for like three or four tests do not talk to your friend try to isolate yourself isolate my advice and because I mean you're going to meet a friend he's like a software engineer okay I'm gonna become software engineer now today you're gonna meet a friend he's a chef you going you're going to become a chef someone is earning a lot of money you are jealous and me it happened just try to stay away from life in in a in a in a comfort zone or whatever zone you are and isolate yourself and are what you want to become in life you want to become a Dexter of technician the bitter is very hard to swallow we don't need come here hey pal a certified technician we don't need computer technician you don't need I keep engineers yes the rotting is on the world IT engineer are going out now it's fully replaced by disease admin which to the entire arm installations stuff yes if you can get some kind of server certification if you got a job in a server room but if if your field is no idea is your fridge in marketing fashion design tax tie or something in between still do not get a degree if you are looking to get a degree I would recommend university Maryland over this crappy university this is my personal opinion you know so me at the end of that day I'm going to tell you that please save your money use your money in a much better way i'ma learn the stuff by reading books by taking online courses I have been cooler sub-links if you are willing to look it will help you go to pick five or six book in your subject become a master of your subject I encourage you to start your own business don't waste a four year by doing a : craft with degree start your own business never stop learning I'm against going to college but I'm not against getting knowledge never ever ever ever ever ever stop learning also keep going on keep going on keep going on it doesn't really matter someone is trying to dis motivate you please keep going on I hope this answer the question I could not recommend by

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