SCHOOL Life – FIRST Day vs LAST Day .. | #Fun #Sketch #RolePlay #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

we really enjoy first day to school and yeah will have fun at the last day too if you enjoy both these days to school so hit LIKE to this video also do subscribe to my channel “MyMissAnand” Lets enjoy the video now wow new school supplies, new bag, new bottle, new lunch box new teacher and new friends & new class I am so excited for today where’s the Uniform….. lets check it in the bin oho.. its pages has filled lets torn out some from this notebook Mumma today is my first day to School plz give me breakfast and Lunch box fast as I don’t want to be late today wow!! looking so yummy Mumma where’s my Lunch Box kept on the table there never seen you before New Admission Yes I am Anishka and you i am Anantya Wow!! our names started with A might we’ll sit together in exam I’ve this Unicorn Key chain and I am having this Unicorn Pencil wow its so beautiful Take it if you like it today is last day and I’ve to take revenge from Anishka Anantya you’ve bothered me the whole year I’ll be complaining about you to teacher shift there not even willing to talk to you … see this horse on her bag this is called Unicorn why our names started with A had to sit with you just go I don’t want to sit with you who will bring that Attendance Register who will clean this board who will take that notebooks and who will be the Class Monitor Anantya will you bring my Register will anyone bring duster this is the last day to school and they still remains same thank god I’ll be getting rid of you how was your first day it was too good Mumma Sushma Arora is our teacher now today’s lunch was too yummy and no homework today Mumma I’ve got tired so I’ll watch TV after having food why your mood is off today who’ll get the home work on last day I wish I wouldn’t get this type of teacher in next class and they boring friends now I’ll make new friends who will listen to me school session is over and now started the fun have you enjoy this video if yes then do let me know by hitting LIKE to this video as comments are disabled on my channel or you can do comments on my community posts Will see you in my next video till then

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