Student Elections Explained in 90 Seconds

in case you didn't already know January is a pretty big month on Queens campus because student government elections are happening all over the place there's the AMS executive elections and you should care about those because the AMS is the society that represents and serves all undergraduate students students while it's made up of thousands of workers and volunteers there was only one team of three people at the head of AMS the president the vice president university affairs and the vice president operations each of them have unique responsibilities but together they ultimately handle a 14 million dollar annual budget they oversee everything from the AMS Commission's campus clubs and corporate services like QP coke Grove PN C C's walk home and much much more every January you have the chance to elect these three students who have the most influence over your undergraduate experience but that's not all there's also the University rector election this year which you should also care about because the rector represents literally all queen students both undergraduate and graduate and consults with the university on all matters of Education that's not already enough for you to care about your faculty will also be electing an executive team to govern and represent unique interests of your field of study that's a whole lot to keep track of in one month you know but don't worry because throughout January the journal will provide you with everything you need to know about who's running and what's in their platform and on January 29th and 30th you'll be able to make an informed vote thanks to us check out our website Facebook page Instagram and Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date on all the things you should care about this election season you

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