Student Perspectives: Rutgers Business School Undergraduate-New Brunswick

we're competing with schools such as New York University we're competing with Harvard and we're getting the same jobs as these kids are getting and we're paying a fraction of the tuition that they're paying in part of the reason why all these companies come to Rutgers is because it's good reputation and the quality of the students it's sending out I was looking for something that had a good reputation as well as diversity which was very important to me because I wanted to feel at home there's not many schools that can say and boast that all four of the big four accounting firms recruit at their school and recruit heavily I actually have four older siblings who went to Rutgers before me and my entire life I just watched as famous Rutgers and they left with these great experiences and with amazing opportunities that not many other schools can provide my name is Professor benzo Franz Eddie and I am an associate professor of finance in the department of finance and economics here at the Rutgers Business School Rutgers University is one of the oldest universities in the United States students should expect a very challenging cutting-edge curriculum a lot of the classes are really built upon teamwork and managing your time as well as other people's time to truly succeed one class called accounting information systems is designed that you work in groups throughout the entire semester to build an accounting database which is very similar to the full-time busy seasons that a lot of accounting firms face the teacher is challenging me he wasn't just teaching out of the folk or teaching off the blackboard he made you passionate about what you would learn that you wanted to go in you wanted to hear what he had to say and you came out really feeling like you've gained something well I grew up in Bangladesh to a very small school so when I came to Rutgers it was pretty overwhelming at first you know over 40,000 students from day one I got emails from different clubs and organizations to get involved and they were able to help me mentor me through this process and help me get adjusted to it you find all different types of people and you definitely fit in somewhere so there is a stigma of Rutgers being in a fallback school in New Jersey however I think that once people actually come here they realize that it has such great opportunities that other schools really don't offer and there's a lot more benefits for being here than others would think we encourage the students here at Rutgers to get to know the faculty personally not only do we teach them in the classroom but we also want to advise them outside of the classroom both in careers and in their personal life we have over 350,000 alumni and these alumni are very active with our students and with the University we place students at Johnson and Johnson in corporate finance at Pfizer I personally place 40 students a year at such prestigious places as Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley and Bank of America so students coming to Rutgers absolutely have an opportunity that students at other schools do not because of our specialized curriculum and they work with you they do resume critiques they have career fairs in the spring and in the fall and they bring in companies from these top financial firms and they recruit students directly from Rutgers with career management's guidance you know we went through mock interviews and resume critiquing and they did everything possible to prepare me for my future career and finally I got an internship with Deloitte one of the big four accounting firms which eventually led to a global internship the next summer and finally I'm going to be working with them full-time after I graduate currently I have a job lined up with PricewaterhouseCoopers I will be starting next summer I interned at Barclays Capital this past summer and I worked really hard the entire summer and at the end I was very lucky because they offered me a full-time offer there's quite a few people I know that not only have summer internships in New York City but also maintain internships during the semester and go in say three two times a week this summer I'll be working in a transaction services division which is very similar to learning experiences about mergers and acquisitions which I think will be a great for me I'd like to invite you and your family to come visit Rutgers University so that you can see for yourself what an outstanding educational opportunity we present

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  • April 23, 2019 at 10:39 pm

    Good promo vid. However, when deciding on a business school, the first thing is always to decide in which area of business you want to work. Not all schools cover the same specializations. Don't get mesmerized by the mystique of a name. However big it is.


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