Study Information Technology at Deakin University

At Deakin our IT covers all of the areas that are important to industry and this is a very wide spectrum of needs covering things from the very technical programming software development and systems and cloud computing right through to the professional and creative skills that are critical for the IT industry. I did a lot of research about all the universities that are here. Deakin University really grabbed my attention with all of the vast variety of courses and units it has. The different areas you can pursue in the School of IT are Information technology, computer science, cyber security and software engineering. IT graduates are very lucky. They are needed by all industry sectors. A recent survey actually showed two-thirds of our graduates were employed in industries where their core business wasn’t with IT. IT graduates get opportunity to work in almost every field. Say it be medical, education, finance, health care, government, mining, agriculture, web development, another would be a programmer on new software applications. So I think IT graduates have really good opportunities everywhere, in every field. At Deakin, our courses have been designed to have industry exposure at all levels. These are done through our final year capstone projects which use projects sourced from industry in the real world where students have to interact and engage with the industries to develop the solutions that they need. For a career, I want to get into artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science and I’m on the right path with Deakin. I’ve learned so many new things which I never thought I would learn, like robotics, virtual reality and I’ve learned C++ programming. I’ve learned SQL programming. I’ve learned pseudocode. I’ve learned a little bit about bytes and language as well, So I think it’s really great. The demand for IT skills going forward is not going to slow down. It’s continuing at a rapid pace. Our graduates play an important role in helping industries transform into the modern digital era. Allowing them to be innovative and productive.

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