Synchronized Swimming Club at Boston University

Synchronized swimming is a combination of
athletics, and art, and a team sport, and individual portions, and a contact sport,
and all sorts of different things combined. A lot of people think of it as just dancing
in the water, but it requires dancing in the water upside down while holding your breath
and not knowing which direction you’re facing. 5, 6, 7, 8 When you guys pull your arms in, let’s have
you step down. 5, 6, 7, 8. Dive on 1. So our club is one of the smaller club sports
teams, which I love because we’re really a family and we take swimmers from all levels. So there’s people who have never done synchro
before, and there’s people who have done synchro since before they could walk. So I’ve been doing synchro since I was like
six years old. I really like how it combines strength, flexibility,
the aspect of not being held down by gravity and just moving freely in water. There was always like something new about
it and I just stuck with it. I’d never done synchro before university,
and I joined as a sophomore. I jumped in the water and so I was like oh
this is going to like be a piece of cake it’s fine. And then they were like okay go upside down. And then you go upside down and it’s kind
of like an entirely new underwater world, and you totally feel like you’re flying
and it was like such a rush that I just had to keep doing it. It is a really challenging athletic sport,
I think because you’re having to propel yourself off the water, and as you know if
you’ve ever swam, it’s hard to push off of something that’s a liquid. You’re not allowed to push off the bottom
or the sides of the pool, so there’s a lot of strength behind it. I think because in synchronized swimming part
of it is your presentation, sometimes that gets lost in the athleticism because you’re
supposed to be out there making it look easy, but I promise you if someone is out there
making it look easy, they’re working really hard to do that. Synchro in general, in the collegiate level
is such a small sport, that varsity and club teams compete together, and so it’s really
cool to see how our coaches work with swimmers from all levels and show off everyone’s
skillsets to tell a story. Outside of the pool, we’re really a tight
bonded team. We do Sunday study hours, we decorate all
of our suits together, we do pasta parties before competitions. The team has really become my family and my
support system, and so it’s cool to be able to start a sport knowing nothing about it
and end up competing on a national level and walking away with so much experience and so
many friends.

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