TCIE Student Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

[Fanni Kozma] So I earned my Green Belt through just a weekend without a project. It was just test based. And I realized that it was a
very generic view of Six Sigma, and I wanted to dive deeper into it. So I work at Sumitomo Rubber Factory. They make tires. I’m working on their changeovers; on how fast they can change
over from one tooling to a different tooling
based on the tire codes. They’re gonna be able
to produce more tires, and if they produce more tires, they’ll be able to meet their demand. From TCIE I get a Black Belt and mentor. And this has been significantly helpful because a lot of times I
feel like I collect data but I don’t know how to potentially use it to my benefit in a project. Pete definitely guides me through on how to use up the data and what kind of analysis should be done, and after the analysis,
how can those actually be put into effect within the company. So now I walk out onto the floor, and I’m able to talk to operators without there being a barrier between us. I know my place within a work setting, so I know how much or how
little to ask of someone or what my tasks are. I think I’ll be definitely
prepared to work in any type of manufacturing setting or any logistic setting
or wherever I end up. So it doesn’t only build my confidence but it definitely gave me more direction in what I would like to
pursue after graduation. I think this direction
is definitely helping me choose the types of companies
I would like to work for and what kind of culture I’m looking for. (upbeat music)

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