Understanding Christmas Children’s Ministry Curriculum

yes we want our kids to know the true
meaning of Christmas but is that enough that is not the same as understanding
Christmas as a whole and I’m gonna give you five things they need to know about
Christmas so keep listening if you’re new to this channel and you are a parent or a children’s minister and you’re interested in equipping boys and girls
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a week on Tuesdays now there are so many other curriculums out there for
Christmas but I want to talk to you about mine and what makes this different
than all the other curriculums or at least most of them why do we need
another curriculum well the short answer is that in general very few of those
that are in existence go very deep into the Christmas story yes they let kids
know the true meaning and that’s good that’s very important but they’re not
taking them deep into the word the way I’m talking about see there’s so much
more to understanding Christmas that our kids actually never learn one of the
biggest battles that we face and disciple in the next generation is
understanding how biblically ignorant our kids really are and how quickly they
are indoctrinated to think that the Bible is just a bunch of stories that
have very little basis in reality they lose the confidence that it can be
trusted in fact did you know that according to research the average child
who spends their first 13 years in our Sunday schools will tell you that in
their opinion they know everything there is to know about the Bible and they have
no further reason for going to church and you think well how can that be
well it’s because for the most part all we do is tell them the same basic Bible
stories over and over and over again during that timeframe
so in this curriculum I wrote it’s called understanding Christmas I wanted
to give the children as much of the details of the backstory to Christmas to
show them the profound the prophetic the fascinating truth
surrounding his birth that they most likely have never heard before now be
sure and keep listening because later on I’m gonna give you a free downloadable
sample lesson from this curriculum and you don’t want to miss that opportunity
now the goal in these lessons was to let kids know that Christ’s birth was not an
accident it was not a coincidence and it’s not just another good story we want
them to see that it was proof that God’s Word is real and can be trusted
so in this curriculum we cover five basic topics I’m gonna start with number
one understanding why he came now this helps our kids learn that the story of
Christmas did not actually begin in Bethlehem at his birth rather it began
before the foundations of the world they learned that God did not make a
last-minute decision to send his son to earth because it looked like everything
at creation was gonna fall apart he did not need a quick alternative plan to
save the world after Adam messed things up rather it was an on purpose plan to
save mankind and make a way to bring people into eternal fellowship with him
before God ever spun the Stars into space he already knew man was gonna sin
and become separated from him so our kids learned that Jesus’s birth was
actually a part of God’s great big master plan of salvation from the very
beginning of creation lesson number two understanding who he was here the kids
are going to learn that Jesus was God who came in the flesh which is the very
heart of the Christmas story you know Immanuel God with us they hear that part
but do they really understand what it means Jesus came to earth
sneaking incognito completely under Satan’s nose undetected as God so that
he could carry out God’s secret mission to save people Satan was not expecting a
baby to come it’s a fascinating truth confirming again Jesus’s birth was no
accident it had purpose it was not a coincidence
and not just a feel-good story our kids need to know that no matter what IV
ologies concepts and religious doctrines they’re confronted
with the bottom line is they can trust what the Bible has to say on any subject
including this one number three understanding the
prophecies now kids are going to learn what a prophecy is in this lesson and
that prophecies are a part of the amazing mystery of how God actually
wrote the Bible most children will be familiar with things like Jesus being
born in Bethlehem his escape to Egypt and that the three kings brought them
gifts and all but do they know that these were actually prophecies made
hundreds of years before they actually happened or do they know the prophecies
like he was born in the line of King David and he was of the tribe of Judah
and why does it matter anyway it just helps us know that the Bible is
authentically the Word of God and not just a good story or someone’s opinion
you see the prophecies are major proof that God’s plan of salvation was not an
accident that from Genesis to Revelation he had
one gigantic plan for mankind and this just happens to be in the middle of that
story oh and before I forget be sure to stick around all the way to the end of
this video so I can share the surprise ending for you for your annual Christmas
play that is completely different than any Christmas play you have ever put on
before number four kids need understanding of his birth now they know
the basic story story of his birth but do they understand the significance of
the miracles that surrounded it being born miraculously through a virgin how
even another baby cousin John the Baptist recognized he was the Messiah
before either one of them were born how miraculous was it for the old grandma
and grandpa Simeon an honor to see the baby Jesus in the temple and instantly
know he was the Messiah they had been waiting for their entire lives really
coincidence and number five understanding the wise
men’s gifts not even the gifts for baby Jesus of gold frankincense and myrrh
were an accident but like every part of this story the wise men’s give
have great prophetic significance the story of not just his birth but his
entire life it’s just one more way that God speaks to us about the miraculous
prophetic nature of the birth of Jesus which tells us it was not an accident
now in each lesson of this curriculum there is a section for you as the
teacher it kind of gives you the core concept of what you’re going to
accomplish in the lesson then there is a list of all the visuals and object
lessons that you’re going to need for that lesson as well as a scripture verse
for memorizing that goes along with your teaching
now we’ve included special links to kid-friendly YouTube videos that can be
added to your lesson that are just that that technology that digital thing that
you want to include in your lesson each week and then the lesson itself is
divided into four sections so that depending on the time you have on a
Sunday morning you can teach either all four sections
in one Sunday or you can divide them over a two-week period every lesson
includes a dramatized Bible story that goes along with your teaching that the
children can act out which of course they love doing and by the way finally
every lesson ends with special instructions to take them into the
presence of God for either a time of worship listening for his voice or in
some other way interacting with the Holy Spirit and
that is so critical to every lesson now there are review questions in every
lesson so you know how the well the children are learning and there’s ten
extra scripture verses to look up along with the lesson that you talk either for
your own deeper study or to take the kids deeper into God’s Word and last but
not least there’s a page at the end of each lesson specifically for you to
connect with the parents it lets them know what their child learned but also
it has special prayers that they can pray over their children and words of
encouragement for them as they raise their kids for Christ now I told you
that I would give you a free downloadable sample lesson from this
curriculum and here it is either click on the link in the upper right hand
corner of this video or if for some reason you can’t see the link then email
me at kids in ministry comm and let me know you would like
free sample lesson for understanding Christmas also there’s a surprise bonus
as I said we have included an amazing Christmas play in this curriculum for
churches who do this on an annual basis you will find this one particularly
unique because the focus is not in Bethlehem at his birth instead it is a
play about God the Father Jesus the Son looking down on earth as the prophetic
story of Abraham and Isaac is unfolding why this story because Isaac was the
symbolic picture of Christ being given as the sacrifice for all mankind and the
scenes and changes it morphs from Isaac to Bethlehem the stable and the manger
and baby Jesus to show that this was the avenue for God’s supernatural plan of
salvation to begin on earth as it is in heaven now I hope you found this
interesting and helpful more than that I hope you’ll consider using this
curriculum this Christmas and telling your friends about it as well if you
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when it comes now till next time have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for

2 thoughts on “Understanding Christmas Children’s Ministry Curriculum

  • November 26, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    People have just started using this curriculum in the past couple of weeks, but I already got a testimony in from one of our leaders in India. She wrote, "We've only had two classes using this curriculum and the kids sure are interested and involved!" And that's the whole purpose in GOING DEEP with the Bible lessons we teach kids. Statistics show over and over again that the average child Sunday School student is BORED with hearing the same stories repeatedly. That's the number 1 reason they leave the church when they get older and in most cases they never return. Like I said in the video "the average 13 year old leaves our Sunday schools thinking they know everything there is to know about God and the Bible, therefore they do not feel they need to go any more." What has been your experience with this?

  • December 1, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    I am discipling my now 5 year old granddaughter Jasmine and I think this curriculum will be perfect for me to teach her at home, thank you Becky,


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