Universität Innsbruck: Gemeinsam bauen wir Brücken in die Zukunft

This is the University of Innsbruck. And this, this is the University of Innsbruck, too. And so is this. And this. And even this, up here, is the University of Innsbruck. And this here. And there. And right here, too. Yet, the University of Innsbruck is more than just the sum of its buildings – it is, above all, a great number of people. And all the people here have the same goal: They want to do research, they want to learn, gain new insights, and find solutions – together. Sometimes it takes a change of perspective, to give the mind extra space to think. Because, above all, university means learning to understand complex correlations, describing them and preserving this knowledge. The university as a storage for knowledge – but how does that work, exactly? Let’s take Max. Max spends all his days looking for answers to ever-changing questions. Well, maybe not every day. In doing so, he gains new insights. Maybe even great insights. Perhaps he even achieves a breakthrough. Then again, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he fails many times. But no insights are in vain, and no findings are lost. On the contrary. Someone else might use that knowledge to find a new way and follow a new vision. And that’s just how scientific community works: Interdisciplinary thinking. Allowing coincidences. Accepting failures and never giving up. That’s how new ideas and solutions are born . . . . . . perhaps even new products or companies. At the alpine-urban campus in the heart of the Alps. Where bridges to the future are built. Are you ready, to build bridges? Then you’ve come to the right place. Just like 30,000 students, 5,000 employees, and 4,000 young people who graduate from the University of Innsbruck each year and carry their knowledge out into the world. Together, we build bridges to the future.

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