University of Derby: 360 degree tours of halls

I would recommend living in the accommodation here It’s a fantastic range of accommodation and it’s very homely, makes you feel very comfortable My favourite thing about living in university accommodation is the community spirit that it brings… …and the comfortable environment I like living in halls of residence run by the uni because it’s close to town, close to my lectures… …it’s really easy, it’s a great place to socialise, the staff are really friendly… …and it’s a great opportunity to meet new students I recommend you come and stay in the halls of accommodation… …because if you want to get the full package of what university is, what university life is… …there’s no better place for you to experience that than in halls of accommodation Welcome to my room My room is very spacious and makes me feel very comfortable whilst I live at the university It’s an en suite room, has a toilet and shower included It has a very homely feel and gives me the means to do what I need to do In my room I have my bed, my wardrobe which stores all of my clothes and things like that I have a desk which is useful for when I’m doing my uni work I have my TV on the corner of my bed on which I play Xbox I have my guitar in the corner of my room which I regularly play On my shelves I have pictures of my family and my dogs, which gives the room a homely feel In my room I also have an en suite, which means I have my own bathroom and shower… …which is very useful for me since it means I have my own space This is our kitchen It’s a shared kitchen, it provides lots of space for when I’m cooking so I can prepare fresh food… …and it comes with plenty of storage I’m very bad at cooking so that extra space to prepare my food is needed… …because I will make a mess everywhere We spend less time in the kitchen but more time on the sofas… …so we do have regular game nights and invite friends over We like to watch TV so there’s a TV included, and we like to just chill whether on our phones or just having a chat Hi welcome to my room The first thing I did to personalise my room was I put loads of pictures up on my wall… …and twinkly lights of course I have a big bed which is really spacious and comfortable The desk is really spacious so you can do lots of work on it You’ve also got loads of plugs underneath and plugs in your shelves… …and USB ports so you don’t necessarily have to use the plugs I really like the fact you’ve got a sink in the room… …so I don’t have to go out and brush my teeth late at night, I can just do that in my room… …and the mirrors have lights attached to them so you can do your makeup really easily I really like this room, it’s like a home away from home I’ve personalised it to make it my room and I love living here This is our kitchen, it’s a shared kitchen It’s a great place to socialise, have dinner, play games and have fun We have a fridge and a freezer, we also have a cupboard each we can put all of our food in The kitchen also comes with a microwave, a toaster and a kettle… …so I didn’t need to bring anything when I came to uni You’ve got the oven and two sets of hobs as well In our kitchen that’s our main place of socialising for our flat We share food and bake together so we’ve had brownies and fudge, which is always really tasty We also play games, so we play Uno, we play cards… …and that’s the main place we socialise and have fun together We have a shared bathroom, so you have your shower and your toilet It’s not a problem the fact that it’s shared Everyone keeps it clean and tidy and I’ve never had to wait for the shower Hi guys. Welcome to my humble abode What I like best about it is the storage space in it I’m one guy that likes clothing, and I own loads and loads of clothes, loads and loads of shoes To my surprise when I arrived there was way more than enough room for my clothes, it fits everything I need Above my desk I’ve got loads of shelf space which is one thing I really like about my room I’ve got a big desk and studying Mechanical Engineering with an Industrial Year… … it comes with loads of paperwork, and loads and loads of textbooks… …and the fact that my desk can fit everything on it is really a plus for me Not only do I get rest here, I can work here Not only can I work here, but it’s large enough to accommodate some of my friends… …and we can have some fun in here as well So it accommodates each and every part of my life and that’s what I like most about it In my room I’ve got my bathroom It’s really roomy, it has everything I need in there I’m quite a neat guy and I like to keep things nice and tidy, so I find that really great This is my kitchen and I’d describe it as the rendezvous area This is where I meet with my flatmates and play cards It’s where many of our crazy adventures start from We meet here first and then we go out and face the world One of the great things about the kitchen is not only two freezers but two fridges as well There’s enough drawers to accommodate everybody, in fact there’s more than enough It’s really spacious, there’s more than enough room We’ve got a hob and an oven as well While in this kitchen I consider myself quite the chef Even my flatmates they know me as the cooking guy It gives me a chance to express myself in terms of a foodie It’s got everything I’d need to prepare whatever kind of food I want… …so that’s great for me This is the common room and they’re found throughout the different halls They’ve got a few minor differences here and there, but they’re pretty much the same… …in terms of one ultimate fact, and that is being… …these are the social hubs of each and every one of the halls It has games in there that we can play together, plenty of sofas and a TV The common room we regularly use for events that are put on by the halls events team There’s loads of different social events that are put on in the common room They’re really great fun, I’ve met loads of great people and made lots of new friends My favourite thing about living here is that I’m really close to my lectures… …so it’s really easy to get in on time I really enjoy living in the halls of residence run by the uni So much so that I’ve actually booked to come next year in my second year It’s really great, and everyone’s really friendly and it’s really sociable I would 100% recommend living at the university accommodation I’ve lived in this accommodation now for 16 months so I’m going into my second year Living in the university environment is very comfortable and very homely for me… …and it’s the homely feel and the community spirit which all equate to why I’m here still Halls accommodation allows me to get the full experience of what university is I didn’t only want to get the academic side, which is the book side… …but I also wanted to learn from life experiences and I’ve met many interesting people in halls The halls of accommodation are a great place to develop, basically your experiences, your life experience I’ve gained a lot of that whilst here and that’s what I like best about halls

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