University of Leicester Campus 2013

The campus is quite small which makes it a really nice atmosphere. And there’s normally not a walk from one lecture to the other even if it’s just a couple of meters that you won’t bump into someone that you know and get distracted and turn up late somewhere. I think it’s got quite a nice mix because you get some campuses that are either really old or really modern and Leicester’s actually got a really nice mix of them both. There’s a lot of green space around here. There’s also a lot of nice little plazas like in front of the library. The library at the University of Leicester is a big glass building that’s in the middle of the campus It’s got like over a million books. And also, In addition to the physical books they have access to quite a large number of online journals and ebooks Some libraries can be quite cold but I think our library with the café downstairs and the bookshop and it’s always busy and I think it’s got a nice feel to it. There’s also Victoria Park, which literally just sits on the edge of campus so you can and sunbathe in summer or revise. So we’re a city campus but a very, very compact city campus, which is what I really like about Leicester.

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