University of Michigan Student Vlog: Mental Health

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Hi my name is Maryam and
I’m going to be vlogging about mental health this week. I’m a sophomore majoring
in Spanish and probably either Org Studies and Econ. Not really sure about that yet. It’s the week of December ninth so we’re in the middle
of like, finals season. Yesterday I took an exam. I have three more exams next week so it’s been a fun time. Just kind of like disclaimer or whatever before I go into this video, I’m not like a mental health professional. Obviously, I’m a student. So a lot of what I’m
gonna be talking about is stuff from like, my experiences. But if you’re in need
of professional support, definitely look into the
resources in the description. Things like CAPS, Wolverine Wellness,
all that good stuff. So yeah. I definitely think like,
mental health is something that’s lower on people’s
like, list of priorities. Especially like, when you’re in college. Like, you’re so busy all the time. The last thing that you
feel like you have time for is taking care of yourself. I know for like, me, I
used to feel really guilty all the time for not always being like, productive or not always
be doing something. So something I started
doing this semester actually that’s been really helpful is set like time where I’m going to be doing like, work and homework and like, other stuff. Outside of that time I set, I don’t try not to do anything. Kinda like work hours and
that’s been like super helpful for me to like, reduce like, my stress and stuff because like, then when I’m off, I’m like, fully off. Like I try not to do anything and I’m not even like, thinking about like, the other stuff I need to be doing. My second like, tip is to
have support systems in place. It’s so easy in college
to like, go throughout your whole day like, go to work, go to a meeting, go to your class, go back to your apartment, dorm, whatever. And like, go through your
whole day kinda by yourself. Which is like, fine,
like that’s super normal but like, it’s also
like important to like, hit up your friends and be like, “Hey, do you wanna go
meet to study or like, “meet for dinner.” Those are things that
you have to do anyway so you might as well like,
make it a social thing. Hey, guys. – Hi. – We’re at IGR. – We love IGR. – Oh yeah. Do you have any advice for mental health? – Definitely take time for yourself a lot. I feel like Sensa knows a
lot about mental health. (laughter) – Make time to cook for myself, make time to go to the gym, and make time to just be. Like simply be, not thinking about work, not thinking about
school, just to just be. – [Maryam] Hey guys, do any
of you have finals advice? – Set a bedtime and stick to it. – So for finals week, I’m
trying to find a balance between studying and
other things that I enjoy to make sure I’m not getting too stressed but also preparing at the same time. – Map out your entire week. – It’s Appreciation Week at IGR so we got little hats. Okay, can you turn please? Yeah, we got little hats for people. Number three is to have a hobby or like, something that you do for fun. At least like, once a
week if not, like more. I wrote like a whole blog post about this for U-M Admissions basically, about like, how I started doing a
dance class this semester and it was like, super
fun but it was also like, really good for my mental health because it was something that I did kinda like, mindlessly. Like I would go there and
like, not really think about anything else. Going to the studio for
hip hop class as per ush. Number four is to leave Ann Arbor. Get out of Ann Arbor. Obviously like, Go Blue always but sometimes like, when you
live where you go to school, you feel like you’re
always in school mode. Kinda like what I was talking about before how you feel like you always
need to be doing something. And there’s something about
like, leaving school physically that makes you feel so
much better mentally. Like, even just like
taking a bus to the mall. Like, it’s free. Show your M card, get on the bus, and then they take you to the mall, they take you to like, Arborland, or even just like walking paths down State Street. Like, walking around Kerrytown that like, that’s super fun and like, when you come back, you feel like kinda like refreshed. So we have finals in a week and instead of the UGLI– – It’s like mental health day. (laughter) – We’re going to the Kindlefest. Flip it. Bro, can you flip? Okay. Oh my God, cute. (upbeat music) We’re at Kilwin’s for the fudge. Ooh yeah. [doorbell dings] Oh my God. The group in front of us like, paid for like, whatever we wanna get. So we have like, a free dessert. [Awww sound effect] So nice. Number five, the last thing is to make healthy habits
and to stick with them. I know like, in college it’s super hard to like, have like a firm
routine ’cause your schedule’s different every single day, but it’s still like, really important to find like, one thing
that you do everyday. Maybe like, eating one healthy meal a day or like, go to the gym. So that like, no matter how your day goes, you did that one thing for your health. It’s Saturday morning and– it’s not the morning, it’s
like one but it’s basically the morning for me and
I’m walking to the gym even though I have four
finals to study for because mental health. And it’s a toasty, I think like 23 degrees so we’re just getting the
blood flowing in the morning so that we can be productive later. That’s the plan. I know like, for me,
something that I like, try to do is like, to wake
up the same time every day. Doesn’t always work out but like, I try. That’s what matters. So that’s really all I have to say. I hope this was like hopeful and Go Blue. (mellow music)

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