Virtual Microscopy Lab = High-Tech Learning

These are our new recently renovated
classrooms that have brand new technology in them that allows students
to work effectively in teams. Each student team has a 50-inch monitor.
The team leader will plug into that monitor and they can then collaborate
effectively as a team while looking at the same images. They can collect their
data and then share it with the rest of the classroom.
In these sessions students are
using virtual microscopes so that they can visualize organs and
tissues all the way down to the cellular level to see what they look like in both
health and disease. The students really have embraced the technology. I think
they’ve recognized the power that it provides to allow them to work
effectively as a team, as opposed to four students working behind four different
laptop computers. This is one of the many ways that we’ve
tried to introduce new cutting-edge technology to our curriculum that I
think really serves our students well.

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