VLOG: Students take a look inside UL student accommodation

Okay so now we’re gonna go and do a bit
of a tour of the campus accommodation. We’re gonna go to Kilmurry and that’s
actually where I lived in the first year and a great time and since then they’re
after doing it up. So Kilmurry is about maybe five minutes walk or so to like the main part of campus and on my right then is like the big UL Sports
Arena and actually part of that is the Munster kind of like rugby training area as well. you got loads pitches down here you can
use. There is a tennis court there as well so there’s actually really like lots of
nice amenities if you’re a first year coming onto campus for the first time, really really good idea to stay on campus accommodation you’re gonna have good
time. So as Patrick said we’re just gonna take you on a quick tour of one of
the student houses here in Kilmury Student Village so as he said again
they’ve recently been done up so everything is state of the art, brand new and really clean and lovely. So firstly I’m just gonna show you one of the
bedrooms, again really spacious lots of storage, everything you might possibly
need if you’re moving away from home and choose to study here. Nice big bed,
lovely seating area, nice desk, really fast Wi-Fi which you need for all of
your assignments and all of your study. So that’s pretty much the rooms really
nice. Now I’m just gonna take you through to the new bathrooms all state of the art, just a quick show, nice power shower really spacious, really clean, everything
you could possibly need and I’m just gonna show you the kitchen as well. Again super spacious, listen to that echo ‘suuuuper spacious’. Nice big dining area, all the
storage you could possibly need, two fridges two fridges and a nice big living area so if you’re gonna have mates around or if you’re gonna bond with
your new housemates and make new friends you have all the space you need. And now
we’re in The Village Hub which wasn’t here when I was here I think it’s only
here in last maybe a couple years but am really really daecent spot yeah like
if you’re after making a bit of dinner bit a scran, something like that
you can come up here chill with your mates there’s like three 50 inch TVs and then to
Clodaghs right, my right there is a pizza machine. It’s worth mentioning also that
next to The Village Hub there’s a launderette and now we’re gonna start walking towards
the Sports Arena just to show you how close it is to
this village. The apartment that we were checking out is just down there and
then if we basically just walk up this way the reception is to the right of where Clodagh is walking now with yellow
backpack and then over on this side we have got The Sports Arena, The Munster Gym
and literally just over that hill right there, actually I’ll go up for the hell of it, we have got the running track Over the running track then there’s like a whole
host of astroturf pitches and basically past where The Arena is which is
straight in front of me is all the college lecture halls

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