Vote of Thanks, CIC Graduation 2009

guests faculty and staff of CIC and my fellow graduates welcome Cynthia Isaak once said we must take for granted the people who most deserve our gratitude today let us remember all of those who have contributed to our success so far first and foremost I would like to thank the executive director of our school mr. chan for establishing an institution where students from all over the world can come together to learn and to interact I would also like to thank the school principal mr. Barron for his leadership role that has helped keep this school functional together with the staff of the academic office secondly the teachers cannot be left behind because it is with the knowledge that they imparted to us that we are able to achieve our ambitions I'd like to thank all the teachers that have been patient with us taught us the value of hard work honesty and showed us how much determination can pay off also to the staff of the university placement office for the time and effort put to each and every graduate to ensure that the university application process goes smoothly and we all know how tedious a process that can be thank you to the guidance counselors for the time and effort given us a listening ear and a helping hand thank you in addition the staff of the administrative office also deserve our gratitude for making our lives a little more simpler and more manageable they're there to translate for ESL students such as our pockets money help us with our study permits and visas where her left wonder where we will be without them a big thanks goes out to the staff of the college store who are there to provide us with bus passes each month with meal plans each month with our ID cards and with changing the uniforms that some of us have outgrown food we all love food and we all need food and when we think of food in CIC we think of Sodexo and I'd like to thank Sodexo for providing us with well-balanced and nutritious meals and desserts that make us look forward to each and every meal to the resident staff in Auckland and and pine you also deserve a thank you for giving us a home away from home no matter how difficult it may have been seen as we are from extremely diverse cultures and backgrounds we cannot forget the Student Development Office who not only fashioned us to be the leaders of tomorrow through leadership training but also fulfilled our lives outside the classroom by providing us with activities such as prom the spring and the winter show sporting activities like the basketball games we've had in this very gym and also fun trips like the recent one we had to Wonderland another big thank you goes out to the maintenance staff and housekeeping both in residence and in the school for maintaining our living and our starting conditions finally to the medical staff for enduring for being patient for understanding our numerous health concerns thank you last but not least I do not think we should forget to thank God to our families who have offered us so much so much physical emotional financial and mental support helping us to get to where we are today and to become who we are today our heartfelt gratitude goes out to you to the classmates who have had to the roommates we've had to the acquaintances we have met and to the friends you'll cherish forever thank you for making the CIC experience a memorable one fellow graduates let us use all the tools all the skills and all the talents that we have learned here in Chelsea to ensure success in the greatest journey of all the journey called life thank you you

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