WCCC Grad Zach Back Earns Degree 2019

right about four years ago my son Zack came home from Franklin High School and said that there was a program at the Career Center that he was interested in checking out so he came out for the what was it the orientation night where you got to go around and check out all the different classes and see what was interesting and we had our first stop in the robotics laboratory and I was a little apprehensive at first his father was very interested and Zack was very interested and they kind of talked me into it and we went for it I think the deciding factor for us was it was robotics or electrician electrician work and he was going to learn both in the robotics field and that the cost to go to college and learn what he was going to learn at the career center was way more expensive outside of high school than what it would have been going through the program here the program pretty much used the ammeter all systems it was very self-paced it was very uh manageable you learned a lot of good stuff like hydraulics in here pneumatics behind me your electrical you Kelsey your robotics and at the end of the program you actually got certified for robotics now that we're on the outside after his senior year of getting very close to graduation the company that he now works for today actually came to the school to recruit students into their apprenticeship program but he wanted to partake at the program when he interviewed and he did really well and they hired him he was one out of five I believe to participate in the program and here we are two years after that even so four years have passed very quickly so far I have completed my associates degree that Sinclair accompanied with Festo and so Festo pretty much pays for you to go and get your associates degree in return they asked that you offer two years of work after your associate's degree and as a parent I've watched him grow over the last four years not only from what he was able to accomplish at the career center but also through the apprenticeship program through Sinclair and through Festo I've definitely opened up a lot more you're gonna tell me that I would be sitting here doing a whole lot interview yeah maybe not the Career Center is an excellent place for students to come and learn hands-on skills that they will not learn in a college not that a college isn't the next step but it definitely prepares them for that working world or for moving on to a college education and I'm very proud of what he's accomplished and I don't think that it would have been achievable had it not been for the program that he attended here at the Career Center you

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