We are almost in D3!!! Going for Masters

no I'm gonna pretty high do you feel like playing support today to be honest she's gonna be a late night stream with music I did probably it probably just gonna be a like nice drum the music and he's fuck areas hasn't even found yet the fuck I seen him in the songs ever sayo yeah what's up sky Soph why didn't I go with the fuck was that I had a headache all day man I don't I don't know what the fuck it's causing it or why it came by the sky soft make you proud of you that little thank you probably the bill iPhone homie 0lp we're down the whole fucking here we're at ninety ILP now and now it just will just do boo boo don't like sad oh and thinking a lot of past couple days just it's been really thinking I don't like these Dark Star skins the dark cosmic I only get the notification with on that's not a super gay I have no idea why he'll be the iron revenant bundle it is all guys it yes Lord Morris I don't think I've seen anyone use anything outside the base skin of more cuz the base get aboard actually looks really really good like so fucking squeaky man raise fuck off cause it still bothers me I actually missed the old set up because of the fact that I was able to I was able to show up all my alerts and everything which I think looked really really crisp it's just unfortunate I actually have nothing to bend I don't think anything's been over prevalent extinct I love it when I don't have any top-line bends because it's like I could literally lane anything and not have an issue and it's gonna make for room pages right now that's what I actually need to do right now need to make for room pages electrocute I love you probably not allowed to use you klepto never again and maybe I can use the condom here next one we need to have one ready for grass or should I say predator actually I think predator is pretty much the same as electrocute I didn't realize this but I think no cuz I can proc it more often it's gonna be taste of blood with eyeball probably eyeball eyeball with ingenious I can't really go predator here especially because they have a silence and another silence and a fucking displacement phase rush is probably my best friend here to be honest say it's a defender their top laner is I figure the top laner is really quick I hate having barred I don't care I think bard is like a master tier and up to support I've never found a load to your bar that doesn't fucking Oh like a weirdo who's the board are like all them have nice DPS I think it's all just okay nevermind form in a play what are we gonna play what are we gonna play I think we're gonna play grasp into Jax I took electrocuted Jax which wasn't too bad but I think I just did grasp and I'll be fine this is probably a grass plane several other you know what no play predator this game pretty sure we're playing predator especially Quebec in front of your bathtub Lane but with a smarter jungle yeah we're taking predator I'll take a predator throw the outlet to my kitchens randomly stopped working on the phone as low moved whole set up into the kitchen you're gonna do fucking kitchen homie why fuck that's dust is so random I said I liked I don't know if it took the predator here to start the loin off I think I went in dorrance I'll get fucked I have any not kissed yourself this Hill is going to use as well from level one I feel like I take the boots here but I know I don't I'm gonna take it I'm gonna take six seven I'm the kind of guy where I'm gotta watch screamin somehow I respect it let me I respect it we're over to speech chat just because I don't really want to open my phone so I'm just got a speech ad open for the most part if you guys want to pinch I'll be more than happy to we have future is perfect timing why do I have perfect timing oh fuck okay what the fuck am i doing like why I just started Nani the fuck was the point of that man oh so stupid why did I start laying like that I didn't even like Eeyore nothing it's okay that's not okay taste the blood okay we're back in it we're back in it he's 2 2 2 he's stupid just like me this is good this is good this is good I like it I like it I like it and then plus I expect me to come toppling so it's good he's got to take minion aggro from that and he's not strong enough to where I got him off me that's fine I don't mind using ignite like that I think Lee's gonna be tossed aside in a couple seconds so I'm just gonna back off a little bit I'm actually really happy that I respected the lis here that makes me happy I'm gonna pop another potion and then he had even remotely jumps on me very nice trade yeah that was really really good but I don't know if Lee's gonna show up in my lane where's Lee where's Lee he's baiting for Lee right now so and if he's not he's just stupid fuck what's up Lee what's up homie where you what yeah the fuck out of here kid this guy's jacks or something ppl don't play him top anymore now people still play him depends on your ego that's a predator I can't use to get back to lane unfortunately so they didn't they're from or anything he's he's fine he's playable he's not an issue or anything does he have us or you have a sword get a sword do this eight stacks passive if we don't want to fight that at all unless see Walt and less we can do that I'm gonna fuck up your knee popped too corrupting see actually just double tap this crumping crumping potion so stupid of him he's up see us I'm consistently I'm in this issue where I have problems farming so I might need to start thinking door and shield again Oh me I don't respect your Kristen told me bit in their backs Luc still playable as ever I'm just uh I'm just monkey I'm just monkey team is doing pretty good so really happy eyes don't be I think and I think Jax is not really doing anything so I think me to sit here and passively farm that's what I should probably do because what I can do now is I can pretty much just come back – oh my god that's so loud at the danger thing I think I there's two danger beings exactly at the same time it was like Don John know like fuck that's that's actually fucking that's hilarious but yeah I think just passively getting some CS would be nice and then I could just predator back to lane anyways predator is not gonna give me too much early but our team is winning right now Oh spaghetti you sure probably try to get like a nice table buy it here real quick Wow he's just I'm just pick taking the perfect traits with this guy like honestly like I'm actually just doing really good trade with him I'm so happy about that I think I hit six perform though to be honest maybe because he had TP I yeah probably not could I have TP but in that in that my things but if you think about it support should come or BC they don't have to worry about carry WP Mennonites that benefit enhance I think I should just go cleaver maybe I want up here my boots but I don't need to upgrade my weights to be honest I just need to play a little passes I think I'm boring sunfire cape even though I'm going the item no one ever listens to my things are if you think about a support should shop called more because they don't have to worry about the cage ah support and jungle I think support and jungle have to care about map as much as not afraid of that great screen a holy shit I'm actually really happy with what I just did although Stax isn't building properly in the slightest so I'm just done I'm chilling he has eight sex passive so just wait I'm so happy I could just like respect passives and stuff now is so nice three two one nice yeah it's called baggage of the game homey and never look back because I will feed my asshole off this Drax is just getting girl class I guess I don't know what he's doing you do weird shit today it's Jack's death it's not okay keep going for his red buff though what's up homie oh did he go where's he going did you just backtrack let it be midday in my promotion to silver to hips ADC and I can't dodge feels bad why does the whole team here gin Juanita has audio lines that's like hella creepy to be honest that's like honestly really creepy like what the fuck this Jax is so like broken or now I think I just need to go for predator build because it's gonna remind me to play smarter I think when I usually have an available Keystone DS and Lane I try to profit as much as possible for god knows what reason Devon full bommies No alright that's nice got a item like 10 minutes I guess he has okay I've seen him up a lot of see us right now Bardo fell fuck are you doing I saw that I saw that homie what you doing Silas is such an interesting champion the fact that he can steal Ultimates I think the biggest one is where the enemy team picks card this and then you get Silas the counter pick the card is just up that way you get both you get all of them Silas is kid he has eight stacks just gonna wait this out all right you'll me you don't wait to sell you just what's wrong with you Jax you're Jax is broken homie everything's back to go down Opie jumps on me I mean I have this farm to pick up I don't even have to play for the kill not even remotely playing for this kill not even don't even need it there's like sponge I believe like I don't need a water thing like I really don't so sup homie you popping all your corrupting potions you having a good time over there yeah you're gonna wait for me to either waves I'm just gonna eat into him like listen homey I don't have to either way if I don't want to you don't say I'm breaking this guy's fucking kneecaps to be honest okay we're gonna go get cleaned up hey what's up Jax get me passive stacks you got nothing let's go Jax is bleeding it was wrong with it I don't know what he's doing wrong with he's doing something very wrong just immediately engage with the we just took them and left maybe let's go this is a good game right now I'm too old is death that flash was happy why you gotta walk in on that black blue so we're not gotta talk about it when I flash I'll hook up the mini for some reason I don't know why and it is causing the black backwards it's Jax is like broken up good job talk this is a good game right now I like this game big dummy do I get another plate here I think I do think I do that'll not fly for the first effort if that depends how much of the real kids Pig oh this door open up into out on a while like I need to make money to pay bills at the Falls like what if I made a tip menu option on stream where it's like for five dollars I burn a flush you think you think people would pay for that you better be deal with them in this Jack skill is the fuck's going on over there homie you lost your tower you get like that idea it's Jax it's bleeding one more what you doing 2700 only on non ranked games though fans this champ requests it makes like 300 in a couple hours wait what champ requests Carly you see Karsten that would have just heard what you say Oh Tarzan describe the class it makes like three dollars oh god damn well in there again that's a good idea oh no an unranked games Oh hmm so why do I need flash to care yeah I probably do I don't know what about safeties oka that predator if I don't need to fifties they can make Wow like a fuck do they can jungle with probably on something too bad right we was like I don't think there was like maybe like a John or something like like there's nothing you can do that's too bad but that will take I think right cuz higher than is the number one jungler right now so they it can't be too big about a troll pick I'd like to believe he's ready to rank 1 na right now just so funny it's like 20s on other servers that's the only time you're gonna keep that damn thing no no flame Tarzan you just I don't think you deserve that what this isn't the often people get ranked one but they don't want to do LCS stuff like why do you not want to play against like talk to your players why do you only want solo queue and what's even funnier that these people like complaining and shit and chat and stuff this is all like solo queue so garbage and teammates are so chair is that coffee for why don't you play LCS like I really have to wonder they are you thought in that left my point I don't know if they're that amazing of a player though they make a solo queue as an experience so look you haven't experienced versus a what's up homie did you get gucci gang exactly my point so they're not like they're not as good as they say they are they're not as good as they think they are they got them they got the big dick ego stuff but like are they actually no no like I really want to see people when the Challenger bracket make it to missile slow like that wait what do you mean they want to go to college they like unoffensive leotard you tell me Tarzan's gonna like not really cuz if they're on twitch why are they on Twitter they trying to go to college on the fence of a your don't think I don't think you the best jungler like what about like xmithie you're like maybe the great silky player but I don't think like and I'm only breed of Ed Smith because I just know me but I got on the brain of excellence okay Oh and some ppl don't wanna do LCS it's risky you know it is graduate that's not everyone's dream I know but then why didn't people as parents won't let them i well I'm talking about like people who have been on switch for like seven eight years you can't tell me that they don't want to go LCS like Tyler even said he wants to do I'll see us like if it's not your dream to LCS but you're just how can you say and challenge your ranked one you read the patch notes you keep up with the game you try to be like the absolute best up against no he's not not anymore for that matter he's like he's amazing with his like his a bein champion his best champion he's too toxic homie unstoppable they called me they call me unstrap I know but I'm just saying like I'm just trying to figure why they drank one jungle is like you're gonna tell me part I know that's my point I'm trying to figure out why is but why did why is I'd love to believe that hard and very specifically hard that you're talking about I love what I get that spin on it it's my favorite part when I get when I'm out the holiday are you but you're spinning the whole time as I homie you put yourself in the wrong place it puts yourself to but once I understand nothing I'm just trying to say like why you cannot be in a challenge by a local if you're like fucking 16 yeah I tell me when a little college but like if you can't be like oh dyrus didn't make it there or something like I'm really confused I'm really confused my players are like that I hope TF played those two pro played but because LCS is risky sometimes you got to go to amateur teams and ppl would rather go to college because it's a for-sure path and they don't have to wait till 26 to go to college Bart Bart Bart Bart Bart Bart Bart you son of a bitch barred you didn't have art anyone I'll take I'll take it fuck I was meeting you I'll take that I'll take that that was really that pissed me off bad I've no I had no fucking right you think if 24 is too old really he's bringing in results I think he'd be fine that's interesting that's really interesting like how old is beard Singh how old is like who's that who's an older player who the fuck is an older player I add a soon blip oh just cuz what boy looks old I don't I don't know if he's old or not though that's an interesting question I don't I think along with you brain and results you're fine like he can be a 30 year old may wouldn't give a fuck Oh yummy a better er really she said you'd harden congratulations there's always young players it will replace them because they have better reaction tiems and faster hands that's very wise I'm boys okay bye by the way jerk is only 23 B exactly those beards beer distill then forfeit why Jack softly I go for you go for it please I'd pay more attention to forgive me it was just like a free one but not if you actually put into the fucking game wnat him because of age and he's only 24 cold-hearted wolf it's a cold do you have art you should not have are you have 20% CDR none dirtbag keep forgetting I don't have spacebar it's set to OFF anymore I missed that and I'm not using it I talked to my tumblr can I kill this is true but think they prob don't have to be young haters lunch dependent because they don't have like recurring contracts and shit like that so that's bad that sounds pretty accurate not really but if they're like veterans they might be that's kind of interesting I could agree to that shit I could agree to that I haven't really done anything this game outside of like hard winning my lane I didn't really do anything some kind of upset that I didn't press my lead in any way like I'm actually just using younger kids still live at home Oh buddy is free money with the book you know five top ba is free why are you there Barney the younger kids look come on why you why are you guys fucking okay whatever this is fine I'm so happy I might have a sponsor to go to Japan what I'm beyond happy right now I probably should be in that fight too but I think they're winning it already onions but you never know deep Doojoon why you take my key oh fuck man all right six one eight with almost 200 see us that's something to be proud of once you get scores really good especially when like I lost the first two to waste I'm really happy about that we could probably end here but I feel like the teens too stupid so I'm just gonna take a plane my team actually it's 5 to 30 I'm not really sure why I'm even be ending right now yeah we should have is that in the game probably could disappear anyway the absence of history like we should actually just be ending hope here but I don't know I'm trying to get the minions from top to come in we have many many world whatever we find any children we have to it's just chilling right now yeah we actually ended the game 7 to 35 sounds about right that sounds about right that's uh this fucking June skin it's a weirdest shit makes me think about psychedelic stuff I don't know never had one gig that game and we did really good I bullied Leigh out of his jungle so did you that was really good game oh that's just a clean game I like cuz I didn't Wow alright I'll take that shit alright I guess I'm just gonna play predator and I didn't actively use predator to do anything that game but I know that I eyes only off his jungle and I killed I killed Starner co job confusing guys tell me there's like a 10-second delay because when I open up the stream and literally hear exactly what I'm saying eyes I'm saying it so try to figure out why there is I'm so tired I should go they ain't meant for many reasons hey what's up ID yeah you people have told me there's like five times I can delay but I literally I'm hearing it the second I say it no not just saying like in general it's a five twenty skin really it's 5:20 is it discounted for reason that's so interesting one second delay io non voglio be fair no involve a ovv I don't want to live or I want to live good no none would be I no want to live volley or whatever the fuck is it's want do yet is to live I think and says your non non 1c I know I know French now this says I don't want to live why don't you want to live woman when do new champs and skins come out generally when a new champ gets released or ah when I went out is released or when they're like celebrating something it's pretty much summer in like if not a month from now a month from now so like the pool party skins are about to get released I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I don't want to live I have to take Mike mobile and Italian final tomorrow back-to-back I called it French they're gonna fucking kill me I'm banning jinx Justin she didn't pronounce it right that's pretty much she did it pretty well I'm sorry she doesn't speak fucking French if I changed I mean Italian if I change her over to Italian I'm pretty sure she'll say it right like her voice from UK US English too it's Italian you say italiana italiana okay try it now try it try it now she speak Italian oh no you got volume on your Vonnegut more today you see italiano she speak Italian I was gonna talk pizza the chat it's kind of like that's just a stupid see she do it beautifully me and she do it that's ooh nice oh gee I'm sorry hey I changed it back you got you got one you got one word and always they also are di don't they gave you the server address er or not Renekton do I want to lane you with the grasp of the undying or with predator if I lean you with grasp you're gonna I know what I'm gonna fuckin do I know exactly what I'm gonna fuckin do in this lane guys watch and I remind me to change my build I repaid with about grass demolish with second wind probably one gave me the severe address I just never probably with mills and shield decosta 5% is stronger interesting I probably need the tenacity to be honest especially Oh what we really need the tenacity this game I'm thinking go revitalize and then I'm gonna go taste of oh not the call come on come on I can pee I don't think tasting blood with multi hunter I think if I run this page and I started dorans blade beautiful but I could be prioritizing the heel too much I'm not trying out heal him trying to kill him so this page is probably stupid to Caixa fuck hmm also please don't kick people for dying BC everyone is gonna kill me all the time and I paid $12 to help you set this shit up just let a woman play Minecraft in peace boy wait also please look at people for dining because everyone is gonna kill me all the time and I said $12 oh so just let it play no no for what I said if there's gonna be a date no fucking idea what I was gonna do is set up a timer also no no you you troll too much man so the reason I I said I kicked people for dying if there's gonna be you can only die one time on the server so like once you die for the day you count down the threat for the rest of the day I thought I thought this was a really cool idea it's gonna be like Ellie is a heavy fucking tenacity game actually fuck that shit give me this game is tenacity where is it and it could address I actually hate this page this is a disgusting room page but it just for heavy chaos II think we're rushing Merc treads but we'll figure it out we shall wait it's a no no that's that's the thing that's the thing with the second you jump on the server anytime anyone comes around you you just fucking kill them you see anything you kill it it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna be like baby PvP you know I'm saying you gotta just do this to defend yourself and then you'll know who's your friend and who's not your friend also I'm thinking I'm making line claim so that way people come fuck with each other but if you want to fuck with each other if you successfully kill someone you can kick off the third for a day I think yeah you can you can fight you can do it you gotta save the bunny's I believe in you so you just gotta believe in yourself you know message twitch streamer one lockbox box all right I don't think I've ever watched a box box stream hmm this is interesting do you think Renekton starts spin-spin they do the invade debate that's what they're doing you see just let me play in peace man just let me take care of my bunnies okay how about how about this just for you because you're the server owner you're exempt how about I'll make it so no one can hurt you at all like you oh oh she's starting right boss she started red buff she started red bull red buff buff everyone wants a normal server ryan smile statistically wait wait wait wait it's got a match the red buff timer me a second okay I can make this big play here it's gonna force your display I did what I wanted to I'm good now oh but now I die no I don't know you know I did exactly what the fuck I wanted to do and guys that still killed them cool but I got her to smite that's really odd you get that harvest off that nope and I heard a flash Evelyn's early games fucking destroyed I think I fucked everyone's early getting off that I should have went like it just a second later I don't know why Renekton leashed until like 300 I just such a bullshit oh he can't – Enslin his little breezes power spike so we're fine there honey oh wait alright I'm just gonna sit on passive no I think he just flashed done kill me I think he can just do that if you get it level three off that fucking called it fucking called it fucking called it told you I need a level three cuz I saw that happening to me yeah you fucking it took two flashes to kill me though do you yes watch that he's not even gonna fucking okay cool yeah I feel very bad I saw that coming – I should have just cute him should have just fucking heat him that red bus is gonna kill the minions last-hitting with a red buff I like that shit I kind of fuck up Evelyn and then I think Evelyn saw me so whatever that's cheesy shit I shouldn't have done that should not have done that for 2:17 for 217 luckily she doesn't have TP this is gonna bounce off to me I'll be fine it's alright it's alright sorry I thought I was gonna bounce off to me and now it's pushing shit and botlane a 7 to 20 more I don't think Nautilus is like a Sophia's people making ought to be this lines the hook dodge of a fucking hook is that that hard to dodge of the damn hook he's gonna try to farm it out I guess I don't know oh oh wait that's tunnel it's really weak though interesting in tests in tennis I think it's gonna try to freeze so laying on me or something you can fuck me up pretty bad right now especially because he doesn't he's about to have full fury you have to wait this out is Eve not fitting the wave and I think I'll chunk um if he tries to so this shot such a risky situation don't have visual on Evelyn right now Evelyn still got a fucking kill no idea how she managed to get a fucking kill with no flash that's actually really interesting shit I uh played the fuck out of the Jags beautiful I was really good basically took almost no damage for that I think it's five decks conquer for that cool and then he pretty much just Auto push the lane because it DQ's the lane at all it's fun 15 to 35 not too bad not too and hate playing fucking grass beyond that this is the stupidest room I mean it's a stupid I'm stupid I'm stupid because I did that hole Evelyn invade shit that's my fault can't blame the room can't let Eric I can blame bottling though I can come for ad can fucking stop and bot stop Tim bought stuff no okay keep going boy oh that fucking hurt homie there is no GG just fucking let me you know how Tony and I'm gonna edit you know I ain't just did that that wasn't necessary y'all get a little scary looking homie appreciate that shit 345 345 get another Q I can kill him fuck off man I messed that up so hard shit shit he doesn't have a TP so least I can shove in the wave and get in order the view was like I had no problem with that at all bot needs to calm the fuck down and mid lane is not behind you're not this is interesting feels bad I mean if you want me to sure I just don't think like streaming box is the most entertaining thing for stream or used to be cool with playing but to tell the end of the world no it's just like I'm cool found resting on stream wise like there's no like content the only contacted you for stream wise if I did like storytelling or no no I'm saying like I just have to like be doing something by talking you know say like I'm gonna provide something getting stacks of ask the like shit shouldn't get I shouldn't fight without my W up be honest all right that's good I did Brooks combo now beautiful Sebastian's stalling the minute 33 artist damn man I cry long everyone is something you know though he didn't even get the trade or nothing for that one oh wait I lost my kind of dude what the fuck I lost something having to really I'm just trying to Stockton on City oh come on man trying to play for the lead but they're not really so I stopped to Gnostic I did you push anybody I just hit are there anything that he does – it's just so stupid man this is so stupid man like I pushed any bunny would have died like anything qw ignite anything now I don't even draw fairy shit anymore I draw anime what if I called you on a mean fairy storm razor into pickaxe rings I don't know game feel so coin flip shit wait the fuck is this it's a bit that you're gonna ignite you real quick you better are out all the time wim but he's gonna get high stuff he's almost water to shit okay cool you got oh hey nothing really really a trough aatrox get something bro oh nice it's a sexy sexy sex whatever we bring up my art at some point you call me a furry artist yeah and you guys say that I used to live in a garage we've redone for this you guys pick on me I pick on you it's okay it's okay that's how life goes I think aatrox is fed now I'm 1/3 minus CS boy it's all right it just pisses me off whenever I lose the lane to like an easy bunch of liquor in Acton although I've been consistently buying a lot more to Renekton matchups and it's just like oh this is the garage I am the garage be one with the garage I don't think he should be able to take this to be on you though yeah I just read of army why is she here why is the year of me and I won't understand oh my god yes bye god help me what is this I don't like that stupid cheat shit beginning just put me really far behind the insta fucking but we've got to free up first hour really no wait my tower is fucking a guy what I'm talking about the problem here that I haven't built any form of AD he's 100 I just don't talk about it it's okay and I say it's okay because taunt si si si si si si he's gonna have a really rough time this game think the rat thinks is gonna have a really awesome cuz any melee he tries to get on on outside of like jinx which I believe even you can't get on her should be fine I didn't want to get thank you this skin probably that Renekton struggles with armor early and I did this stupid thing of oh that's fucking open the game on a lot should I be getting involved with that yes I should yes I should fuck I'm an thought was gonna be okay fuck is riff tailed shit shit all off I'm the biggest issue here everyone's been taught a good number of times here top ten today I don't know man maybe it was that maybe it was the UH we're fine like them dying seven times is worse than me dining for I guess I don't know what world that fucking works but apparently that's how their game works I'm not trying to take shit so he can fucking RQ on me we should be fine we should be aatrox is awful set set it's really nice okay I should r LLY go back to bed now all right oh okay that just fucking happened galio not taking it all by the way that's just not helping the fucking you later what is why is Scalia going in there understand why redneck could save till three hundred I forced her to smite she had no flash and then somehow she's still end up getting a kill I don't understand how she gotta kill him Evelyn precincts about flush this is fun man what is he on second item all kind of can pop stop did did bought do good the fuck carry this up so hard yeah men up and bought don't talk I'm not talking can you get them boy one man can you get out I know we just want a badass team fight and I had to do them over staying but like at the same time it didn't involve a saluting affarin or anything so we all just got so much gold off that that could be the big turning point in the game I think depending on what like what people got out of their items and stuff or what they're gonna get did that matter let's let's find out I don't think I can want to be one right there nothing to any degree at this point just because bunch of stupid shit happen but like I said we have enough CC to deal with them I was going for a scaling delivers I need to go for the sterak's gage and all should be fine this is just like a heavy tenacity game has to do with getting justice that was a hundred percent need more video CTR would be the preference there is no bearing up for another minute so like I think I'm fine who the owners they want to force a fight but the issue is I don't have fucking CD or any CD artists up there's no 20% CDR tank item outside of brazen mark a trough send off line her to do anything though that's nice all right cool right now it drops has no are shit that kind of the henna ruins a lot of her it's not it's not like batter anything he was trying to get on back line I did didn't have are that noise why am i getting slowed off the former either bitch thank you except Renekton were you out homie I can't fucking kill me you know you can't jump tie sir I say a flash – that was really good for me bad for bottling it's just bad in terms of morale I guess like we didn't actually lose anything there but they're just it's just gonna tell them and shit that's what it's not the best exit at Google but I like that oh wait wait what the fuck oh me I kill you I think let me get a legit it was silence oh shit okay I'll take that I'll take that we got him yeah I'll say that's like quote/unquote worth they're throwing around a lot of gold it's just that they have that to infernals but oh yeah it's Trojans ready so it's good that's really good that I thought if I kill him he can't really well we lose all the weight which doesn't make any sense because Evelyn had no fucking flash that's just confusing it anyone dies I swear to god people oh my god dang we just need to kill Evelyn she's like mini Smurf maybe she's baby Smurf we lose all angels separate drops they chopped it with this Lane I hate this point of me more like you're all pushed in and everyone that starts fighting to their perform it's the most it's the shittiest feeling or like one of their supers behind I'm a force to go person that's like fed to clear the supers and it's like what the fuck you guys all planning to do out in the mouth that you're forcing me to do all this and I got this good to catch up on XP like right now even levels with this guy and I shouldn't be like at all I just proved that they're throwing long ways to doesn't like the nah guys are some bullshit where she mobility is gonna be insane that's gonna be the issue I don't care she's like I don't care if she can get in I just wanted you oh my god I just killed myself there's the tenacity kicking it and I'll see ghosts me I should be fine shiridi artery what did jinx even contribute there I died wannabe – would she did she just died – die what the fuck what the fuck man Oriana already hard that's kind of upsetting like she just walked into dive she didn't really I don't blame her though cuz I think dolly won't spin fucking shit up I love this game every every Lane did bad though that's alright that's that's employed come shit bad some voice home shit give me a second here that she died because she debated your team they fell you in danger around 2 News just even the bush neck yeah I know but I wonder why we okay that was that's like I mean they're fed enough to be able to do that she should not be able to do that and we not punished that's so interesting that's so interesting like that was really nice to play mother in a lie is just uh to see that happens means that I would assume there or maybe she'd just type to her to do that that's just so weird shit fuck off man shit actually really want to know if they do or not for them to pull off something like that that's that's really nice coordination they just like what happened late norms or some shit I'm chillin Kobe but I'm gonna play the same champion anyways so I just I want to know if they're that was really really interesting the game right before that I was seven one three and then I like I was four and twisted treeline Rose do you when you play yeah play norms I can roast you when you play if I play norms they're just gonna forfeit like I never get to play a regular Norman ain't not forfeit or if I play norms it's always just like a fucking karma clocked oh man see top or some bullshit like they literally I don't know I don't know man not life game lost game update summary okay homie summary where are we at frosted and Zima same X no they're not that was interesting alright no I'm not looking for you I'm looking for you ltq no she did it she just wait I mean 700 games you can do shit like that on 700 games and you're not caught with the fuck whatever that was pretty cool I like that oh very cool hmm I'm gonna do the matter if to get tilted in norms see it doesn't matter if you get tilted in norms BAE I'm not talking at all with a fucking decision what on a massive ones 3kd for a man I'm happy for you I want my weight streak back and I think I already know what the issue is it's my fucking champion like even if I will get on a win streak I'm not gonna get that higher without anything anyways just batting Eve just in case reason like target men people hey play your champ you'll be fine move and arias just cuz I don't want to deal with that lady it's not like a hard lane it's just a day or two it's a lane that I have to play in a specific way and in terms of Bill paths and like what I'm allowed to do to dario's I have to go balmy cinder and I have to go faith rush and I just don't want to do that why do we have a jungle Soraka Soraka wait wait wait does she play jungle uber cool boss y'all hold up what the fuck is this why is that your wallpaper why is what my ball paper now he plays jungle why would be hovering Soraka let me trying to tell people why is that your wallpaper just like rotating enemies IKR and fear your slice of life anime I know right inferior sites like it was a good slice of life anime openly that's the Monster High shit fucking monster and it's not hentai it's Monster art its monster art it's not monster entice the big big difference no slice of life is good sorry sir it's a slice of life one I don't never actually really got into the social life I like more like psychological fertile stuff Kobe Arts I need to talk to you my boy Kobe because I fucking i watch where is the Minecraft it's only on minecraft Monday tell me it is Friday today is minecraft Monday that's Swain top lane I just go fuck myself phase rush what are we gonna go it is swinging klepto I'll just fucking shoot myself who is someone that I can rely Thalia doesn't have good means to escape and either deceiver quote-unquote so I think we're actually gonna go parameter this game I think I go no I'm gonna go I told ya no darling I'm afraid you doc darling in the Frank yes it was dog shit up til episode 17 that show was fucking amazing literally and then it just went poopoo on itself like it literally just went poopoo on itself I don't I wasn't episode 17 I think like even when you find out that it's like this intergalactic alien whatever the fuck I was still okay with that I was like okay that's fine and then the show made it very not fine that's all I'm gonna say it's literally it's like the kids are having oh man it was it was so Abby thank you for that thank you onion I need positive reinforcement right now just hope to god I was a klepto Swain he went phase rush I would face rush he's gonna go tanky he heals nunu heels silver heels mortal okay we need to make a build path from now right we're gonna start boots we're gonna go into phage we're gonna get boots phage cleaver executioner Merc treads fur boots little kids in sex positions robots powered by horny vibes basically future society scared of sexy time turns into giant ass spaceship yeah oh okay okay listen listen listen listen is that Kobe is that Kobe listen Kobe the show was literally perfect until they turn they show was literally perfect until the ship turned into 0-2 and that's when the whole thing just went asked and then it's like the show started breaking its own rules where it was just like Oh her mind is in the shit but her body's still here like that just made no sense like I don't know what like it was just it was just so random like her I was so confused as to how they both were there and now it's just her mind is there and like they never talked about separating the soul from the body like this show kind of just shit on itself like ever watch guns guns was like 500 chapters of beauty and in the last episode it's like okay we be aliens releasing now and it's just like wait what like the literal final episode is they beat the gut final whatever guy and they're like okay we surrender by like it literally happened like that there was no I believe it synopsis is what happens after the story's finished there was nothing nothing whatsoever happened they're just like okay bye and the show just ends just like that and it's just like because it had so much potential and then it's just like I don't know it's hella weird like there was that moment where you find out that fuck that kid I don't remember his name but his mom is the lady that he met there which is like super random but whatever it's an anime right and that was I was kind of cool I was just like oh you know and then you think like always mom is gonna get involved or this whole like whatever and it just it just got it just got more stupider by the second it almost felt like a religious cult or something watch this it's magical girls but better it's not I sorta got a few linked to me like fuckin HTTP colon slash slash w-why you my life Kobe why you might not that much question awful cars like I think you're mine offensively it's just because that all people just are giving me shit okay so we don't have the biskits ability but we do have boots with a regen Ruby Steven universe I'm not watching Steven know Steven universe Adventure Time and a regular show amazing world of gumball all these shows are the shows that destroy Cartoon Network from like Billy and Mandy Teen Titans I can't remember any else off the top of my head right now but there was like these really like nice shows and then they just started making like I think well Gen Z whereas I'm like I'm a millennial quote-unquote but amidst the Genji cartoons that was just they're all just fucking and grind up and then they would think that random thing or just like oh because it never really hit me I thought all the kids were like 17 is right and then it's like no we were actually all around like the age of 12 and then one of the girls what killed it I know I see you geo DX 2012 welcome to my channel zoom I was a fan of Thundercats the original Thundercats oh my gosh shit came out in 2008 yeah we were just it was just weird to like the show is so good and then the show started being more about like oh but I'm fucking I think what it is if that show was actually more about because they're explaining us some anime the problem is that they were saying one of the problems about uh shows in anime stuff right now especially is in the media that they start involving like um political propaganda and stuff and so unfortunately what ends up happening is you have these shows that are just fucking if you think about it Garen spaces is a door in shield and then late-game it's a war mugs so like he doesn't actually have a pass to be as a goddamn item built into this fucking thing 100% we fight Hiromi oh oh okay okay that was really delayed pulled them but that's like so that's like using the AH souls are like delayed yeah that's all thought offensively I just I don't like propaganda in my cartoons or like whatever the fuck that's why it's super hard for me to like any kind of stuff where they try to just like oh my god I think he has mana problems early most likely that's why you have to go ride so if I shove him in he should have a problem but nunu has yet to go blue so maybe you guys gotta just not even it's not even real political propaganda more of just left-leaning normal yeah that's what I'm saying so like I mean I don't know about left and right but what I mean by that is that's that's it's hundred percent what you just said I just don't know the political talk for it it's just it's unfortunate where they literally try to use like 12 euros be like Oh what lesbian is okay and it's just like okay but can we get back to the TV show now because the show itself was really nice where it was like oh it's talking about 0-2 and hero and like it's look kind of like a love story and it's really cute and shit and then they just like all I think it's like all the other people in the show kind of ruined the show run offensively I think like all the other characters all these are the subplots I would say all the other subplots were really stupid the main plot was like this girl being alienated from society and she loved this guy in society trying to keep them apart just because they weren't meant to be which is really cute it was like I felt like the fuck is it the Sun the sky what the fuck was I trying to say if Ellicott romeo-juliet stolen its story which is really nice and then it turned into just really like I will okay with the sexual elements cuz I was like oh it's itchy it's fucking Oh like it's itchy it's Japan it's cool it's like know that the whole show actually was about sex it chin just so stupid it was it was absolutely just so no no no no no no no no Thalia Thalia Thalia homie the fuck are you doing now I have to get involved because you're stupid okay so I've got the whole show itself just felt like a Romeo Juliet being like social alienation and it would no I bet your time III feel like I don't like these shows where I don't know this is not my taste so much fucking yes like I have different reasons for liking and disliking different shows I'm in Boston all fucking night how do you have 15 CS in five minutes worth of gameplay like what is that like when I do that shit I'm tilting with myself I'm not even tilted with my enemy I'm just like what the fuck am i doing I mean how do you never need to back what yeah and then all these other people are like Oh spongebob it's about the like American lifestyle or some shit or Patrick's they gotta look on welfare and that was better like it showed daddy problems by having some vampire chick sing a song about her dad's feeling her fries wait okay that yeah this is that kind of shit was that that's I think those are was part of the reasons why I didn't like daddy why'd you skip my fries or something I didn't understand that kind of shit I always got us confused that makes me feel like there's like a 30 year old making cartoons that hasn't grown out of her dad but stole her fries like I'm just like life goes on homie it's okay everything's gonna be all right I think I hope I hope man and I fucking what if I'm gonna call you if I'm gonna do a movie which this game sounds really stupid but I think I gotta find some way to me I thought boot boot I got boots L mean stop stop stop stop I'm stop stop stop stop stop something wrong something wrong with you I will fucking kill you man oh now you're dead now you die now you die Tommy oh I'll be you that you died on me you wanted to be king you want to keep being fucking crazy you wanna take a tower shot thank you they gave me a crazy guy in my lane this time that's nice that's always nice and they give me the crazy guy I was like homie you gon stop because you gonna stop you gon stop no you deeply damaged a lifetime he's gonna TP on the cannon okay well now he just lost the whole way if you like your action already here help fuck is he already here Oh 180 big balls I like that I respect it's one of my favorite anime I respect big cojones by Psychopaths my favorite is like blood plus dashi Elfen Lied listen listen listen look I need to live out a battle and the more Marceline Marceline is like the only reason to actually watch Adventure Time like that girl like oh my god she hopped all right she huh but then they just it was so weird Oh what the fuck is this oh oh I know fat character best story arc the you remember when steel agent lux was the shit the Allegiant what ground really still eat it oh my god still even Garin oh that's the skin feels so fuck I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds when he of that skin on not even lying I need my team to realize Garen passes you're a fresh player like fresh off the boat like you've never been in this country before a freshly no no okay wait so I didn't click on that minion I did that you Tommy I just didn't fucking click on that minion at all all right in 12 seconds I think we got a kill and then we can start carry the game the team can stop feeding a little bit just a little bit you see he didn't want to go Radha ages which is very uh very uh hey stop stop stop these dents that get this for shit off you can't use the force up your day that's all I'm trying to say can't use the Force when you're fucking dead whore me that's that's cheating Oh was this it was light you owe me one fry boy 200k with this champ that I have bad English why would you main skarner 200k do you believe in God I'm just gonna fuck with him on the ground I think he does delete his voice okay thank you thank you thank you thank you my friend person yeah yeah yep yeah yeah good kill there's your boss shit Ali's missing Talia's fucking missing boy oh boy does this mean that swings still not gonna TP after ten minutes of the game late alright baby who's gonna fucking leave okay I'm just gonna walk away now we're just gonna walk away pretend like this never happened okay babe hey babe we're just gonna walk away now we're gonna walk away like nothing ever happened except you realize you walked into my lane and you disrespect me in my in my home so now I have to kill you thank you owe me appreciate that I have to kill you now nice ooh I think I have to kill you now do I have to kill her maybe I think she's stickin blue buff she's thinking blue buff I think would she be taking in blue buff of course she did where did she go after that where did she go after blue buff hey babe oh there she is Oh night Andy now you die thank you for blue buff like I yes thank you for blue buff I appreciate that hey hey stop with that horse bullshit we talked about this man look at this play is really clean games and I think part of the issue is that like I played this people book oh okay so this is what won me this game let's go do it again it's like no Emperor games fucking set for every game is set bull upset Bravo three more treat every game is definitely diamond diamond and I'm garbage but does he need me though hey hey bitch bitch bitch bitch did I will fuck you up dammit not in time in time another day I love this jumper making so many plays but I'll do two little shit shit bitch you crazy wait what oh shit leaders fuck homie you got to kill it you got it you got it no no listen listen that wasn't is it warden it was worried it wasn't it I need bought ya garbage I'm sorry I read who wrote where and what the fuck it I gotta read this round with the fuck yeah alright I need I need you all the realize that every fucking Lane is winning any section six month three with with adopt if I don't know why you go adaptive though but he would adopt it I like that a deal I'm gonna go adaptive them I'm so stupid such a clean game I was five or six over that's that's up for me what's up homie I just run it down still in the most warded bush in the game listen I'm Barbie hit me you haven't been invading the fuck out his talks I don't know I think it's too late I think no a talents not that though that's all what me and trundle are though so we can make plays either anything so sick of balling they don't respect Kari at all yeah I just I just about taxi I just just took about 50% of your HP away homie I think you feel that all make me feel easy okay I just I could I take fuckin Kenan for my life Paulie it's gonna topple it or no I think I should take TM on the fridge for the view clear something like that Tolly was last seen going talking right everybody what does Aaron have explained is not a war months I like how the blood plus opening song now was more associated with a sponge bob anime op they suffer till dropped it dropped it dropped it removing a big more plate will make a big home on the fucking boy play all I'm saying we're making a big boy up for play victim boy a poor area starting already go through this tower down oh shit oh shit what shit and they all go down like dominos fucking wait hey stop stop it stop it stop it hey it's infernal Drake bro should i back now I would watch me back I got all in 15 seconds let's fucking go homie why do you turn also why are you fuckin tunnel the harness where you pull this bull just love just hold it for you having to pull why not pull it out shit I need my asshole funny is you feeding all game bro don't fucking talk oh I am 18 1 when did I get any kills I feel like the games are on my head I'm like I've been chaos in a lot I guess to be honest does this girl ever come online I don't fucking know I have ulti hunted ads who I'm like like how the fuck this shit look how do I always have our um item that's gonna win me the game survivability don't worry Jessie I'm not I'm not a nervous father net biggest farming there in breast brands simple humble take hey hey don't take this fuckin understand an issue here I'd like to leave now oh that's not good keep taking my CS no one's taking your fucking CS you crazy bitch no one is taking yours – yes what is wrong with you something wrong with you god damn it fuck – cleavers ruin – a cleaver build that's it done pumping out the big dogs man shit fuck you like oh my god it's the double cleaver both guys we're doing it 12 ad okay cool combining bad adoptive homes and then we're just gonna fucking yeah we're gonna do so how make a kill I'm gonna kill what does it sound familiar Oh Deadman Wonderland that's another one I tried fucking hated a bitch bitch bitch stop yeah I've only watched my ten anime is good denim is gonna fucking get let down lately and you get them and you get up what the fuck Nani Nani the bitch the bitch love you bitch and it'll stop loving you bitch fucking ultimate chick just sigh main gate yes yes I am what's the best brand skin I'm so excited Angeles nights thought it's the zombie or Arclight I think song is really dope though not gonna lie zombies are really dope brown skin maybe watch that time I was reincarnated as a skin I mean slime slime you mean and you stop is that possible shit after how many deaths do you realize eight maybe time to fucking stop maybe it's time to stop this is like you're on drugs you're actually on fucking drugs at this point now karma don't speed boost me babe don't don't do that why would you do that speed boost me why the no no no bitch can you fucking let me go fucking Riley's 24 shut the shut the fuck you they just reported both to English school get off my server you need fucking get a therapist style I don't get see us I need the fucking see us you need less money you need to stop by an account what you need Emily was a fucking infernal Drake thought I was so stupid let's take what you can avoid the talent just flashing the his fucking tell him distrust you fucking hole I don't want to play this game bad I bucket a yellow I hate this fucking you look so much fucking hate my you over there I know I barking hey yo the goblins things that were talking about this is fucking insane everyone I'm just gonna finger a little bit me kind of thing I'm not allowed to enjoy playing this game just gonna fuck anything here Oh what guys do you have the Remo shit now is she healing what did she hear off numbness one night earlier today some of our thoughts the counter to guaran by fucking item right there that fucking item cancel Garen up champion yeah overlords been something I want to get into yes I do have to block cleavers because I have transcendence fuck you all family useless I wanted to watch all the wood fuck you all useless said who's gonna keep drape opinion er I'm just gonna keep hanging here just good she's pissed off about it fucking psychotic tea don't even stand a chance ridiculous actually ridiculous this is ridiculous this is actually fucking ridiculous bad a season three of log horizon Oh check me profile is player oh six five eight oh I can't fuckin do this okay I can't another fucking headache I've gotta give it to trundle let's go check profile let's play your own watch flip floppers HTTP colon slash slash www.youtube.com/watch question mark b equals y 6 mil callosum flip-floppers what's flip-floppers this is an actual thing I am so tired on fucking kitties wait oh wait it's actually W youtube.com/watch question mark v equals v VG v actually links in my shit bro I have probably seen at least one anime for most combinations of genre of anime she's actually ridiculous such a stupid game I don't know why I played this fucking game I'm going to Japan soon all I know is he needs to get a job so I'll play this fucking game and I can go to Japan that's that's that's a life goal right now I just want to good I just want to go to Japan man I just I just wanna I just wanna I just wanna go check pls that's the first one I lost the game on Jim that's the first one I've lost the game zombie slayer commence uno Yuba so when I saw that shit I was like eh this is fucking uh what the fuck is it this is uh schooldays I thought that was school-based he said flip-flopping if I need you guys about school days it's basically this one guy and he just starts fucking everyone at school that's a little lower your voice please I'm sorry he looked it's fucking everyone at school and then I think one of the first girls that liked him or someone one found out that he's been cheating on her all along if she fucking kills him like this – their whole just puts high schools – and she's like oh you cheat on me well best re us now you're not homie homie no let's go play oh six five eight oh the promise Neverland wait wasn't wait the promised day oh please go look up player zero six five eighty homie I'm gonna see something right now I'm gonna see someone saw a few episodes of that Carlos waiting for it to finish so no real cliffhangers softie up through that Demon Slayer give me a second guys we're gonna go go become a de Oeste count with me I remember reading the manga for the promise Neverland you West Warwick is this guy he's on ranked only you're not ranked are you playing conquerors garnets go start a play called no it plays like either aftershock or predator I think band champion I think I'm just gonna keep my name's arias just cuz I just don't I just don't want you there is so many lanes like watch animes could be a shit reading the manga for the promised Neverland I don't the fuck that is the promised it Neverland Geron smash okay the cover makes it look so innocent I just okay watch it and you're like holy crap it's the one with the kids who are cattle today I hope I do you want me to feed on the streak or you probably told me you're not gonna feed there heavy-ass AP what the fuck is that team you're so happy you don't even have to try one of you doesn't fucking turbo anime openings tilting me really eight three is that sign-in why does it sign me out why do you sign me out so fucking often pretty sure I need nullifying org and I'm gonna keep holding on to here I actually really like the old the under I think that's a Morden mid it's the more top there fault let me let me let me look let me prove something to you guys really great all right I don't even know what the new fucking mordekaiser does I don't even know what the fuck mordekaiser does and I guarantee you I will win my lane before botlane feet tell what you want about that actually we should probably a little bit the fuck he does to be on this alright alright online ELISA is Asian was good also more to basically tactical 40 % AP bonus damage so he's mixed damage basically abilities going to one-on-one you that's cool abilities that are basic attack grounds for one stock for enemy at three stacks more games darkness rise for five seconds its shadow world every time they hit you so after three it's just it's just it's just on hit effects you just don't take extended trades that's why you have the fucking conquer so easy more deals a calculator amount of damage and he gets movement speed that's the more for what he just moves be what customers aaron direction dealing magic damage is it a skill shot or is it just like he just hits the fucking area I don't know Mord stores 30% of damage she deals and 15 of what he takes reduced by 34 a good son there's potential this potential shield a secondary resource bar up to 30% of his maximum help the potential shared house it minerals so when you heard him man crybaby was a weird one oh it's potential shield means he doesn't have a shield it's just like a standby shield so first cast more consumes all this shield to shield himself at the start this shield decays very slowly but it's going to increase it's near the end after so he can shield and then he can use that she's with you okay cool that's really all I need to know well call me bro – fucking ability so 31 it does a grab thing I literally don't know what this fucking champion does I literally don't know what this champion does God eaters was nice just a research well he's not even paying attention to our suggestions anymore I'm sorry I'm just I'm just like mildly annoyed so he's away his all pulls you out of the map towers still work and so do bushes you can you assess if you really want okay cool that's interesting that's very interesting interaction and you know what I don't even need vision on it's fucking and you're like Garin I guess fucking guess so he needs to hit the fuck out champion looks sick yep it's a skill shot okay that's a skill shot well some what's up beats if I can dodge it all I give a fuck off because out okay so there's the one staff I guess we know they didn't count that's just Congress that he doesn't know farm at all yes yeah this is the champion everyone fucking complains about really this is the champion believe in holding fucking show miss guy I'm assuming he wants to three hits oh okay that's interesting hmm okay wasn't expecting that I'm downloading his combos and shit I got chunk for big boy mountain boy I'm just getting it back huge turn or anything it's got like eight rocks it's just fucking long just I'm just standing in it to get hit to be honest that's kind of stupid I should just sit on my pass it for a second and I'll be children oh wait what is that pool it's like it's not as soft Cece wait this is soft Cece to be honest it's actually like soft Cece that pull is pathetic it's so weird like this champion isn't even in it like this is just he doesn't like seeing psychotic or something like what people complain odd everyone has been messaging me saying this thing is like overpowered it's ridiculous it's a piece of shit no we're just fucking chilling on me like more than one person doesn't matter it's soft you can run right back out and he walks away because he knows that win the trade here like warming up it's not 1923 he took TP and he's going conquer it too so I'll be fine I'm just gonna max Q and then just keep fuckin chunking him I guess like you wanna play the game on me today yeah Oh P champion guys Opie Opie champion Opie champion in your Lobby he's garbage man mm3 this is the champion everyone complains about like what why is he actually complained about so much I don't get it III just don't fuckin see it but I wanted to some non-stop auto-attack him until he fucking has a passive plus conqueror like what happens when you non-stop out of what had two jacks I don't know is that what people get so mad at a video game if they uninstall it like that one never made sense to me I was playing so much League that I was like trying to go home early for my job oh yeah yeah yeah a combo it really did you buy fucking food see sites if you guys kind of fuck inside Sam yeah he's gonna be a nightmare I guess like you're gonna miss that pole I'm assuming all right nope nope oh okay you a bitch wait I'm so confused it does it shoulder three hits how the fuck am I supposed to know if you hit me three hits or not huh Michaels no it's the closeout on the three hits wait that's stupid where's the visual like why the fuck does display concur but not the three it's on board that's so fucking stupid it's actually so stupid did you get any enhanced abilities or did he just go to death realm with me I'm assuming there's some kind of like stat buff when we put me to death dream there is no CD on his passive so once he hits me three doesn't look like yeah but like you don't you don't understand what I mean by that I'll explain what I mean by that in a second like a Kenan you get five times the fifth time he gets that enhanced auto when the auto is supposed to be enhanced the game supposed to tell you the next autism be enhanced like this doesn't make any fucking sense he's gonna death-row me because I'm just a low HP we're just fine they're all wait there's n okay tried to kill me is look you owe overpower champenoise overpower champion nice – done to overpower champion guides you know strong with an overpowered champion stupidity as the fifty will win you every fucking name i cued in if we can do anything he tried to pull me in at our dodge that you try to cue me a dog's dad is garbage he's not garbage I've dodged everything it's the same with any champion if you get hit by every ability why does he why is he a bad one like he trumped me down to 10% that was a really shit gate by remnants no I'm fucking good big difference but he's gonna try to deathroll you know the funny part look if he walks off this yes and I just gonna get out of this or not I do not are you really though JK this you do it like he just walked up and pushed are like okay I guess I have fuckin cleaver homie let's try that shit again I was just too low I that was on that's not eat a is you talk wait good wait wait we are fucking kids wait what the fuck did I just hear hold up what did I just hear my chatter what is this it was good oh no the fucking that means it's a bad she does Scott its oh he said ah she that's cut it's like are you busy you're asking are you busy he's about to disco Brian turn TTS to Japanese II grill she can't she won't talk and she was talking literal Japanese not like not Japanese active just be like that's so funny I hope no one thinks that more it actually kills me they're like no I just fucking read it for at our plate cuz I want to be at three narrow you're gonna just make her Japanese making her death music Japanese II grill all right I don't understand why Rumble is okay nevermind I thought Rumble was like beating and echo and I didn't understand man now watch this I can just probably done office for me like that like you like that shit homie Oh English is what do you do at the end of the world are you busy will you save oh we can just oh okay I guess so in 2019 I guess that happens right three two one LVT sees it he sees me one in the blush up okay bunny boy sees me wanted to flush or does Steve you and your death and bullshit the fuck out of here stupid champion rumbles coming Coughlin or no rather died out and shoved out before I try to back because homie do the ring is not as nice as you'd like it to be is it well how do you farm under tower though that's the bigger question why do I feel like he feels on this piece and stuff it probably doesn't guns late or something well you're just missing everything wait why am I stuck at night my champion after you stop moving my champion actually stop middle um what he literally stopped with there's so many fucking balls with this I'm gonna see Mufasa I have to tell side the death row like passing why so it walk in that direction and just stop that's stupid that's fucking that that's a bug that's a fucking bug Jane if the tree bad where's your command I look at my champion to stop the movie literally and I never complain about bugs in the game you guys are something like stand in place and just spike like oh what the fuck was that you know what sit the fuck down kid shut the fuck down you and your stupid ass you give me that shit holy shit I have competent team oh my god he heals off the Conqueror but eat up I don't think he's supposed to take conquer though I think I think like you're supposed to land your combo and go electric you think I'm ready to get the fuck out it's like this trappings rip fucking annoying I think it's one abyss yeah he's lonely violence or slow cuz he can't learn a goddamn ability for his life you have no fucking idea you're dizzy so you're gonna explain to me one story so once he has this item I can never disengage no no I don't have peace that's not fair to say that's that's fucking ridiculous I'm gonna learning this champion by the way so I'm not really bothered they do here so once you have realized I can't walk away I guess I'm fucking confused oh yeah obviously I'm just saying like okay that's just to learn the fucking champions in my body echoes today Oh I don't stupid this is stupid okay this is stupid this is stupid champion it's not stupid it's just the right lice I shouldn't be want to be wanting in many ways I'm just like upset I didn't make big heel the heel and the shield is pissing me off but that's too much there's no hard it is fucking slow because I can't run a look in the slow you've not even an issue right no nothing's broken this item is ridicule I had no reason to build this fucking item I should have when America tried second item and I would have been fine like like when I dodged everything in the beginning it was because I had boots over him so now that he has something that slows me I can't fucking dodge anything or not dodge anything I get stuck in the DPS Myrtle jury has concur and he's gonna want extended trades so you just have to disengage I'm JK he's more fed now what the matter if he's more fed I still should be able to outplay him I'm actually like I didn't let him back that was an evil it's not gonna get harder this is actually like stupid it's like just disengage directly am i planks no you just disengaged look I just poking out watch watch watch it watch it the fucking me I need to be level of it here's a level of ended on the anyways I shouldn't be fighting him and you don't understand I mean like I can't disengage properly because it sticks on me disengage look see I just keep chunking him he wants extended trades before I started the game I was like oh it's penetrated bullshit this in memory well it's like if you just want to extend a trade if you take the cemeteries you're gonna lose if you take the extent of trades you're gonna lose it so just don't take the extended trait that's that simple and I had I thought who's dealing with an issue feelings not funny you already all right they're fucking stupid remember this one is not a good one no just remember that on garbage game promise you like just watch watch what the fucking I'd like to leave now can I can i fuck it nope can't leave Oh / – you like second top Garin uh no mommy mommy he gets poked out so hard reporter in a death roll about 1% of Lee I'm not the top 1% Ali I'm fucking garbage oh no no no not off the first time in champion this champion is not difficult at all I should have just I just should have finished my should have finished my boots should got murked treads the fire one execution is executions not even a nice item you could no one really heals to be honest it's just for that fucking conquer which is stupid by telephony that's hella funny pretty shocking fight him now cuz he hasn't got any item changes into his build I think I engage with a spin no probably dig whatever chances that he death absolutely to buy help right you're the fucking scary when they're fed hi some places fucking Scoob hey hey hey we're fighting this didn't see Drake's fine take the diamond take the Diamonds take the during doesn't vote Delilah is a fact point five slow what the fuckin do it huh now come over here come over here pull it out get the fuck out Oh Oh which the concern I'm six and five since win no I understand but it also gives me mr it gives me a baby it's not it's not the Merc treads it's it's the fact that I've updated boots in general 45% dismiss date it's not that I get flat mr but I'm also getting tier two boots I just need a little bit of movement it just a little bit I'll be fine Tier one boots give you how much this does help it's 25 movement speed 45 minutes an extra 20 it's fine I'll be fine I'm split building to many ways right now I'm just gonna I have no reason to finish the mortals so we're actually just going to sell that but I'm stupid for buying it we're gonna go here if just what I needed tear to boot I coulda ones I could have went Swift either I could've went comics but if he gets movement speed leAndria and some HP he's going to be an issue no that's that's the point that's light easy to keep keep finish this hobby bollocks but I'm sure – I'm trying to say man that's what I'm trying to say you know and I can walk away he's not trying to situate okay they're right here though oh she was linked to Ryan did you get a peel box yet no when we took four people I cry she's gonna get supports gonna get hold fit every time by morning so sad you can get qss it's so funny because he goes for her because that's all he can kill champ is fat half the whole support to get kills I feel it oh damn it that's ad no don't finish the fucking item don't finish I don't just one button I actually I actually like it actually I like it I actually like what he goes the bathroom when he comes out five people can be standing on top of it mean he can't see shit it's actually like it's I don't know it's actually helpful for Darren are we muted no oh fuck off the board is actually like this is stupid champion man I know you guys are blending are like well why is he there he sees garbage he's gimmicky man Drago we had like four killed it just feels like he's doing so much watches you know you gotta fucking understand what I'm talking about right now aw I can't pop down for the minions but I know that more it's gonna get this guy right now you're gonna jump over hey what's up Bowie okay reality with reality the fuck is easy the fuck's crazy oh shit I sit on army babe babe babe don't do this to me please oh I meant I have CDs in 0hp you've your left why the fuck you leave echo Oh Apple left the okay I guess I guess that goal I found this is funny as fuck this job game is not broken can you get a fucking peel off I mean I have like a place you can send something why not no understand how I have eight children I think me and like more to just treating kills right now it's got a weird new Mordecai's broke it so broke if they can sell garbage the only gimmicky thing is that if he pops his health he gets up crazy amount of sustain he hasn't really good to sustain I think is what it is I'm tellin you you fuckin bitch it's just Alton actually bad actually fucking terrible for me babe oh hey bitch hey bitch you any other god fuck outta here gotta get rid 100 zoom-zoom motherfucker it's fucking idiot 2 fast 2 2 seconds what the fuck is a martini with your 1v1 wait wait wait watching me gear 1v1 Baron I know can you actually do what did we send you with a champion only look away and you are the guest to real party long holy shit now couldn't even get to our go on Teddy why the fuck do I have to it's a self bucket buddy i'ma fuck a big beefy be bitch oh wait the enemy isn't a nice flash kid I got away from to rocking you one more time wait for it wait for it yeah have 11 kilts and don't unknown I don't understand why or how baby penis you don't want to talk to you she's gonna fucking shot it's because the enemy is Browns five let me go let me go let me go darlin but I won't live what I wanted to live he has no flash now then the flash help his died but I wanna live they eat I want to live you'll have 12 kills we play every ADC look like Nami request to live denied requests loop loop D fucking Luke Bryan and me your mailing address grinning face okay I'll give you my mailing address actually it's not my house I'll give you this on my house though I've no problem you know my address that's the worst that could happen I could get like Shroff homie I need food in this house you're gonna come here and start with me it's all right that's one send me wrong at one time I love you guys much of the house wait why mate all I want is for riot to bring back the details you guys don't know what I'm talking about you don't think cuz such few people do know Oh offer really really really cuz I don't think you know which way you're filming shit right now I mean you lost busiest fuck you fucking busy on me we all the fighting media I should have walked this way let's see nuts now you have to die so like it's cool you gotta kill but then I'm gonna die right out dad's gonna die – so many dots Jesus W oh I just keep traveling guys I'm getting old it's a fucking retard a champ but this is champion is actually stupid they don't like this champion at all and he's right she's strong and every met up because there's no where she's not viable I need to stop running it down like I'm fucking 12 and what is really but top it's a bunch of like 130 CS in 830 you need to get one fuck I had a cool mic but I broke it's it's just green screen okay you can't have gaming chair guys gonna fucking bathroom now boys you all wanna go to the fucking bathroom oh-oh yes hold this yet hos hmm he had hoes he had he had hos better art Ryan out here ending yes this correctamundo because this dumb bitch too much damn traitor but I think I dislike soft in here no I need more assists and less skills definite issue presentation so is this a fucking support actually we have to all take it together I guess shit like this we're gonna win off this fight just again I like this all t hunter shit good – means I'll always have an alternate available even if I'm not building CDR really nice Lauren is like Lyceus no not not for you I need to back here because if I die we lose turn this game right now I'll go in there it all going there they're all going there hey what's up Martha big boy and 12 kills can't fucking 1v1 me get the fuck out lucky weak-ass let's go let's go or is it more that way to more debt you've got a guys Oh where'd I acted all items at 20 minutes um yeah that has to be fucking Birds I just said if I die we're gonna lose there and leave the game here hmm I'm actually just fucking crazy this game Cyrus R is gonna get assisting there are gonna get a sleeping I'm lost with up till here go it's fucking hilarious you can't do shit thought I'd kill brandy kept fucking Arlene still plans to be too much densely boom if you're actually like we just take a breath that game that we did really good 12 to 14 and 12 what do you see is what the fuck I don't even think I did a lot of damage they get ya look like you used your dash to get closer took we did instead of saving it for when he went to die you stupid how about not in the fucking saying I did not hold him so much hate oh man this is a stupid game I feel like I don't know why play this game man I don't know anymore oh I don't understand me this dark cuz my karma though she looks like the fact that her head is separated from body looks fucking dope this guy looks like goddamn aurelion sol look at this watch who designed this skin it looks like aurelion sol bro this does not look like that early in slow with a fucking knife like this is wait it looked like penis now this looks like um they used to be on looks like looks like a ship you would hope put your what is it you fucking give finger in your middle and you could just like yours like shit I forgot this is like a pirate weapon what the fuck is this this is actually this is like the brass knuckles why isn t there a dark star veigar dark star vigor that sounds alright Darkstar shake over the flaming one what thought y'all don't fuck you know the flaming one looks kind of interesting I think I think I like the pearl for sure just could you have an easy grill pls wait wait wait wait oh shit they really it really oh I know all of the fucking y'all these look so fuckin if they want to forget no why did they release tacoma's for gin no cuz it's dark cosmic fuck off me we gonna listen to none suppose just felt really sorry for Trump after he called her a disaster oh I am still waiting for my next Veigar skin damn it Shane Nakamura welcome to my channel grinning face with big eyes hey what's up Shane welcome to stream wait I'm still confused so you told me that wait you're telling me that the fucking what they called the Golden State Warriors the Warriors lost their cat be hip dude the day we did like three years ago this is like such a fucking big deal wrapped one okay now it makes more sense I guess we're banning ties them I should have Marta ties it absolutely just shit on them I have no reason to fear that young people whatsoever abandon their first 4 or 5 games because I was too lazy to go Google search what the fuck are how about countable dyrus I'm still learning oh he's playing league again dyrus is play league again really Hey finally we played Final Fantasy 7 remake and it's everything we dreamed I like how people right now are worrying about Final Fantasy they're like it could turn out like final 15 or Couture like Kingdom Hearts 3 because Kingdom Hearts 3 was like the biggest letdown of my life like wait like imagine you get this hot girl at the bar and you get home you should take off her pennies and you and you find out that it's not a girl you know how big of a letdown that would be that is not as bad as how bad of a letdown Kingdom Hearts 3 was 15 was bad ff7 remake will be released in installments a pre-order nice that happens in Thailand very often and chew that's a Chinese this is something in Chinese whole new percent of the game why I went there once not that that dot I went there once you let you lived life wait mister for ffs Carlos is this real story nope fucking played are you such a stupid fucking lame man say it will likely be ten years before the I don't know to explain it I have played against so many Darius's like the champion is just boring to play against no I saw several lady boys there are horror stories there is such a fuckin boy it's a boring lane of what it is it's not like a new league is not irritating it's not guilty it's just boring man guy goes to bar guy meets girl please handcuff Sam to bed why do I want to find out what this says the real question is can you handle the sefirot there at scene an HD girl turns out to be guy reassurance can you have in some other areas to see it in HD I don't know man that was like that was the first like a big like someone dodged q and I don't know why I don't know what the fuck just happened no idea if you have not teared up to that you are not human long if you have not what can you handle crossdresser cloud is the real question at the zoo got X 2012 I think we all can because we know it's coming only way we couldn't as if they change it up and change the story I never played 17 PI over there played seven-up like barking and I actually loved 13 13 – I don't like the concept 13 – I felt like overloaded to a degree like I didn't think it was own oMG Ryan 13 with super linear dine I never I never went to grow but wasn't allowed to play video games well we have a lot to play one game you have to consent I think a couple things happened to me when I was younger and I was introduced to a lot of Japanese stuff at a young age and that's what made me love the culture of it in fifth grade my teacher's name was Miss miss the best final fantasy of all time I've only ever played one final fantasy Wow actually I played a little bit of 10 that was okay and then I played 13 13 of our that's the worst one but the idea is that it was bad because they changed the battle system but the difference I was 15 if the demon is overrated Americans love it BC it was the first FF game one ps1 yes oh god 13 was awful no I know that wasn't gonna say it really cook oh um so I had missed Nishimoto in fifth grade she taught me origami she introduced me to like so many different things and then in fourth grade was the word I played seven eight nine ten and ten two to ten – I lose that 10 to 10 ably a lot of lists where Enix games have really like awkward it's so interesting because the anime is so good but the 14 was good one of my fav ITAT the perfect mix 13 – I didn't like and there was a 13th region lightning returns I didn't even talk about that one trend is this one hope it's oh my god this song is my childhood I've been wanting to play the same one stream I don't know if you guys would care for it and it's totally just starting going on oh oh I've played 124 mystic quest 6 or 10 11 12 13 14 holy Sheheen story was good it was the liner play line you couldn't go back Legend of Dragoon was not bad yeah 13 I feel all people had an issue with the the police style of their gym could do a super linear which was like really irritating for me but then it was okay once you got to I think it's called pulse when you get to outer pulse when you – like they'll open it's a little bit more open it's still pretty Lin if you're playing the story mode of the game it's still linear but once you do I'll always be good – you're at six but once you get to that point you're allowed to like explore and do stuff more so there's a little bit more freedom and it's nice because it's like a once you escape the whole program and shit then you're actually allowed to like the mixing lemon was great it has a good role playing aspect to it which one is the Mon line one is that 1414 was like the MMO people are still playing the shit out of that fantastic stories yeah oh no that's not trying to say how does anime have such good story that's a nice story do you know where only people are still playing 11 long how do I may have such good stories but then you get to like the video games a video game there's a garbage unoffensive Lee it happened with Square Enix come please sometimes or at least maybe it's just recently with uhm it's not the stories of our vid it's via the voice actors or maybe it's the American voice actors I don't know it's probably the American voice actors some of them just you'll really like like remember I think it was Titus he had that really creepy ass life you know the anime were not meant to be games yeah maybe that's why maybe play deals games halo like Sonic the Hedgehog yup brawl tail Hilda's tails is this our communist I blew it up little this guy yesterday good to know he hasn't climbed in Hilo just like me I'm getting to the ELA with everyone I'll start playing with the same people every day if I don't climb sub xxx tales of xxx there I'm like 20 of them money xxx is actually just one battle Darius because he's he's not a direct order to Gary but the problem is that there is a streamer which that has a GTA 5 RP carrot but it makes fun of the English dub voices well let me pull up the newest one was it the second one or third that had the shit levelling system who was like one or the third ona had that shit levelling system the rise 13 a pretty good lovely system I think it was I know what this one's 13 3 cuz I didn't touch the shadow that one at all 13 one actually a really really nice progression system it felt like an RPG not in terms of like combat coming out next year but in terms of like when you have to rotate your people like I played full commando or full Ravinder I'd ever went full Sentinel I never went it like it just you actually I watched like at one YouTube tutorial and after I watched that one video the whole game just made so much more sense it was so funny because I got introducing that into that game and my brother was playing it and I never really read any of the like instructions or anything and you list up like height height in the meter and then swap to a different class and stuff like I just it just never fucking did that shit you go triple commando and you'll never pop the meter high or whatever you can never really like fully damage out bosses and I wanted to figure out tail the horizon I'm not next year but what kind of game is it is it like any supports decent against it works you see in streaming good really sold our PG Google the trailer you will love it it's an anime style game oh right I remember I advanced to fast and thirteen and got stuff EC I wasn't strong enough to be bus when you're close to sundown there your your arranges garbage Jenny okay a work is done what do you say they'll catch you tomorrow right okay look for those jobs ont he cites his end Oh Oh could you take it later gu Fields drops on those sites I know I feel you there any support does more than shitty Soraka I don't think so I actually don't think that's true home but you know you don't really give a fuck apparently so yeah I mean support whatever sometimes it may be even the player is good but if the other team is your best hope my what is my pistol I'll use your best hope I'm trying to convince my dad father figure to help me to help sponsor me in the sense that I will go to Japan and work a job on myself like I'll take care of everything by myself I just want him to sign off on the paperwork so that we like CompTIA A+ and pull one of those certs when a knee support is basically a ap carry remember the old thumbnails yeah it's just a PK it's just an apk you can get a job easy yeah I just need a sponsor to get me into the fucking country and then I'll work at a restaurant hands down I work up fucking three restaurant don't give a shit like I said I work very closely with the chief information officer here with you'll get you'll get me a job and what you're trying to say I just listen if you could just convince them to let me work there but I can't work there because I don't have any kind of like skillset but I could offer all kind of being like a translator but I can't do that if I don't know Japanese so and he's always asking me if I know anyone who needs an his job I mean on as easy as convincing okay but like what is the job that's why you need the certification it's a requirement the certification for all okay I hope I can clear this board if she wants us at the ward here information technology it's just a test steady for it take the test pass it do I need to be fluent in Japanese or could you told me you're not so nope okay homie you wanna you want to link me that should only speak English oh okay but do I need a college degree or do I just needed to pass the certification test or something I just need someone if it's a business if a business financially sponsored be that'll be nice just need this sir what do I have to do to get this third please tell me that homie cuz I really want to depend on this study and go to a testing center there are two major asserts tum ta + + security + okay Annie is not understanding that okay I really gotta go good luck all right we got the damage on his head fuck that means got the damage on his head just kidding great great time to fight ignite these are double is that got some interesting thinking just about Malini face he shouldn't have boots until late so I probably go specific fall and slip these into the spot yeah but I need to get more F to infinity the splashing and making off with you mother to us all always be ope that didn't mess it like it like garbage together and I think I'm gonna get Sophie's going to forget the inspiration page this he does taste one for Kerry bought is doing shit so together okay if we don't die again we win at level six good one big good one I played this really bad this is wide actually pools every time I try to queue and I think what happens is I try to continue the fight after that but the fact that he pulls means I technically won the trade because the next just farming it's five and I I just well but I think praise is just farming where the sack been on me we knew this details on this day it's next the counter nose blood I think it's Russian was early because he tries to go for like I'm so happy and she casted why'd you chaos it why the chaos but Drayton fucking huge we had all of you like anymore so we get some more farm she can't farm one to be – then I already lost him 24 CS I played like ass this game it's a lot I'm not trying to play late night I know what my fucking faults are and I really bitch is this yeah no nothing nothing I had a fucking monk so it actually probably would've won that two games already over on defensively I kind of carry some pop I think Diddy sure actually I can't carry from the top right now I got all fucking 25-bit all this disgusting CS numbers disgusting system they're all right we're just gonna you know what I actually know what the fuck I'm going to be an x game actually and that was and fly that's about that scoots here to kill defenseless not having any ganks here just fine I think I pushed out my link should have just try to freeze it in words Wow fucking hurts in surprise everyone Oh get going counting on me and fucking exit they just died too far that that's good it's that's a mess back there pretty sure I'm going to being the instant consistent player right now so it's not fair daven is not the problem why it is okay Zach hasn't even fucking ganked at all like he hasn't gone enough at all I don't know what that's about or why pretty sure it's cuz we've been pushed in the towers again but it's interesting zach is so now here doing what exactly you gotta come getting or not need something for me throw in toppling item his ex first game can you fucking love that shit nope nope now it's a cold one that should be enough to piss them off so happy for you 1/8 stack seal I'm fucking stupid pretty sure I should be able to deal to Scott pretty sure I should be able to in the sense that my silence Mu Shu too late the fuck he wants all right so I don't know why even fucking listen to them why I don't know why the fuck I just listen to him about that for whatever yeah Wow it's the armor from the Sonia so that's the only think it's my life and Wow good luck on the side today man shit Wow that's unfortunate want a penny with a little bit you can put in the morning she just plain that's interesting why should be teaching there should be healthier than not he's not in TV we gonna play selfish that's interesting glad it stopped its that's an asshole okay interactive gameplay and since I just a little bit homey mommy cast it after a full fucking tank then 70 to 150 in an hour we have a perfect form that's a good feeling that's it good fucking human or anything I can type does that mean slightest it gets to 4680 nothing customers and it's gonna get blamed on me he doesn't he doesn't you already baby the first few levels I guess so I guess I got so guys I guess very nice that's gonna full heal that's really good that's really good I like that oh I don't like that I've had life so he couldn't audience or anything so that's cool I like that that's good cuz they only lose when they paid by the first real level so I guess that means I'm supposed to out scale blog it's a reverse I wouldn't do like early he was played pretty sure but like is totally different here she's dead she died oh that's the nice big ass deal fucking bad-ass do that's what if I said not me at all are you bucko says what are we supposed to do after you've ice qss cuz apparently this one tap and use this list one pad people but after she has to assess this build isn't worth shit as far as I'm aware and I make the assumption what everything is at that minute is fucking I feel like I'm that's nice won't you save tower I think that's okay 1780 very okay we just lost here they keep over sending edits that one you see you someone are you from Lyon maybe I get back in the game somehow I think farming a slight even that he's got crazy teammates too and I think tonight I'm the great new teammate that's the last we should be fine be here at 3 seconds I can't get over there she's too fucking fast I choose to fast for a life with the park the fuck you want me to do I'm so confused like what if fuck do you actually want me to do there I'm so confused like I can fucking leave it was fun watching and that make me look like so like what the fuck what they supposed to do there I'm fucking confused I'm so fucking confused as to what I also see you there oh she wants me to do that it's lost its luster did you take bear country here Oh Annie lately bullshit ow visually and because I'm shirts with live bro I'm sure it's the fucking rabbits be issue 17 kills Raven shirts the fucking blood that's one of the issues definitely but not the issue like 2824 can kill screen okay okay I think we're done for the night employed it g-g-g-gia I'm staying on zero I swear to God on stay in a 0 to 29 I think i'ma call quicker than that guys holla quits I'm just this élow is being very wonky and I'm not being consistent in my place tells at all like I'm actually I'm part of the problem no today was really off day I try not to play when I'm like in a bad mood because I feel like I'll just stop play off maybe all in a day where I don't feel like playing competitively I'll just stop the like minecraft or a different like an off game could I uh that day man I won't catch you golf tomorrow thank you forever one that's dropping in it's definitely like a later night's dream I will see you when I see you hope you'll have a good night

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