What is Ego? – Spiritual Teaching by Eleni Ierodiakonou

What is “ego”? It is just a simple question. I very often use this word, “ego”, “ego”, “ego”… Christ used to say that the greatest problem within man is ego. This is the greatest “sin”, “failure”. Ego is… -how should I say this? Ego is the energy of Life, which vibrates within you, and through which you want to do things. You want to experience different things. So ego, in essence, exists through the fact that you are alive. It’s the energy of Life. That’s the “ego”. However, there is low ego, there is that kind of ego that is activated by enmity by darkness and there is that kind of ego that is activated and generated within you through Light. There is a choice that you have to make. So when a man reaches the highest point of Enlightenment, and is fully Enlightened, what happens is that his ego fades, the energy of life fades. And so, very often, it may be the case that -due to the fact that the energy weakens, or even the desire for life- he may not be able to remain in his body for a long time. That person, at the highest point of Enlightenment, is devoid of his ego. Now, let’s get to this: How does this person however… What is it that activates him, -for the one who does it, because not everyone does this- and gets back to life, and gets back to his body and gets back to what he has to do as his mission What is it that activates him? The Ego! Ego activates him! The energy of Life. The desire of Life. The continuity of Life, the continuity of Purpose. So, there is High Ego, which is Luminous, beautiful, doesn’t harm any human being, yet it is hopeful, and it is helpful to people. And there is that kind of ego, which is disastrous and which leads man to suffering and ignorance. Ok? So, for you to exist and be separate, is part of the path. Ok? Existing separately is part of the journey. However, never forget that you come from somewhere, that you belong somewhere, that you are here to experience different things, that you came here to experience your self separately and what you really desire, in essence, behind all the things that you do, behind all that you dream and behind everything that you think of, what you really wish is to expand beyond any limit, beyond any limit, and find your True Form.

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