‘YouTuber’ ranks 3rd on top 10 dream jobs for elementary school students, “athlete” tops the list

student’s shop references often indicate
what’s trending among their age group this year it’s no different with content
creator coming in third among elementary school students after making his first
entry on that list last year Eagleman tells us more
a recent survey shows this year’s hottest trend among elementary school
students was the mobile video sharing platform tik-tok and the popularity of
video content is also reflected in their job preferences according to the
ministry of education in Korea Research Institute for vocational education and
training on Tuesday content creator was picked as a third most popular job
elementary school students want to do when they’re older the results are based
on the answers of some twenty four thousand students from elementary middle
and high schools athlete and teacher came in first and second for the second
year in a row getting 11.6 percent and 6.9 percent of
elementary school students votes respectively but content creator climbed
up two notches from last year ranked third with 5.7 percent it is a
significant jump given the content creator made his first entrance into the
top 10 last year it is followed by doctor chef pro gamer and police officer
on the list another notable trend is that traditional job categories are
being pushed down with scientists ranking in 13th Lord impetus year for
middle and high school students however relatively more professional jobs still
remain in the top spots they pick teacher as their top job with doctor
nurse and computer engineer also appearing the top 10 of both their
charts the survey also suggests an important takeaway for teachers and
parents is a notable number of students fail to answer what they want to do when
they grow up 13% of elementary school students 28% of middle schoolers and 21%
of high school students left their answers blank the Education Ministry
said it implies a more extensive student consulting is needed jung-in arirang

One thought on “‘YouTuber’ ranks 3rd on top 10 dream jobs for elementary school students, “athlete” tops the list

  • December 10, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    I love it. Pro gamer beats police officer and legal expert. Better choices than mine as a child. I never did get my batmobile or cave.


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